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Thematic PS: Merciless the love that ashamed owes and she.

When gut jumps a bit much, xie Qing blueness still cannot be accepted, obviously before still be in stir, how be about the bed made fun of. The likelihood is the effect that sufferred Zhou Hui, did not think fine words is inscribed, foliaceous green blueness starts to talk: "Don't you bathe? "Don't you bathe??

The word goes out, what has not she been aware of, by Mu Yang white, get on next looking up and down then. Look at his eyes, xie Qing is green this ability response comes, receded one pace, both hands is protected at the bosom before.

"Either, am I to say you do not wash gargle? " Xie Qing is green the say after correct language.

Mu Yang does not have good energy of life white she is one, when water is being hit before although do not have scrutiny, but also noticed to there is cup of a tooth brush only on the stage that wash gargle, does rhetorical question " does here have redundant towel and tooth brush? Does rhetorical question " does here have redundant towel and tooth brush??

Xie Qing is green bad reply, either mix in everybody home Home Mu Yang is same, available the guest room of more than, the redundant appliance that wash gargle. She also wants to have in that way home very much, need not face so like him such man.

Struggled a long time, foliaceous green blueness also did not think of to be able to avoid two people to be the same as the method of the bed, think degree of a long time, compromise course: "You sleep inside, outside me. Outside me..

Not ambiguous, mu Yangxin is accepted like that, the bed sleeps, who to change to also won't lean on the chair. What before sleeping nevertheless, he also did not resemble saying is same carelessly the individual is wholesome, gargle mouth, sprinkled water toward the face with the hand again, the towel that take paper was wiped. As to bathe, cannot importune really.

Finish everything, mu Yang very naturally lies to the bed inside. Foliaceous green blueness saw an eye, it is good to do not have a word say, she had not seen so thick-skinned person really, demeanour of a bit gent is done not have.

Pay attention to no longer, she is being changed entered a shower room, because of the relation that Mu Yang is in, she also did not bathe, simple wash gargle, the towel that just just discovers oneself until washing a face a moment ago was being wiped early foot.

Want to get angry, feel embarrassed again, she secretly resolved, buy articles for daily use to must back up later.

Light-off, lie to the bed. Two people resemble two cadaver, motionless. Time had arrived in of a kind fritter away the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, the Xie Shuping's husband and wife of partition also guesses because of a few adult, avoid doing anything that may arouse suspicion sleep.

Weather is in fall at this moment a lot of, the quilt on two person is pressed on the body, considered left not to consider right, toward right pull a bit, left was shown, foliaceous green blueness lies on the bed to review the life of own associate with, it is who was deployed to oneself after all so the bed that does not match and quilt, good, it is oneself!

Foliaceous green blueness is helpless, lie low is on the bed she cannot fall asleep really, it is not simply beside new man, more it is the deeply anxious ablaze on back painful. She wants to change a posture, can feel cool and refreshing on face about back, although self-defence is used lengthen bedgown, also cannot block this to invade the person's chill.

"Did you sleep? "Did you sleep??

Without the response, the whisper of Xie Qing Qing Xiaosheng.

"Slept? "Slept??

"How so fast? "How so fast??

"Slept really? "Slept really??

. . . . . .

Foliaceous green blueness is saying finelily, the eyes is staring at dim room emptily, the familiar setting in memory, those who give her is however a kind unfamiliar.

"If you talk again, although was asleep,also was made a noise to wake by you. Although was asleep,also was made a noise to wake by you..

Side side transmits that to be familiar with, the sound of disgust, although not be fond of his speech, but the cold cool fade that makes this ineffable at least commentate.

"You did not sleep, why to talk. Why to talk..

"What to say? "What to say??

"Say you did not sleep? "Say you did not sleep??

"Next? "Next??

". . . . . . ..

Be, next? Foliaceous green blueness asks him, she and he really it doesn't matter can say, besides sleep, did not sleep; Eat, did not eat, two people's true it doesn't matter can say, their relation was destined the unripe cent between them.

Saying is husband and wife, nominal, how were two people known at all. Saying is a friend, one male one female, ineffable and wonderful lie in same piece be the same as greatly on the bed Mian, what meaning be?

Not clear, xie Qing's green feeling is confused, she cannot find appropriate topic, before two people divorce like preparation, in the bumbling husband and wife before the child, appearance closes, the god leaves.

"In the university, I have to learn to grow, I love him very much, he also should like me. . . . . . " oneself past since the narrate of Xie Qing green light tone, she does not know why she wants to say that paragraph of time of the university, beautiful, cheerful, be full of a regret, taking sadness.

It is old love obviously, but right now this scene, resembling is the man that to oneself husband says to had searched outside oneself, much a lot of good. Speech is so calm, free from worry, tell about repeatedly eventual departure regrets one tiny bit less also.

Mu Yangjing is being listened attentively to staticly, did not interrupt, did not ask why she is done not have together, he is worn with respect to silent in that way audition, of thrill through is Qing Dynasty of university of that body part before the woman of spring breeze China, he began to understand a little beside " wife " .


