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The sun in the morning enters the hall that visits the home from glazing agley illuminate, apply colours to a drawing gives light warm person brightness. At the moment, browsing on the sofa that considers pa to sitting in the hall now early a news, read a newspaper to had formed behavior of his a kind of habit everyday, consider mom to sit in aside, those who enjoy drinking rose tea, and on table, sister-in-law of the eldest brother that visit the home, 2 elder brother, 3 elder brother are sitting to eating breakfast leisurely.

"Mom, you look, the little lazy pig of our home rose so late again. " Gu Jiasan elder brother eats breakfast, the edge is wiping the mouth side the mouth to making fun of to consider bud.

In the morning sun enters the hall that visits the home from glazing agley illuminate, apply colours to a drawing gives light warm person brightness.

At the moment, browsing on the sofa that considers a city to sit in the hall now early a news, read a newspaper to had formed a kind of his habit everyday, ruan Xue Er sits in aside, enjoy the ground to drinking rose tea, and on table, sister-in-law of the eldest brother that visit the home, 2 elder brother, 3 elder brother are sitting to eating breakfast leisurely.

"Mom, you look, the little lazy pig of our home bilks a bed again. " Gu Jiasan elder brother eats breakfast, the edge is wiping the mouth side the mouth to making fun of.

At this moment, corner stair mouth appeared together beautiful beautiful form, "3 elder brother, prep before you such, taking the advantage of me not attendant, declare my state, feeling didn't you do this kind of business less? " ground of be angry of charming of edge of the bud that consider bud is saying an edge to step down slowly, sit before table.

The Gu Xixue that is caught to wrap on the spot, did not see a bit is constraint on the face: "Little younger sister, you are quite early today, I is this the care cares you "

"Little elder brother, how to do? I was touched too, you so " care " me " Gu Meng bud is caring designedly accentuated above two words mood.

This issues Gu Xixue child feel embarrassed a bit rose, he stands up, had taken a bowl to fill good congee, those who be put in the bud that consider bud before, the flattery appearance of one face: "Come, the small princess of our home, eat bit of congee "

Consider mom to follow consider father to see bud bud leaves a floor before also going mensal, take a seat. Ruan Xue Er saw next time hum, just in the morning 8:30: "Bud, the day just takes an examination of yesterday to try, need not attend class again today, how to rise so early? I still let designedly plum elder brother's wife does not call you, wanting to make you much sleep namely meeting. Wanting to make you much sleep namely meeting..

And sit in advocate Gu Cheng also safeguards had a daughter: "Xi Xue, forbid to say your little sister so, your little sister is a girl, can not get sleep more dot, the skin just has been met. The skin just has been met..

"Hey You, elder brother's wife of hand-hold portable telephone, 2 elder brother, your look, our pa our Mom this heart, be to slant so that do not have an edge really. " Gu Xixue Lao is worn crack with teeth in mouth, the edge places an one chopstick affably to scramble egg with fair chopsticks in the congee that is put in the bud that consider bud. Of course he is not envious really, the heart that he is very fond of little younger sister but not as little as the someone else in the home. The good-looking clothing that designs every time, oneself feel very satisfactory, can take this little sister to wear rapidly, go out to travel, always won't forget her to take one lot delicious amused. Gu Xixue's friends often make fun of him: Xi Xue, look you the energy that this bestows favor on a little sister, your wife can be had pity on really after, besides should denounce your favor, still must contend for with your girl bestow favor on.

The one act of warm heart before have sth in mind of look of the bud that consider bud, corners of the mouth shows a light smile, she looks at the Gu Xixue of appearance of leg of a pair of dog comically: "Good, 3 elder brother, thank you, know you care me most. Know you care me most..

Gu Xixue hears oneself girl's so nice word, iron in the heart post very, exceed the bud that consider bud to cast an eyes that calculates your be sensible, just started to talk to say with a few people next, taking the key to applied Shi Ran to go out.

"Pa, mom, had you not eaten breakfast? Ate by the side of us, the edge chats. " if considering bud bud, tell, plum a bowl of congee was filled severally to two people before elder brother's wife has ground of hint given with the eyes to go up very much.

"My yesterday follows Xiao Gong, lotus in the evening they agree a few times to will want to set out on June 11 go Hawaiian travel, this not, just decide temporarily, some need machine parts or tools kept in reserve does not have preparation, so the plan goes out to shop today, rise earlier. " the bud that consider bud said him to accept the arrangement that goes down a few days, also explained incidentally below why oneself can rise early quite today.

"Ah! So abrupt, your this child, also do not say earlier, otherwise I am OK also breakfast next journey of a few days is adjusted below, you went to for company. " consider mom to saying malcontent shoot a glance at consider bud bud.

