Constellation piles up 9 kinds of food sweep the rubbish inside optical system

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[db:标签TAG]he white-collar goes to work sedentary move less, function of intestines and stomach begins slacken, body nature piles up a large number of toxin, if eliminate not in time, offend not only comeHalitosisConstipation, still can cause the problem such as blain of skin occurrence blain, acne, splash. So platoon poison is raised colour it is the topic that feminine lifetime should care, and the platoon poison on market raises Yan Yao matter, its side-effect cannot small inspect. Small make up share a few truly healthy and effective platoons poisonous method:

Why is easier accumulation old inside white-collar body?

Scene 1: Bury all the day head the white-collar in is cut off narrowly in air conditioning room上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室, the meal after coming off work was become most headaching thing. Weigh the flavor of taste carnivorous, sweet hot crayfish nowadays, let a white-collar hang down absurd be about to drip, cannot help doing sth.

Analysis: An apple from the get down in the mouth, colon arrives in 9 hours, after keeping 16 hours imbibe, among them 50% in 24 hours of eduction, 48 hours are entire eduction.

The fruit even that contains a lot ofcellulose needs system of eduction of the ability between 2 climate outside, more what is more,the rather that the food of sweet hot flesh that those little fiber high fever measure, not only invitingFeed more, enter system inside hind the normal peristalsis that still can affect bowel to, and inside for long stockpile body, constellation was formed naturally also.

Scene 2: The job of nervous and fast rhythm makes one part person was done not have almost on the time of the toilet, because intended innocently not defecate, inside the body of corner of dried food of commodities from abnormal channel of bellyful, lost the impulse of untangle gradually.

Analysis: Alvine path movement is by autonomic nerve pilot. If factitious ground is depressive meaning can violate the order of nature, depressive frequency more than 1, that can at one's convenience lodges for the night to overrun inside body.

How to lodge for the night inside cleared body

1, eat black agaric to assist massage

Black agaric is a kind of first-rate clear bowel food, and after the black agaric that passes airing treats water, expand, can bring more moisture to alvine path.

Difficult to defecate nevertheless person, eating black agaric to want to solve constellation only is very difficult then, unless sum auxiliary campaign, if abdomen is massaged,wait.

Massage method: Lie low, it is a center with navel, be in with the palm the diameter is massaged slowly inside 20 centimeters circumferential limits whole next abdomens 3 ~ 5 minutes, hold to everyday, can have certain effect.

2, hollow when drink a cup of cold milk

Hollow drink Leng Niu to suckle aperient principle, because cold exciting meeting quickens alvine path movement,be; Many milk sugar is contained in milk at the same time, and the lactose that the Chinese of 50% above lacks milk to absorb place to need again is enzymatic.

After drinking milk so, lactose was not digested entered colon and by rapid eduction body outside.

3, Xi Mei juice

Plum juice is called by western country on the west " human body scavengers " , there is rich prandial thread among Xi Mei, pectic with a few microelement, and the peristalsis that often drinks a few Xi Mei juice to be able to help stimulative intestines and stomach, increase defecate number, can alleviate effectively or prevent costive happening.

4, drink since morning cupHoneyWater

The saccharide that contains in honey is richer, can absorb antrum of bowel of the moisture inside body in, be helpful for defecate. Be in especially hollow when take food can accelerate alvine path peristalsis.

The expert reminds: The optimal water of honey developing tone is warm control in 60 ℃ , too hot or too cold water can destroy the nutrient structure of honey.

5, dinner a yam

Yam is contained abound the vitaminic C that fights oxidation, β carotene, reach exceed unpolished rice fully the vitaminic E of 2 times. Among them prandial fiber content is occupied 40% , have complete, rich amino acid, can clear intestines and stomach, cure Dai , eliminate constellation. And the white juice in yam (mucus albumen) , have fallCholesterol, fall hematic fat effect.

