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Sha Ba, be located in Malaysia the eastpart part, be most the place of nature of press close to, because its environment color is pure bright and be called ' absolutely *** ' . All through the ages is a travel resort here, attracting tourist of world each country not far 10 thousand lis come over, enjoy here peculiar sunshine beach, blue sky of green jade water, of course, still have all sorts of seafood.

Compare with other islands, the beach area that adds elegant graceful island is not large, the be charmed letting a person with clear however water. Adding elegant graceful restaurant is the largest window of this island, this is a manorial public house that is built on surface. A winding and continuous cabin is direct build in water, join theirs is zigzag ligneous a plank road built along a cliff, baluster and ground are solid timber structure, even and elegant. The station sees the sky of azure blue azure blue in a plank road built along a cliff, so blue that cannot find one man to burn foreign matter, the frame house with far close greenery is the color scheme below blue setting. Below the foot clear the seawater that sees an end, clear connect benthic grass-blade fleck clear and visible, fine sanded clastic rock issues colour and lustre in sunshine multicolored, it is an elfland outside changing really.

Hu Xiaoquan wraps here early below, it is good to undertook decorate, every passageway is fine gauze curtain of thin silk, colored ribbon flies violently. Bright red ' ' word everywhere paste, a lot of house is registering bright-coloured Chinese form below horny brim, both sides of a plank road built along a cliff is orderly putting the flower that gives priority to with red, in setting sun next beamed bright and clinking appearing! This is the bridal hall of Yu Yupeng and 3 madams, the auditorium on the water of a costly romance, be in tomorrow morning, a 4 people are bridal, a brand-new happy movement will begin chart to rise from this absolutely beautiful world heaven.

Dinner time arrived, below setting sun, on the beach, people gathers together to enjoying distinctive exoticism.

On a few elliptic old tables, putting all sorts of food, need not saying is give priority to with seafood. Flesh of eel of shrimp of shrimp of slimy crab, tiger, sanded dad, white bright, yellow rice or millet wine, langouste, boar, various salad, drink all sorts of foreign wine, red wine, still have place's famous rice chicken alcoholic drink. Afraid old people has not seafood of be used to, roast duck of the cake of chopped green onion that still brings chef to do from home, Beijing coils thin pancake made of millet flour, boiled element face. There is stove of a barbecue on the side, children round see cook bake make all sorts of flesh string together, wing of piscine shrimp, chicken, vegetable.

Go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, people looks at the program of add to the fun that the local that arranges in the hotel performs indoors mostly, whole isle in the composition of Ma Laijie day with lively immerge.

The place of corner of a plank road built along a cliff is spreading one magnify rug, lie low is worn above a few people, looking attentively at bright sky, chatting in a low voice. Want to lending faint lamplight calve scrutiny, can seeing is Yu Yupeng, Gong Xinglong, Liu Yun, Niu Yongcheng, Ji Weisi, Yang Yang, Huang Wen, Evie.

"Old 4, do you think of a few Europe develops really take them? " since become sworn brothers, gong Xinglong corrects oneself call Yu Yupeng to be old 4, never had changed however to his care, "Children are small still, put aside be at ease in the home? Put aside be at ease in the home??

"It is sound sound district only, spend a 4 people honeymoon incidentally, anyhow also takes a walk to riverside of accept of a place of strategic importance, drink a cup of coffee, red wine is manorial in turn, pick a grape to taste pinkish red wine to also go! Career -- basically want to develop a technical content tall long term investment, consider the egg for we much to look for a few basket to put in. Later the age is old, cannot stare at a ground for a long time act recklessly! " Yu Yupeng says lightly, in that way life looks forward to indeed in the heart.

"Go to Europe turning it may not be a bad idea, the sense became good later we organize an organization, arrive together there go vacationing also good! " Liu Yun also feels Yu Yupeng's idea is good.

"Pluvial friend, or -- do I go with you? A few younger brother and sister cannot always let do a business to your run errands? " the ox always sees Xiang Yuyu friend into care ground, his what moment cannot forget to show consideration for brother, younger brother and sister.