"Good, good, xue Er, not strange small bud. Didn't you hear? The hair that bud bud follows her is small just also decided temporarily last night. Besides, the family is girl home home a few, you are so big a person, still go collect what is lively, did not get joke letting a person. " although Gu Cheng also bestows favor on a daughter very much, but in what he or can rational ground go to look upon on a few things, actually, he still has a word to did not speak out, their home small princess, this year also 18 years old, also should let go, let her learning to live independently, yes, they very be fond of her, love her very much, but, they always are can old, accompany her daughter impossibly all one's life.

"Good, I knew, I is this to not be at ease? Bud bud, then your behind schedule should go out to let Xiaosong send, weather is too hot now. " Ruan Xue Er falls to also think in channel of the ground that visit a town, although what didn't old fogey say, but. Should know, she also knows, bud bud now also gradually grown, can oneself accompany her again how long?

"Hum, thank pa, thank Mom. You also have a meal quickly, go to work a little while otherwise should be late. Go to work a little while otherwise should be late..

Hear 3 people conversation, gu Dongfeng, Gu Xixue 3 people also say good-bye to go to work first.

The word says to consider this one authority child also should be the special case in wealthy person. Although consider the home not to lack cash nowadays, if they are willing,can say even, what to consider not dry, also can lie on cash pile to live 8 all one's life comfortably. Consider unluckily come on the home consider father, fall to visit 3 elder brother, exceedingly rigorous to the job, if it doesn't matter is accident circumstance, they are met everyday and Everyman is euqally punctual go to work, also meet sometimes in the evening now and then work overtime below, the belongings that visits the home so is in every year mad addition, to now the bud that consider bud writes down not clear oneself to have how many money after all.

9:30 a.m. , the bud that consider bud lets driver Xiaosong carry his to arrive the WD square of sunny ro[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶交流群BGad, entered bazaar to buy to oneself some go out the article with necessary travel: Resemble a swimsuit swim index of pants, SPF is very high prevent the and so on that bask in frost.

Buy is over had eaten lunch to consider bud bud to carry the hand saw a helper express, just 2:30 p.m. , want, the bud that consider bud hit a phone to give Xiaosong, let Xiaosong help his remand the thing first.

"Young lady, where should you go to next, I send you the past first " estate land is saying small Song Jing.

"Need not, xiaosong, thank you, you also worked hard today. I go around look for a friend, talk about what I myself can make behind schedule to go back " excuse oneself from of the bud that consider bud. Joking, he issue the place that one station should go to to hear a name is a cold drink recreational inn, if let Xiaosong send his the past, the him home hauls wind this car when arriving stops in family store doorway, should have many conspicuous ah, NO ZUO NO DIE, she considers bud, the thing that does gladly least of all is ask for trouble, she admits, in this respect, she is a dawdler.

After small the Song Dynasty of watch sb go away leaves, wait to baz南京梧桐夜雨网FDGaar first floor below the bud that consider bud place, called a taxi, come " fire glacial · is recreational station " doorway.

Hum, see storefront decorate pretty good still, the style that restore ancient ways, walk into look in inn, in the inn of 559 square strewn at random have send putting 78 pieces of tables, table and chair are ligneous, color is log color, over there stage and counter the wooden ark of make it an organic whole, it is with brush at the back of the counter on lop batten keeping the name with fastfood beverage of of all kinds, the corner of the corner is being planted the small plant of gloomy of luxuriantly green of a green, brought the lease of life of a silk to whole and classic space. Pretty good, this inn holds out the taste that accords with his, look, if having time later, often also can mix the friend comes over this sits.

The bud that consider bud is absorbed in looking the environment inside inn up and down, muddy does not become aware like that, "The person tha南京哪个水疗会所好AKt you stand on the bridge to see a scenery see a landscape is upstair see you " , at the moment, the client all round delivers admiring view to her in succession.

"Welcome to glacial · . Fire, what do you need to nod excuse me? " the member receive silver that the stage is in is making call enthusiasticly, thinking in the heart, pure natural beauty, although oneself go to work to see beauty of of all kinds via regular meeting, but grow so beautifully, temperamental so good girl can not see more, look at the smile of her Na Mingmei, you can feel the state of mind is not conscious became good.

"Hello, disturb below, have in your inn excuse me call simile? I come over to look for her. " the bud that consider bud is enquiring politely.

"Some, you wait a bit below, I this helps you cry. " courteous accost wears the member that receive silver, took a phone agily to dial at the same time.

"Inn is long, hello, downstairs a girl says to want to look for you "

Not a little while, step down the woman that comes to about 1934 years old year from 2 buildings. Wear the tight pants of a black, jacket is the white shirt of a batty sleeve, simple black no use matchs, whole person looks efficient.

"Hello, I am simile, your surname, what is having excuse me I can help those who go up? " the girl that dress of a tender yellow wears before simile looks at an eye is laughing at accost rise, at the same time in the heart also secretly exclaim below, really beautiful, skin is like snow in vain, the lip is not nodded and bright red, bend curved Liu Yuemei, laugh to still have two small dimple unexpectedly, cabinet melon seeds face, a simple dress is stupefied is to wear the distinctive taste that gave to belong to his.

