104. happy南京梧桐网A event again and again

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"Two when do not have punctual report? You who comes first? " cool cool ground says Yan Furong.

"Latest news of my it doesn't matter, old pattern, appear lesser recently, because the job is busy,be. " Su Rui one language generalizes mention lightly ground, actually, she has recent situation, nevertheless, she still wants to be not accepted in the consideration, who lets that person, the record is bad, spend heart big turnip typically, although so paragraph the contact of time, let her see a lot of his, but she still flinchs a bit.

"What I did not come is good 2 elder brother's wife, how? What makes progress recently? " the bud that consider bud is asking caringly.

"Hum, how to say. " Xiao Go南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路ng is god-given a bit bashful, but in the heart sweet.

"Have a case " Su Rui felt sensitively. But she is all along very careful, with Xiao Gong also classmate 4 years, graduation hind got along more than two years again, where can know her strength.

"Say quickly, what to twist be affectedly bashful to hold the ground to do? " the northeast female fellow that He Ying is a model as expected.

"He proposed to me " calculated, shrink the head is one knife, extending a head also is one knife, said again, good news wants to be shared with the good friend namely, be? Xiao Gong is thinking, also not kink.

"True, when thing? " one face is asking the bud that consider bud happily, of good appearance, 2 elder brother.

" yesterday evening thing. " Xiao Gong thinks of the setting at that time, can't help crazy crazy ground laughed.

"Come, say, is our iceberg beautiful male how to propose? " La Yueer asks curiously with Yan Furong, they know Gu Nayu as a child, every time, see that put lump on the ice, darling reincarnate small sheep, do not know really, xiao Gong must have how old courage, ability is accepted so iceberg male make male bank note.

"Where is person? " Yan Furong hastily call.

"My good 2 elder brother's wife, stealing happy, quickly, disclose with us disclose next detail. " Gu Meng bud guesses to allow, know this is small girl, be in for certain now foolish happy breathing out.

In everybody in calling, the Xiao Gong that giggle is over, it is to had answered a god to come at long last " cough, yesterday evening, he comes to my father company receive me, took me to arrive next dining-room of a France has a meal, just began, I just also feel, dining-room is quite strange today, nodded to the meal, how person of it doesn't matter? Wait eat a meal, we 2, chat there, next, dining-room rings rising and falling violin sound. From the back, he says, he goes issueing closet. From the back, I with respect to oneself a person, sit on the seat, drink tea with milk, so that hearing music, abrupt,南京水磨信息网 I hear someone singing that Little World "

One More Time You Will Catch Up In

You've Become Old And Die From It

Hold My Breath And Think

I Can Make It Alone

This Is A True Test Of My Faith

We Found The Promises Of Grace

Fuck The Vanity

Get Out, it's My Little World

You've Got No Right To Stay

One More Time I Will Loose My Nerve

And Drop My Personal Life

These Changes Won't Change My Mind Again

You Plead With Innocence And Grief

Just Know This Problem Isn't Me

Only Ask This Once

Can't I Make It Alone

南京品茶信息网GDNo Face Is On My God

But True Believers Call

I'm Starting To Change My Little World

"Just began, I also do not have an attention, because be in French dining-room, the singer is stationed in singing also is a very few and far between and common thing, but gradually, I listen to feel sound is familiar more more, wait for me to look up to look toward acoustical source, see he stands stagewise, taking microphone, sing very devotedly, true, I do not know before, so he sings such Orphean, I am attracted by singing, stand up before taking performance stand, listening to him to sing silently in that way, wait for him to be sung, I still stand in that to be enmeshed in that pleasant lingering sound, for a long time cannot answer a god. Suddenly turn one's head, was filled in in the hand that discovers me a bundle of rose, he looks at me surely surely, slowly genuflect of bend one's knees come down, say: "My Girl, marry With Me " "

He Ying considers a few people such as bud bud to be looked at at the same time, at the same time the head is filling that pair only beautiful picture.

"Of a curious coincidence, I do not have even hesitation, nodded. " Xiao Gong respecting this, had felt to lose face, day! Life is proposed the most importantly always, result, oneself are being pulled so nose, everything comes according to Gu Nayu's rhythm, alas! Nevertheless, bit more foolish also have bit more foolish good, be? If oneself are not bit more foolish, do bad to still be brought do not come so flexibly Lang Jun, think so, xiao Gong contented rises.