"Ah, I go having honeymoon, do you calculate accordingly work? Besides, does your home Li Yingnan do how? " the meaning that knows him of course at pluvial friend, just think this really and wife people ground of lax in discipline spends idle time of a paragraph of languid.

"Can also you take Ying Nan? Your new personality has honeymoon, I and your elder brother's wife touch a light accordingly! " Niu Yongcheng idea is honest.

"I look old 3 still fasten add trouble to, you do not follow domestic rhythm to go up time, the foreign language also cannot say a few, still do not increase burden to Europe? Old 4 are half bottles ramshackle, oneself are taken care of not complete, how to have honeymoon? Be to increase chaos? " ground of Gong Xinglong leisurely says, actual南京哪里spa性价比高ly also some are not abandoned, thinking good not easy stability, yu Yupeng also should rest for some time, give him many somes of freedom as far as possible.

"This -- actually I also am to be younger brother and sister people worry, want such saying, I still had looked after the house! " Niu Yongcheng says losingly infirmly.

"3 elder brother, after I go children with our pa our Mom loses you really. Nevertheless, I know you are right our pa our Mom, filialer than me, blather when me so! " Yu Yupeng considers this aspect to Niu Yongcheng, still be at ease quite.

"Say this I am believed, ox always simply him family belongs pluvial friend the home is same, call a few times to him, there have a meal! " Huang Wen interrupts.

"Ah, huang Wen interesting to 3 elder brother? Otherwise my matchmaking? Do you also become us 3 elder brother's wife? " Yu Yupeng twists a head to see Xiang Huangwen suddenly, below faint light, encounter Yang Yang to smile a thin smile however be like complain be not enmity eyes, laugh twist a head to continue to see a sky.

"Go your! " Huang Wen is lying to was not moved.

"2 elder sister, the thing of the company relies on you to follow eldest brother, still be him advocate outside, you go out inside! If busy will look for Huang Wen help more nevertheless, I see this girl is not to plan to marry a person, have a plenty of big time. " Yu Yupeng talks with Liu Yun appreciably looks up laughing to see Huang Wen.

"Hey, pluvial friend, is the family married wrong also ah? Dry want dead knock to wear bully me? The business that sells a ministry is quite much, besides, I have time to be accompanied even accompany my home complacently! " Huang Wen is grunting loathly.

"Dear, what does pluvial friend say, what do you listen to, do not be apt to so big complaint. " Yang Yang is persuading Huang Wen, "Wait for our home little baby was born to identify you to should do Mom! Does old so great anger go how? Does old so great anger go how??

"That must! Igneous adult is honest! " Huang Wen says seriously.

"It is easy to should do Mom, must look for an ability doing father to go to the child rapidly? Ah ah ah... " Gong Xinglong was saying to laugh.

"Go, rise with respect to assemble bully a family! Dear, evie, go, we go in, do not accompany them to count star, it is bad man completely! " Huang Wen is saying to pull Yang Yang and Evie to stand up.

"Hey, I say bad man, did not let empty elder sister this time come over together how? The environment here is much better, wait for me to do a thing, you can take her to turn around, beautiful scenery, beautiful wine, deserve to go up beauty, breathe out. " Yu Yupeng remembers Mi Hui suddenly, the big eye of spirit of that double fresh and juicy, move to stick up the small mouth that have quite interesting, can't help remembering speak Gong Xinglong.

"He thinks however, do not have that bravery namely, cheng Jiao and uncle aunt are in! " Huang Wen takes the chance to speak.

"Friend, outside cool, do you go in earlier rest? " Yang Yang walked along a few paces to halt urge again and again again.

"Good, go in a little while, warm for me by the nest. " wear at pluvial friend agree say.

"Little before big guy behave like a hooligan, marry before today cannot of the same branch of a family! " Huang Wen swings a face to go, yang Yang and Evie leave to go toward the room accordingly.

little a few people, everybody is immersed in temporarily silent, air has unexpectedly some condense.

