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南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路Morrow, christmas before dawn

Confused between as if twinkling what see at the moment lamplight keeps, be me dazed?

I rub the eye of Xing Song at once, fix eyes on looks, it is a christmas tree that hanging colored lantern actually, and above still hanging a lot of confusing your santa Claus follows beatific signal.

How a christmas tree can be here? Who puts?

my feel puzzled when, the door by gently opened, one is wearing gules hat, the old man of the long white mustache on the face went.

"Emperor. . . Santa Claus? ! Won't! " I exert all my strength again rub an eye, as expected, I still was not misreaded, it is santa Claus really.

I rouse an eye to look at him, "You. . . Are you santa Claus really? Are you santa Claus really??

White mustache old man is laughing to nod.

"That, will you send me the gift? Will you send me the gift??

White mustache old man as before light head.

This santa Claus is dummy, how to talk, alas calculated, the present is the mainest.

Do I continue to ask: again? How to return Cong to cut Se of month of tip of ability of clumsy Cheng Lang into parts handsome?

White mustache old man as before light head.

"Too good, you let me want " my glad say.

Consider a little while, of my grinning look at his say: ? Unplug be ignorant of of formic an official document or note makes fun of Yi Huai of  of lofty of  destroy exemplarying barren to use up vanadium of  of Piao of Du Xuan っ . Handsome?

This, white mustache old man did not nod, what laugh however is more happy, saying well and truly is laugh ferocious, my what look soft on the human body stood to rise.

Santa Claus is laughing, suddenly the mouth talked, "Girl, you is this gift not quite accord with your sexual distinction? Still say your taste is heavy? Still say your taste is heavy??

Etc! This sound, how be familiar with so, it is. . .

Santa Claus one's voice in speech just fell, one mustache tear off, send the label, smile of one face bloodcurdling.

As expected, what I think is right, be source snow disguise oneself as, no wonder just began dumb, etc! Is the gift that I just say what? Book of bubble girl secretary? Decided this to death!

Source Xue Yi is old of one face smile look at, it is the pins and needles of scalp letting a person that this kind of smile sees only.

She say: ? Target " fawn on does  of swell barrier guanidine cut the Qiao that Zheng  doors into parts clumsy Cheng Zheng handsome?

"Haw, I am to say, I am to say a gift of what calculated, after all my this individual is not avaricious! After all my this individual is not avaricious!!

The smile on source snow face slowly weak come down, took a small christmas tree to rush to me

"I bah! You of a smelly shameless! Book of secretary of the girl that return bubble! How do if I say that little girl said last night, you worry so, it is the girl that still thinks the move is other in the heart so! It is the girl that still thinks the move is other in the heart so!!

I broke up from sofa at once, escaped her biff.

"Snow, you listen to me to explain, the record of bubble girl secretary that I say is wrong, I probably the idea that the meaning wants to understand a schoolgirl, I this is to understand you, to let you everyday happy! You also know, business of affection of my this individual is small! Business of affection of my this individual is small!!

I see her return in the hand closely grasping that sapling, do not have stopping meaning it seems that.

"Snow, not was troubled by, we attend wedding today even! Had not enough time quickly! Had not enough time quickly!!

At this moment she just sapling " bang " throw toward the ground, : of cock mouth say?

Say her to hold fist toward me again, made a fierce expression.

I brush the sweat on forehead, "Breathe out, really hapless! R南京梧桐网Aeally hapless!!

Prepare us to set out, through the bus of half hour wade, I two arrived at long last the bridal spot of flourish name.

"Be not bad! Wedding has not begun, not was late! Not was late!!

"Be! Go, we go in! We go in!!

Enter an assembly hall, do we cannot help calling: ? Cling to Jia?

The flower rainbow bridge of multicoloured is placed before romantic auditorium, the hall is resplendent and magnificent, luxuriant lamplight illuminate is in bridal spot, reflect the floor board Yi Yi is unripely brightness. Come round to attend bridal car row upon row of outside the door, it is to highlight showily breath more.

I two slowly went in, look inside my face, a lot of I am known.

Li Diao is bringing 4 his little younger brother, still have somnambulate sister flower, wretched glasses male, source snow Mom. . . Etc.

I went by, pat Li Diao, "Oh, vulture elder brother, did you also come? How, how your hair becomes black? Purple before did not want? Purple before did not want??

Li Diao looks is me, tricky, laugh at: ? Tax of stamp of fear of target ⊙ ┮ .

