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Be based on the lupus erythematosus virus with old inside body conceal, after reaching a hospital, she did not think more, hanged the expert outpatient service of tall director of rheumatism immunity division directly. The outpatient service on the weekend, no matter be registration or pay cost window, swarmed many disease to have a family member. When still queueing up, she received the telephone call that Feng Shaohui makes. In the hospital because voice is noisy, her specially turns to corridor eloquence to hear the voice in clear phone.

"Hello, hello, heart this world, you is this which? How so noisy? How so noisy??

It is not clear to be afraid that he listens, she became clear clear the throat, sound specially drive up a decibel

"I am in a hospital now, the person is too much, make a noise a [db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]网梧桐客栈bit what thing is there? Make a noise a bit what thing is there??

After that drunk wine, besides Si Yu, feng Shaohui became the person of one's life experience of bright little witting Meng Xinyang. Last time because get wet in the rain, the lupus virus inside body has a relapse, meng Xinyang is hiding the truth from all colleagues beside purposely, do not have when he puts forward to want to see his however refuse. In her eye, feng Shaohui is the boss of a know a thing or two, it is a friend that is worth reliance more, so, she the thing that a person will come to the hospital to check, he told in what she conceals none in the phone.

"Hospital? How? It is the body... "

The insecurity that hears a phone to be carried then and anxious, heart this world is done not have wait for him to said to be interrupted first he

"Either, intestines and stomach is not auspicious recently, want to be being taken the advantage of come over to look on the weekend, be at ease I do not have a thing. Was opposite, do you call look for me what to thing there is?

"Oh, adjoining branch should be done acknowledge the client's activity, the spot needs ornament of one part flower, considering their funds problem, ask we want the resource of some of this respect, their branch wants to be bought by oneself, as it happens this respect is your deal with, so I give you with respect to the phone. So I give you with respect to the phone..

Heart this world listens, still think what important matter

"Then I wait to issue you connection number "

The split second of ring off is about to want in her, feng Shaohui or not without concern asked her where home the hospital. He knows, si Yu goes abroad recently, answer in short time do not come, and beside her, besides Si Yu, the person that also lets him be at ease without enough again accompanies her.

Before the expert door consulting room of tall chairman, discharged grow senior team, wait for her one pace move is worn when approaching, the lumbar acerbity leg that has stood aches. With great difficulty sees the number in front is less and less, after passing 35 people, can be turn for oneself, she cries that piece the face of funeral changed those who be full of a hope to expect eventually.

at this moment, the form that from the back of the crowd thrill through is familiar with, till him breathless station arrives before oneself, meng Xinyang just cries surprisingly come out

"Carry on brightness, what will you work? What will you work??

The sweat that he is wiping forehead to go up bead, gas still does not have asthma divide evenly

"Your person comes a hospital, I am not at ease "

See from the back so senior team, thereinbefore is like motionless, he ascends the body arrives before her, turn next later her gently roll out a team, the hand shows the move is left rest chair

"I help you queue up, you sit to waiting then, arrived I call you "

Meng Xinyang left and right sides looks, his dispute follows before bad also person, smile simply forward the seat there goes.

After more than 20 minutes, meng Xinyang looks at the name that he appeared eventually on the indication screen of stage making bugle call. She rises, of do something one knows well forward the office of tall chairman leaves.

When pushing the door to come in, tall chairman was taking gentle eyes to had looked her from the top down up and down first, see he smiles a thin smile only

"Young lady of the first month, see your today's color, can 南京喝茶交流群BGcome than usual I this when very too much "

Meng Xinyang can calculate the special patient that going up is tall chairman, what live in this city is long, coming on every time is tall chairman helps her drive away serious illness almost. The case of the hospital comes every time before remembering, also really, today still is her head oneself come in on foot, is not be worn by Si Yu help by the arm or be to be being held in the arms.

Think of this, she lowers her head to laugh

"Tall chairman, you can not take me to make fun of "

He looks up, the new man that suddenly fling is standing to the doorway, collect of in a way went the smile of corners of the mouth

"Is this? "Is this??

She hastens explanatory path

"It is my work in the same placing, si Yu was away on official business, my work in the same placing accompanies me to come over today "


Return to the subject, tall chairman uses eyes signal she sits down opposite, he takes her case on the desk in the hand, did not want the meaning that leaf through however, however the eyes fine on the fine face that is put in heart this world.

"How, is recently to did not rest good? Is recently to did not rest good??

Train of thought of manage of heart in relief in a way, the speech statement that uses concise and comprehensive as far as possible is clear that she is different recently the symptom of common

"Tall chairman, recently a many week, I feel flustered constantly be discouraged, the bosom is frowsty lack of power, function of intestines and stomach is disorder, the thing takes did not spit more. I am afraid, has been the potential virus inside my body hurt reach splanchnic bring about? Has been the potential virus inside my body hurt reach splanchnic bring about??

The tall chairman on lets her description, the glide in the eye so an amazed that is aware of not easily, next, he has been taken beside fold monadlist, above like lively and vigorous in calligraphy wrote two words to give the Feng Shaohui that stands in the doorway all the time.

"You take her to go pay cost, make individual check next according to this, I am taken to look immediately after check-up result comes out "

Meng Xinyang is counted in hospital in and out second, was used to tall chairman already the gravity of that one face. Have Feng Shaohui only, when the laboratory test that has receivinging that piece of very few number applies for sheet, ineffable however feel nervous.