The expert reminds: Although yam is good, should not be how to eat everyday! Because the oxidation in yam is enzymatic,many carbon dioxide gas can produce in intestines and stomach with crude fibre, can make personAbdominal distension, Belch, fart, affect digestive function of the person badly, and yam contains sugar the volume is very high, eat much can produce a large number of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, cause abdominal distension, Return sick at heart, GastralgiaEtc.

6, pear eats after the meal

Hour of meal second half can eat a pear, pear not only mouthfeel is very good, and very juicily, containing a lot ofa vitamin also is very rich, and the quantity of heat of pear and adipose and special low.

上海水磨 上海水磨

And the peristalsis that the course of stimulative stomach bowel with an OK and effective pear takes after the meal, every 100 grams have the cellulose of 3 grams among pear, can help prevent constipation, digestibility disease, still can purify a kidney, clean bowel, prevent constipation, return the happening of disease of path of bowel of stomach of OK and effective precaution.

7, do not forget to eat an apple everyday

The cellulose content in the apple wants than general fruit tall, and the apple is embedded a few pectic conduce to defecate molten, very helpful to defecate. To those bowel nevertheless path problem compares serious person, rely on to eat malic clear bowel, its effect won't be apparent.

Fresh fruit mostly helpful airframe detoxify and the action that discharge poison, inside the body that be called " cleaner " , it is OK to often eat a fruit will accumulate the toxin within the cell to dissolve, rise to neutralize the toxin of the acidity inside body, effect that purifies constitution of neutral of the viscera inside body, balance.

Its secret is having a kind at the fruit " secret weapon " -- basic ingred佛山夜网 佛山夜网ient, the meeting after fresh fruit juice enters the digestion inside body makes blood is shown alkalescent, deliquescent precipitation the toxin within the cell, those who make along withUric fluidExcrete, conduce to the toxin that piles up inside cleared body and trash. And the fruit is general quantity of heat is inferior, what won't have put on weight is dangerous.

8, eat a ripe banana everyday

The prandial fiber content of banana is very rich, general 100 grams are fresh prandial fiber content makes an appointment with the fruit 1 gram, and banana amounts to 3.1 grams. Prandial fiber can be in alvine path imbibe, make defecate expands, promote bowel to wriggle and defecate.

Banana contains fiber of some many water-solubility plant, the gastric bowel fluid that can cause tall ooze sex is secreted, divide water adsorption to solid part thereby, make defecate molten and easily eduction.

Eat banana to alleviate costive effect also is because of the person different, some person constitutions are relatively sensitive, the effect after eating is not apparent. Because do not have effective fruit,do not eat engorge especially, eat banana to also want to have degree, itself constitution is good, have banana effectual person, mo上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室st a day 1 go to 2, OK and hollow eat.

The expert reminds: Have matured banana only, just have the function with embellish aperient bowel.

9, drink boiled water to discharge poison

Excrete one of important methods that are poison of human body platoon, drink everyday sufficient 2 premium can rinse the toxin inside body, reduce nephritic burden, it is to discharge poison to be mixed the most naturally simple method.

In daily life, the woman does not want when thirsty ability goes drinking water, in working clearance, drink a cup of water to take a rest, carry life-giving, then the job rises to also be met more invigorative. But those who need special attention is water is not equal to 上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室beverage, drink beverage to be able to make human body absorbs many candy cent and quantity of heat, do not have any advantage to the body. The rubbish inside OK and cleared intestines and stomach mixes cool boiled water contaminant, can prevent and cure of the digestion such as esophagus cancer, cancer of the stomachCancer.

Additional, cool boiled water still has wait for effect except fire, antiphlogistic, detoxify, more important is, between cell of human body of many water infiltration, have protection cell, lengthen a cell to live the action of life.

Had better drink cool boiled water when getting up in the morning nevertheless, slow drink 500-600 milliliter, eliminate in order to promote relieve oneself, have the effect that cleans large intestine and small intestine.



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