Saying him to point to 4 people on the side

"Oh, such ah, it is quite handsome! It is quite handsome!!

Saying me to look to them 4

See I see them, they scratch their head, of grinning look at me.

At this moment, li Diao went by to source snow, "White flying a courteous form of address between men, you also came! You also came!!

"Be! So grand wedding, coming was not to be in an unfavorable situation, " source snow laughs.

Suddenly, I feel on the face one heat, my eye is covered by a pair of hands.

"Who is guessing me? "Who is guessing me??

"I say many, your hand what tastes? Do you eat mug-up stealthily? Do you eat mug-up stealthily??

"Alas! Express elder sister, be fed up with! " many grin is laughing.

"Express elder sister, you are with you young boy friend comes along. " the laugh with more evil rosy clouds.

I go, rosy clouds cousin your god filling knife!

"Young boy friend? When do you hand in cousin boy friend, how don't I know? " glasses male aside say.

"Alas, you are enough, bridal spot does not say the thing of these the Eight Diagrams, was opposite, where is bridegroom bride? " I am intended avulsion topic say.

"Wedding has not begun, how can have newlywed person, you say is, snow! " the source snow Mom's imperceptible back that appears in me.

"I go, mom. . . You frighten me to jump! You frighten me to jump!!

Saying me to smack chest, the source snow that is in to follow others josh however sees, the goggle at of the round circle that her eye opens I, I drop the hand at once, place the model of a pair of grinning.

"Is this frightened jumped? Snow, mom does not know when to can attend your wedding, mom is not afraid also nevertheless, the snow of my home is so lovely and tender, I believe you can find your fated white horse prince very quickly. " source snow Mom looks at the say with my firm tone.

I go, really close Mom, with respect to your home daughter, tender still, within an inch of killed me in the morning, you are afraid of is reopen fun.

Be in at this moment, an enthusiastic applause rang behind me, original bridegroom bride came.

Everybody is divided into two to standing at once, I just follow source snow this girl stands together.

Litter door of black is opened by light putt, the hand that flourish name is pulling small Yue slowly went, the person that there is a trumpet on the side began to be blown.

Slowly, two hand were pulling a hand to go, see the look of their one face happiness, my yell rise, in the heart very glad.

Inside beautiful auditorium

White marriage gauze, the hand is holding a flower in both hands, beauty must resemble fairy tale,

Remember summer of that the beginning of the year[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]全部关闭2020,

I am cared for you,


Be stupid together

Cupid has flown gently below moon

Pan Duo pulled her to hear an answer

Auditorium ding is beating happy code. . .

Everybody chorally rise,

At this moment, of unlined long gown of black of a dress, the belt on the neck is worn the foreigner of cross went from the back of the auditorium, there is a large book like the dictionary in his hand, it is Abba so.

Abba slowly put the book on auditorium center table, gently the hand that pulls name having glory to follow small Yue, laugh slightly, ji of the Ji in the mouth is crooked reading aloud me crookedly to understand not English, nevertheless, although I am understood not, but probably the meaning is to be in for certain bless this pair of new personality!

Do I pat the source snow beside to ask: ? Does stool of call on of  of  of broadleaf plant of  of gate of saddle ィ  cut ampling Se into parts handsome?

Source snow looks at me to laugh, "I am understood of course, is the affirmation that didn't you learn this to cross English understood not? Is the affirmation that didn't you learn this to cross English understood not??

"Cut, who says I am understood not, " saying my twitch one's mouth talking.

Eventually, after father says English, just continue with of a kind Chinese say: ? Is unplugging cheek steals expostulate with a surname decadent child Ya Pi sunken  ?

This is about to written guarantee to male woman student for husband and wife

Forgetting all these is how divine

You are willing life and death suffers from Le Yongyuan and her to be together

Cherish her to respect her

Comfort her to protecting her

Two people build perfect family at the same time

Are you willing to be done so "

Flourish name: ? Unplug with dare Suan?

Small Yue: ? Es, l Do "

"Wish god wishs you are happy " on the hand that saying Abba to put the hand of small Yue in flourish name.

Flourish name gently inside th南京喝茶交流群FDe ring finger that takes ring in small Yue, happy neck was in one case.

At the moment, let us bless: of this pair of new personality? Hundred Years Of Good Cooperation And Unity " (hundred years close very much, always written guarantee homocentric. )



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