Misunderstanding is so such beginning.

The dim light of night is quiet, beautiful pupil is floating ray, foliaceous green blueness stopped speech slowly, gently breath, freed oneself heavy Fu keep long in stock of 8 years.

"Do you love her? " Xie Qing blueness asks.

"Love. " Mu Yang is answered.

Everybody did not say this " she " who be. Foliaceous green blueness asked, do not have intense speech simply, daily like inquiry " do you love her? Daily like inquiry " do you love her??

Mu Yang南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 was answered, also do not have the full length boast of at great length, concise, strong, sturdy fine long hair is explicit. Either " had loved " , either " loving " , just " love " , a word represents him this life is only, whether to depart no matter, he loves her, whether be abandoned by her no matter, he loves her.

In the past, now, even if will come. He loves her.

Foliaceous green blueness wants to know that very much " her " it is a what kind of woman, she wants to ask him, ask for this even, her body already face about of not self-conscious a side of Xiang Muyang direction, can have not asked, between the hair that the hand of a be good at large had crossed her, circle at the back of of neck, it is cloddish more only additionally, touch in her waist border, her whole go to face about of a side outside the bed.

Time as if be like still.

Foliaceous green blueness did not revolt, did not go revolting. Perhaps say she revolted, did not use, mu Yang's both hands had clutched her body, make her cannot shake. Can do not have in fact, that hand is very gentle, although cuddle is worn oneself, it also does not have overmuch movement, just stay silently in that, did not smoke.

Xieqingqingke opens it with spank, she is OK and interrogatory what should the man behind do, she can cry even noisy wake her parents, let them help her hit him, but she is done not have, without a bit movement, hold the post of that hand cuddle him move.

When because be in,she plans above action, she discovers the man behind cried, cry is not great, if not be,nocturnal hush can be heard far from.

Foliaceous green blueness does not feel Mu Yang is to cry at the beginning, it is she should turn only first when, the hand of the move strokes pillow to go up in her face, she just decides. Smoke ululation pettily to be after Xie Qing green ear echo, do not know why, the love that compares him lingering unexpectedly more let her sadness.

One word it is so faint that the story of one language appears compared with the inhomogenous breath on neck, it is so redundant that all movements appear momently in this, so she abandoned.

Quited dauntless movement, lie in his brachial turn, hearing his breathing voice, her heart does not know what why change sudden南京喝茶资源群ly is a little frowsty, the feeling that associate with never has had stemmed her the pit of the stomach, when she also does not know, her tear falls on his hand.

Night sank, on the hand pressure feeling is heavy also, mu Yang stopped to cry, before that tear on the hand falls. He should take turn around and stretch out one南京性价比高的场子90分钟's hand, awkward is that person has slept, in the hand of her waist border, also weep in him in, was grasped to be in her hand.

Night stealthily, be in hazy in the willow Liu that Mu Yang saw he loves greatly again, if come 7 years,depend on changeless appearance appearance, time Wei Yi is ascended before wearing 8 years, come to the side of his, accompany him joyous sound laughs language.

Repeating all businesses that since they are acquainted, had done, snarl of be laughing and playing, dribs and drabs is so true, clear countenance makes what his memory changes deep, he cried, do not be this unforgettable past, because he also is remembered again,do not have her face only.

He knows, in he and foliaceous green blueness the first time after 7 years meets begin, he knew.

That day in 7 years the person that nocturnal night misses day, he forgot already, he cried, should cry early, but he is being borne, bearing all the time. Know Xie Qing blueness asks that " do you love her? Know Xie Qing blueness asks that " do you love her??

Love, can not love how, can connect the person that the appearance of the person that oneself love forgets, he Yan loves a word. From since meeting, mu Yang is very few meeting and Xie Qing blueness are opposite directly inspect, the ashamed regret that because see her,always can let oneself is deeper.

And more lamentable is, although know oneself error, he returns extravagant hopes to wear " she " be " she " . Although just be in midnight and breathed when look more " she " one.

Wrong, wronger and wronger, till incurable.

Painful, more and more painful, until sad crack lung.

Become all notting have to be able to be returned, mu Yang laughed again, those who laugh is pitiful, those who laugh is helpless, laugh relaxation.

Can hate her because of him eventually, hate her callosity, hate her willfully make a trouble, those who hate her to say when leaving him is all, those who had done is all, when hating her to be entreated in oneself cool, those who hate her to although because change without her,know her,be in is abjection however still turn a blind eye to.

He hates her, hate her all the time, be this hate probably, those who make him spoony to her loving all the time.

Having soft body, experience those who begin to go up to weep, he woke, he knows him or love her, although hate dark, as before changeless the heart that he loves her.

He, mu Yang. Love willow Liu, to death not change.

But why, his eye is heavier and heavier, should smoke the hand that answer to wrap nip to wear she, xie Qing is green, blend in his bosom.

Contain in in taking matutinal first sun rays in the morning, they two photographs are embraced together, just like person of a pair of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center.

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