The male increases sexual capacity 5 kinds of health care are done to hold more on very simple bed

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Wh[db:标签TAG]t every man values him function force very much is strong weak, normally everybody can pass drink perhaps feed medicaments to enhance fun上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室ction power commonly, still having a kind of simple and effective method actually is then come true through taking exercise with food. Want to find appropriate method only, can get right result!

How does the man enhance function power?

One, 5 kinds are done more on the bedHealth careHold

1, the man sits in bedside, the woman assists man roll neck 5 minutes

The working environment with modern society intense insecurity, case of extended hot season works, the male often is inFatigueCondition, cerebrum decreases relatively for blood. This kind of method can promote vertebra bottom artery to offer blood, make cervical muscle, cerebra is loosened, stimulate spinal cord moderately through motion, arouse nerve function active.

2, the man sits in bedside, by the woman assistance tu广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛rns round the upper part of the body back and forth, and as far as possible will double shoulder backward drawing

Turn round the upper part of the body back and forth, can make lumbar muscle is loosened, stimulative gas blood moves. Below the woman's help, as far as possib广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛le will double shoulder backward drawing, the shoulder that can make maintain pitch always at ordinary times is cervical be able to loosen.

3, on man Fu lie in bed, the woman uses the neck nest department that points to the two side after pressing a law to massage its head

The neck nest ministry of the two side after the head is a hand main and collateral channels of little this world, in relief dimension reachs the wind pool place of the meeting, massage wind pool can loose of stimulate the menstrual flow, clear head bright eye, to alleviating mental pressure is very helpful.

4, the woman is used point to press a law to massage man Di rear, pointing to pressure while, the man two sufficient raise up

This kind of method can be stimulated well erect reflection system. For the angle from modern medicine, a lot of main point are in rear of human body Di thick and fast, the woman is usable point to press a law to try to massage, to male sex reflection nerve has certain help. In addition, the man two sufficient raise up, also be very good to muscle of the small of the back take exercise, can prevent the phenomenon of lumbar genu aching and limp after sex.

5, the man admires lie in bed to go up, two sufficient hearts are relatively shut, exhibit outside two legs bend one's knees, below the woman's assi佛山夜网 佛山夜网stance, near double genu bed surface as far as possible

Often do this exercise, can stimulate effectively erect central nervous is excited, carry the physical ability activity that both sides of husband and wife coordinates, still can eliminate psychological insecurity mood, also have very good effect because of sexual ED to treating a heart.

The food that aid a gender eats more on food

1, apple

Mention the fruit with passional dare, the person that always knows Adam, Eve can think of an apple. Since Adam and Eve, the apple has been equal the pronoun at temptation. The apple suffers the red pigment that enough sunshine illuminate forms, the exudation that can make a gender hormonal is more exuberant, let the male have Yang Gang's energy of life more, let a female become have feminine taste more.

2, chocolate

Chocolate is a kind of food that makes a person happy not just, it still can let lovers " quality " the best gift of blessing. Dietetics home thinks, the part that chocolate place contains can stabilize nerve and conduce opens a sense organ, bring a person relaxed, excited sense, let people more expect a couplehappy. The physiologist considers to show, the cerebrum reaction to love, with sample the reaction of the generation after chocolate is same, so people says chocolate is the flavour of love.

3, red wine

Red wine is become by grape brew, gift the nature with moist and juicily grape, small have sweet, acid and laborious piquancy. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is told " Xin Gan raises this world, acerbity pleasant raises shade " , a cup of red wine enters an abdomen, yin and yang two fill. Right amount red wine can promote what blood circulates to accelerate, of the energy inside stimulative body release, can let lovers loosen body and mind, more the night that enjoys happiness. Cooperate the cheese with rich nutrition, it is true true be sure to from wife long sex is interesting!

4, unripe oyster

The unripe oyster of fat is the food urging affection that is familiar with for the 东莞夜网 东莞夜网person most, western man more the effect urging affection of opposite oyster believes thoroughly. Icy unripe oyster brings delicate mouthfeel, what its contain the zinc of high concentration composition, already was confirmed pair of synthetic androgen Testosterone are extremely helpful, be worthy of the name eats more more Man. A small oyster can satisfy the zinc that a day of place needs the man almost, and the optimal method that eating raw is the zinc inside reservation oyster. Other seafood kind food, be like langouste, sea urchin, holothurian, testacean, AlgalKind etc pretty good also



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