Of for a long time, group in without person return information, la Yueer, Yan Furong a few people are to still be enmeshed in the setting that the head fills cannot extricate oneself, and the bud that consider bud is to phone oneself directly 2 elder brother, when does inquiry plan marry 2 elder brotherypllt一品楼江苏's wife come home, very round the one picket worry of old father old Mom.

When the bud that consider bud ends to communicate, return group in, enter group in have latest news again, below the strong demand of everybody, the ring when Xiao Gong proposes Gu Nayu was passed.

"Wow! Whacker is gotten, my day! Reckon our home He Feng tries hard to die namely, also cannot buy a so big to get me. " He Ying looks at that to plunge drop, that be envious, be no good, go back so that beat well to beat oneself future husband, let him want to be opposite doubly oneself are good, see not, for him, oneself missed how old diamond.

"Pretty good, look not to come out, glacial lump also knows romance unexpectedly. " La Yueer of one face gasp in admiration! Flower, plunge drop, kneel down, be lovemaking 3 big edge tool as expected! Basically, want this 3 appearance to be had only, with respect to invincible, hum, should oneself want reopen home to spend inn to play? Also earn bit of pin money.

"Small red, your ready-made do not have? I 2 brother just said, my Mom follows be like an aunt to had seen a day, this preparatory issue also is being prepared in. This preparatory issue also is being prepared in..

This word one, group in it is immediately wow oh chaff sound.

"Small bud, I look, you must increase an interest, you look, person wife and children is red with small clever talk about love later than you, now ah, want preparative marriage, machine of your this Laosi, too asymmetry duty, , also should add cheered. " Yan Furong this word, caused the consistent self-identity of the someone else outside dividing the bud that consider bud.

"You You You, lotus is beautiful, this word if old He Xiaogong says, I am convinced, change you for ah, send you: Yourself just should increase an interest well, we in honey of a few boudoir, now also with respect to you, month He Rui only still move, how, need to help? Although start to talk, need not polite. " black the bud considering bud after changing begins to strike back.

"Was over, was over, small bud, won't your home great mind be is one abdomen black advocate? " Yan Furong asks

"How you know? " ask in reply of the bud that consider bud

"Close Chinese ink of one takes on the color of one's company person black " Yan Furong follows La Yueer two people make this word at the same time.

Next Su Rui He Xiaogong is looking on a few times battle.

You come to a few people of my go toing, good not lively.

Wait for a few people to be over a little, agree to have a meal together on the weekend, this ability gets offline severally, busy oneself thing went.

Considered bud bud to go up oneself home group, went up again Han Yang's home group, see two group in whats is everybody talking about, look from the back, sack time arrived, just be in two group in sent: "Good Mian! " got offline next.

The day is so incompact live slow. Immediately, he Ying marriage, marry that day, su Rui, Xiao Gong goes doing a matron of honour to her, original He Ying is to appoint what should let consider bud bud to go, but but, han foreign as it happens followed a play staff to run to green leave out to take outer door scene that day, come of bout, be about to spend two day time, play staff plan is in now crises, the director has had hair word, do not let ask for leave, can pat pat, cannot pat with respect to substitution. Since he cannot be become,accompany man, love the someone of jealous, give orders, forbid oneself beautiful girlfriend to become a matron of honour, joking, everybody knows, a matron of honour produces a thing the most easily to come with partner man, he is at ease twenty thousand and ten minutes to small bud absolutely, but, he resembles the male live thing with common fly to those, but dare not loosen the vigilance of a bit, who knows, if be loosened, oneself girlfriend is so beautiful, when arriving if was run by abduct, oneself cry to go not. So, the bud that consider bud can tearful let the 南京梧桐夜雨网FDGposition of a matron of honour come out.

The wedding that waits for He Ying does not have a few days afterwards, in consider pa to consider the Mom, clappers that is like pa to be like Mom to fall, considered 2 childe and the wedding day that resemble size elder sister to also be ordered come down, it is surely at the beginning of Feburary 2, although Xiao Gong's child is ordered so nearly to wedding day dissatisfactory, also conveyed her to protest negligibly then repeatedly, but but, person small talk is small, her remonstrant sound has been blown like a position breeze, a bit is brought do not rise take seriously, finally, still consider Na Yu to look not to get her to be born fuggy, it is good to was spent a kongfu, fool this old young lady at long last happy.



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