6 kinds of disease pester machine of Chang Wanzhi hotshot on you

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[db:标签TAG]he smartphone gains ground more and more, even we leave a hotshot machine to appear a little while a littleAngstCircumstance. Research expresses, too indulge mobile phone, in the youthBackacheThe eye is painfulWait for a series of issue amounts to rise quickly. Watch a mobile phone for long, can let vertebral bear overmuch pressure. Smartphone, play much it is ill all over!

Cause traffic accident

See a mobile phone may hit post of start off lamp on foot, be blundered, cause more serious traffic contingency even. The researcher of the university discovers Kaneijimeilong, hitting ability of activity of cerebra of mobile phone moment to be able to be reduced when the driver 37% , and the signal lamp of possibility negligence traffic that has 4 times is scanty perhaps the car at observation ahead crossing.

Psychological angst

The smartphone did not make our connection more close together, pass constant communication to be able to let us feel more isolated instead. A few youths spend 11 hours to staring at screen everyday, examine newer information ceaselessly, this meeting causes anxiety. "By others negligence, this is a kind of very bad feeling. " RichardGraham respecting, he is science and technology of cure of hospital of Er of Na Ding caseInto addictionpsychological expert. "Youth must the feeling that straight face is isolated, this is very important. This is very important..

Eyesight is reduced

Investigation and study expresses, when sufferring the person that try to read a short message, EyeThe average sp东莞夜网 东莞夜网ace that leaves screen is 36 centimeters. If see a webpage, average distance can shorten 32 centimeters. But if be to read newspaper a kind paper quality material, this ave佛山夜网 佛山夜网rage distance is 40 centimeters. Undertake reading in such close quarters, the burden of can aggravating eye, also have very big demand to the harmonious ability of double eye. Read for long can bring about an eye exhaustion andHave a headache.

Bring aboutFat

Edinburgh is royal and surgical respecting of JonathanDearing of academic orthopaedics director: Technical revolution is brought about motion decreases and fat, this is the whole world the 4th big cause of death. "Your meeting would rather pass email and upstairs colleague communication, also won't go upstairs to chat face-to-face with the colleague. What devoid motion brings about is fat, can rise greatly suffer from on the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also can increase at the same time suffer fromBreast cancer, Prostate cancerWith the risk of alvine cancer. With the risk of alvine cancer..

Cause depressed

Respecting of JulieLynnEvans of children psychotherapy division: Took the place of 1990, every annual meeting meets incident of 9 suicide abortive, and now however every month can have 4. LynnEvans ascribes to smartphone: "It is network ride roughshod over lets adolescent people way was lost in real world. Low common network is full of to chat in fictitious world, from the dark world with incomplete, anorexia, pornography and aeriform other. In actual life, we are guiding the child to go out journey, and in fictitious world they often travel alone, the crisis is heavy. The crisis is heavy..

Morpheus quality drops

The person that there is more than 60% in the teenage crowd that arrives 29 years ol东莞夜网 东莞夜网d in 18 years old can go up in the bed play a mobile phone, consider to discover, everyday 2 hours of mobile phone screen that expose Yu Mingliang, can restrain fade black hormone, affect Morpheus thereby. Professor KevinMorgan of research center of Morpheus of university of the fort that haul a husband thinks: The late night plays hand opportunity to stimulate cerebrum, let cerebrum harder loosen. "Why should the mobile phone play before go to bed, the likelihood is for the job, also may be the child should play wonderful game. Those who staring at screen to be able to attract you is mental, with read to differ completely. This lets you still be in alert status before fall asleep. This lets you still be in alert status before fall asleep..

Human relation is not hopeful

We indulge smartphone while, gregarious skill is degrading, pay close attention to the crowd all round no longer. To chi东莞夜网 东莞夜网ldren especially apparent, the parents of indulge mobile phone can ignore the child. "The child observes how we talk, observe how we unscramble the co东莞夜网 东莞夜网untenance of others, " the respecting of paediatrics doctor JennyRadesky that pursues children growth technically, "If this period is ignored, children also missed the important period that intelligence grows. Children also missed the important period that intelligence grows..

Attention is dispersive

If you are using a mobile phone to read this article unlikelily, you are watching a heartrending video, or the friend's photograph. Research discovers the mobile phone reduced our attention greatly, make us very difficult complete the work with a few painstaking difficulty effectively. The smartphone can destroy our attention even.



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