Gave tall head office, enjoin according to him, he paid fee first, reached the groovy check-up center of 3 buildings together with her next. Meng Xinyang reads the check-up sheet in Feng Shaohui hand, handwriting all along of the doctor is difficult, but she comes carefully from the beginning of end looked 3 times, always feel final to those a few words should be " early pregnant is checked " . She feels fitful is ineffable, should the requirement of tall chairman, come every time the courtyard always should be done first a series of examination, but every time inspect an item, she has not been clear about again. The groovy check-up center of 3 buildings, she believes firmly this is she comes for the first time, for as early as possible remove interrogative, she takes the check-up sheet of the unimaginably queer in beginning, going straight towards the cure on to protect information desk to go directly.

"Nurse, you can help me look, which project is what should I check? Which project is what should I check??

Beside the nurse of a suit white garment, just swept the bill in her hand gently almost, blurt out explicitly with respect to fine long hair

"Early pregnant is checked "

She is a reel almost, the in the future that the body can'ts help sinks, ied hope Feng Shaohui is in time to help her up. The nurse looks at her pale face also frightened the instant to jump

"Young lady, you do not have a thing "

On Feng Shaohui face also not without astonish, but he is very fast still let oneself regain consciousness from inside be astonished momently come over. She is helping the body with heart groggy this world up, looked for a relatively quiet place to sit, it is next by the side of her ear of light tone say:

"Heart this world, you are bit calmer, just make an inspection just... "

Be, the word is exported, he himself does not know he wants what to say after all. Of for no reason at all, why does the doctor let her make early pregnant inspection?

And right now Meng Xinyang, sit beside her, astounded is completely in the eye. Besides, he does not look to give her even is after all on the face be fond of is Bei.

Differ she manages the sequence of thought of whole thing clear, even she still does not have method to digest the one screen that produces at the moment completely, the horn of hall wall has sowed the name that signing up for her aloud

"Next, meng Xinyang "

She does not know how she goes in, after going in, the doctor lets her what do, ask her what question, her mechanical answer. Finally, the doctor lets her come out, the rest in the doorway the report waits in the area. She the word according to the doctor, rise go out, sit next was in of Feng Shaohui beside, motionless.

When the doctor calls her name again, she was not heard. It is Feng Shaohui helped her be taken from inside the doctor's hand examine transaction. She sits by him as before, the in staring at his hand paper of eye for a long time, do not know what to thinking in the heart.

Feng Shaohui's eyes sads from paper of silence move to go up to her face, his expression wood slows, did not have usually completely in free and easy.

She the tend of the look p reaper oneself his face. He is silent a little while, still start to talk slightly, announce final assay result to her

"Uric check shows masculine gender, that is to say, there was lot of a new student in your body "

"True? "True??

She is shaking his arm, mu Ne began to have a joyful look in empty eyes,

"It is true "

She has received the paper of his hand, that piece of paper that can'ts bear flimsily is held in the palm resembling in her hand is clinking most valuable treasure. She was read carefully over and over, connect a punctuation mark toughly not to agree to let off. Till finally, shed next tears slowly in that piece of smile that blossoms eagerly with joyance. Her eye looks to empty sky, feng Shaohui hears the南京梧桐龙凤论坛 enthusiastic shout between her enunciation clearly

"Si Yu, do you know? You should become father, you wanted to become father... "

Feng Shaohui looks at her, do not know when to also was confused to go up in the eye the water mist of a dusky. From wherefrom day in the evening, meng Xinyang says that to him ages ago long story. He did not have animosity already completely to Si Yu. Experiencing them all the way hardships, answer the lot that visitting their a suit, his courageous and resolute, his sagacious, he does not leave what do not abandon to guard to Meng Xinyang, and he is right she that arrow anna南京200——400的场子汇总ls not the feelings of change, he has been been convinced deeply by him. And that feeling to Meng Xinyang, from witting of her true feelings that momently, he is done no longer ask for meaninglessly. He has realised, the affection between them, this is worldly not be which person can be replaced, not be what wailing wind and weeping rain-wretched circumstances can be broken more. He is to be able to abandon everything to her, of gamble definitely absolutely, and she is right he, it is precious is like life more, do not follow from what do not abandon. This is worldly, look much separation and reunion gets together medicinal powder, always feel between person and person get along, also so return a responsibility. Can go up in their body, what he sees is the world the dinkummest the most unselfish love, highest Shang Zuiwei's great affection, if two such people cannot be together, two such people cannot get happiness, it who so so called happiness still has is OK that who so so called happiness still has of one is assured and bold with justice have.

"Heart this world, he knew, regular meeting is happy "

He sends the language from the bottom of one's heart then, resembling is to hit the softest place in coming up against her heart, what tear does not restrain is billowy and come. Her ceaseless brandish begins, hard the abhorrent teardrop that those ought not to be in erase to appear on the face right now, still say excitedly oneself

"Do you know carry on brightness? I and Si Yu are the child that is abandoned by the world, in our life, we are this deep self-abased over- , had sought, also had proved hard, but we still cannot are informed, why should we suffer the destiny that discard. Having losinging because of us, just know more so those who have is precious. This child, inheritance our hematic arteries and veins, it is the crystallization of our love, say like you, he knew, of meeting from the bottom of one's heart feel glad. Compared with other parents, our meeting is fond of cherish with centuple and thousandfold love she, cherish her, expecting her arrival "

Carry on brightness also can'ts restrain the mood of excited caper, pat her shoulder gently

"Heart this world, all good ability just begin, you have the right that acquires happiness more than girl of the any on the world "

She looks at her, yi of the Yi in the eye is unripe brightness.

Be true? Be such? Her happiness? The staying that sets his mind at happily her namely is beside Si Yu, follow him one case, look at their beloved child joy to grow healthily.



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