"Hello, simile, I call small bud, my friend road road said to send a gift to be here, let me come over this is taken. Let me come over this is taken..

"Oh, you are small bud, hello, hello, we sit down to chat slowly there first. " saying to bring Gu Meng bud rely on little vegetable a piece of table. Wait for two people to enter hind, simile inquiry considers bud: "Small bud, can I call you so directly? What should you drink? Since you are the friend of my elder brother, that namely my friend, we talk not to want so polite formula " simile is saying liberally, she sees the girl before, the first like to go up, hum, this girl, those who one is plant clean is idiosyncratic, feeling letting a person is very comfortable.

"Simile, hello, possible, common friends also are so call me, it is good that I want a cup of green tea. " the bud that consider bud pulled down skirt a little with the hand, sat next.

Simile stands up go station office, bubble end of a cup of green tea comes, giving his is bubble cup coffee.

"Come, drink a cup of tea first, rest rest, the gift puts upstair, behind schedule I go up to be taken to you again. Behind schedule I go up to be taken to you again..

"Simile, did you just say road road is your elder brother? " the bud that consider bud just considered inquire analogy actually, home of strong nevertheless good person goes the stage goes busy, oneself also feel embarrassed aloud is blusterous come out.

"Be! Actually, he is my cousin, his Mom is me little one's mother's sister, we concern usually quite good, I also do not have an elder brother, so I am in charge of him to call elder brother directly " the concern that simile follows person explanation in detail to remove his to follow Han Yang inaccessibly.

The bud that consider bud stretchs his hand take a teacup to give buccal edge, drank a sip of, enjoyment narrow one's eyes had apricot eye, this expression teased simile.

"Small bud, it is so good that tea has drink? It is so good that tea has drink??

"Simile, I feel quite good to drink, this tea is pretty good, smell balmy and tangy, color looks shallow green satisfactory, drink rise gutty and light faint scent. Drink rise gutty and light faint scent..

"Simile, is this inn yourself those who leave? Those who decorate quite particularly, in present busy streets, want to find a so quiet environment, can not allow easy. " Gu Meng is drinking tea by the side of bud, edge depress sound is speaking, the likelihood is the environment makes like that, whole and recreational station quiet, here, make a racket without person give the heart to, will break this of full chamber halcyon.

"Be, small bud, you also feel here atmosphere has been held out! A year many before my university graduated, I am right toward 9 evening of 5 work the life a bit not dare interest, so I say to want my to open domestic beverage store with respect to Mom following father. Condition of my home economy is quite general, pa Mom feels the risk is too big, do not agree. I looked for a bank to borrow money from the back 100 thousand, money is insufficient still, final area is my elder brother lent me a large sum of money, just gave those who rise this store at long last. Say, I still am owing my elder brother now a large sum of money. I still am owing my elder brother now a large sum of money..

Well, this simile is quite conversable still, the bud that consider bud is thinking secretly, where can she know actually, simile is not to who follow can must come a little so, just considered bud bud to just enter her small hole.

"Small bud, on the sly asks you fall, do you follow my elder brother what concerns? How are you known? My elder brother that person, before 20 years old but sunshine. From the back more and more not sunshine, especially after 24 years old produced that thing. " here, simile stopped suddenly, bad, how to forget, this thing is the pain of the cousin, oneself today how so of a slip of the tongue.

"Ah, simile, actually I had not seen your elder brother, oneself had not seen with the photograph, we just issue the sort of very pure netizen of understanding in accidental opportunity. " the concern that the bud that consider bud says simply to he follows road road below palpability.

"南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路Netizen? Had not met? " simile appreciably is too high quantity, immediately covers rapidly oneself mouth, eyeball is about. Day, doesn't she have mishear? Now what time, the man of the time with oneself what kind of cousin, can follow a girl unexpectedly, and does so beautiful still one girl maintain the sort of very pure netizen to concern?

The bud that consider bud looks at simile about of this amazed ground, cover mouth titter rise, haw, this year, cannot hand in a netizen?

It is good that two people chatted again a little while, the bud that consider bud looks beside sit gradually full person, to do not affect the business in simile inn, she put forward actively to say good-bye南京新茶的联系方式SD. "Simile, the entertainment that thanks you today. You look, in your inn also begin now busy rose, otherwise I went back first. Otherwise I went back first..

Simile looked now the guest in inn, feel grateful ground laughs. "Good, small bud, your below, I take the thing immediately. I take the thing immediately..

Not quite a little while, simile is carrying greatly gift bag comes down, handed the bud that consider bud " to, small bud, then I do not leave you, we are a youth, be free to often come later I this sits. Be free to often come later I this sits..

"Good, that my foregone ah! See next time. " the bud that consider bud also does not stay more, had received bag, hey! What gift is also knowing? Proceed with still presses a hand a bit, she stands up, raise the hand of another empty move, face simile brandish brandish, this ability goes toward inn. Walk along roadside, the bud that consider bud barred directly a taxi, came home directly.



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