Food of 5 kinds of par is the ace that raise kidney

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[db:标签TAG]he pressure of the life and job carries what the person presses do not start, be in the condition of excess load everyday. Work for a long time the body is early already be unable to stand, Fatigue, Lack of powerThe phenomenon that waits for physical strength to be not raised appears on the body of major person, do not belittle these appearances, this is kidney excess load reflect, if things go on like this is not far from nephrosis. The kidney of eye forefathers has been faced with serious menace, we must want to had protected our kidney. Protect kidney to must not take medicine, see the method raising kidney of these cheap food that protect kidney and science.

The cheap food that protect kidney


The compound of inflammation of many conduce resistance is contained in the apple, and the quantity that contain potassium is relatively inferior, it is the perfect food that protects a kidney.


Fresh garlic is had very strong fight phlogistic attribute, still can reduceCholesterol, it is one of optimal choices of beneficial kidney food. Garlic still is strong antioxidant. Consider to confirm, fixed edible still conduces to fight cancer.

Vegetable of the mustard family

On the west the vegetable of the mustard family such as orchid, cauliflower contains a lot ofprandial fiber, Support oneselfThe nutriment of the beneficial kidney function such as element C and vitamin K. And, this kind of vegetable contains potassium the quantity is relatively inferior, conduce protects kidney. Among them, plumage wild cabbage contains iron the quantity is highest, still contain rich β at the same time carotene and calcium, the action that protect kidney is best.

Egg white

So called egg white gives birth to the egg white inside the egg namely, this material is to contain place of many human body must vitamin and a variety of microelement, the word of great edible egg white, it is the frontal immunity power that can enhance a person effectively and healthy level, return the nephritic health with guardian.

Olive oil

Consider to discover, be in the area that replaces the edible oil such as butter with olive oil, Heart disease, CancerWait for incidence of a disease with nephrosis apparent lower. Olive oil contains rich antioxidant, conduce to antagonism the freedom radical harm to human body, reduce arteritis disease.

The scientific method that raise kidney:

1, the double base that has protected oneself

Sufficient ministry heat preservation is a kind of method that raises kidney. Because kidney classics result is thenar,this is, and sufficient ministry gets very easily the descent of algidity. Accordingly, sufficient ministry wants special attention heat preservation, when sleeping, not be opposite double foot air conditioning or electric fan; Do not want barefoot to walk for a long time in damp place.

Additional, thenar have a lot of point, if emerge fontal acupuncture point. "Kidney is stemmed from emerge spring, emerge spring person sufficient heart also. " before sleeping every night, can press knead sole to emerge fontal acupuncture point, massage emerge the effect that fontal acupuncture point can have to raise kidney solid spirit.

2, defecate wants expedite

Defecate not free, constellation stops indigestion, attack on foul smell, make person be perturbed enrages impetuous not only, the bosom is fuggy hurried, and meeting injury and kidney, bring about lumbar acerbity exhaustion, DisgustingVomit. Accordingly, maintain defecate unobstructed, also be the method that raises kidney.

When defecate is unintelligible, the back of hand of usable both hands sticks double kidney area, press forcibly knead, can invoke kidney spirit, quicken defecate; When walking, press the area that knead kidney with double the back of hand, can alleviate lumbar acerbity symptom.

3, water raise kidney

Water is the source of life. Water fluid is insufficient, cause chaotic possibly to leave sluggish poisonously, the burden of aggravating kidney. Accordingly, time watering is the v广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛ery important method that raise kidney.

4, swallow ferry to raise kidney

The salivary cent in oral cavity is t广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛wo parts: Qing Dynasty is saliva rarely, by lienal place adv上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室ocate; Stiff it is saliva thickly, by kidney place advocate. You can do a test, there is saliva to spit it in the mouth come, be less than a day of time, can feel lumbar aching and limp, body exhaustion. This proves conversely, deglutition body fluid is OK and nutrient kidney essence, rise t上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室o defend kidney action.

5, food protects kidney

Can fill the food of kidney has a lot of. The black food such a东莞夜网 东莞夜网s the black sesame seed besides black, black agaric, black rice, black soya bean can raise kidney outside, the waist of walnut, leek, shrimp, sheep effect that also can have to raise kidney to filling kidney.



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