Yu Yupeng lays down saw a sky a little while, twist a head to see Yang Yang the place that they had lain 3 times, ji Weisi is on the side of room buy. He just notices he had not said a word tonight, say faintly: "Old 5, you follow Xiao Hui's marriage, should also do? Old Xu Jiake is house distinguished family, so old procrastinating improper? So old procrastinating improper??


"I know, pass a few days to go back to discuss with them. 4 elder brother, a thing does not know to should say? " some are interrogative in Ji Weisi heart, solution does not leave to also be not put, still feel embarrassed to say more, because this misgive follows Yang Yang to concern, now is his 4 elder brother's wife after all.

"Old 5, we are oneself brothers brothers and sisters, what is having to ought not to say? Want to say, do not twist be affectedly bashful to hold, is the progress that don't you feel 6 younger sister are the closest very great? Do not look previously bashful, what food company is in charge of now is in perfect order, this enters a the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference immediately! " Liu Yun says very admiring Mo Xiaolan.

"Speak of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of small Lan Jin, 2 elder sister, you look for time to follow her well say say, I am afraid of recently is to do not have time to look for her. The job of ** had better be little mingle, common saying says to be born not to enter fair gate, absolutely refuse to to issue hell! A stage is being taken on the business is unavoidable, absolutely cannot get stuck or bogged down is too deep, I worry about her take root too deep, thought out to wash in the future do not drop two legs mud. " Yu Yupeng most scruple, still officialdom those knots that play a side send each trying to cheat the other.

"Good, these two days busy be over I look for her to talk! " Liu Yun never is refuted to Yu Yupeng's decision.

Yu Yupeng twists a head to see Ji Weisi again, light tone says: "Old 5, should you say what? Should you say what??

"4 elder brother, do you understand that Evie beside Yang Yang elder brother's wife? She follows us these people did not come and go, but she follows everyday elder brother's wife and yellow always, between them also not very chats, I always feel to have eccentric, but cannot get along is specific which are incorrect. " Ji Weisi was saying to sit slowly.

"Old 5, what discovery do you have? " Gong Xinglong also sat, he feels Ji Weisi won't shoot at random.

"Arrive to return discovery of it doesn't matter at present, I look for ** the person there checked a few days to did not make clear she has what objective, know she is the doctor of ** university only, main attack course is Cancer, namely cancer! This wanting that wait make clear Hunan says with you again, always can feel some blame strange feeling in these two days of hearts! " if Ji Weisi thinks of the ground to look at Yu Yupeng somewhat.

"Ah! What do you say? Cancer? " Yu Yupeng is stimulated clever sat to see Ji Weisi, "I know she is ** native only, in in living near annulus, other do not know. Other do not know..

"Old 4, old 5, we fastens rapid move to f南京200——400的场子汇总righten our first, it is clear to look for a time to ask to her! " at that time train of thought compares Liu Yun clear.

A few people sat, everybody delivers the view on Ji Weisi face, his handsome cheek brows tightens a lock, canthus tip of the brow is hanging full-bodied gloomy mood.

"That had waited for the wedding tomorrow to say again, I there still letting a person be being checked, these two days should be met the message comes over. 2 elder sister, still be you ask Evie alone, was over to cry small orchi长沙喝茶的高质量妹子d we attend a meeting 6 times again decision, 4 elder brother, travel? " Ji Weisi looks at Liu Yun, also think her idea careful, it is a woman, suit to appear personally quite [db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]巷498元做3次江汉路o this thing.

"That so decided, everybody answers a room to sleep, good tomorrow easy to handle is bridal! " Gong Xinglong was saying to stand, everybody rises to go to the house in succession.

Yu Yupeng's wedding is medium equestrian compound, because there is old horse local in the friend, just asked a marriage of local to celebrate a company to arrange bridal spot to hold emcee concurrently so. The imam that asked a place technically still to have good reputation will should preside over a wedding ceremony person, word of marriage of read out card, after all the does not accord with a Chinese system of trigamy, yu Yupeng emigrates for this namely, had the marriage certificate of Malaysia ** , have an imam again testimony is more perfect.

Present guest comes from inland mostly, came at the kin of pluvial friend parents and native place many, include the leader on Yu Fugui and town. Qin Wanling's kin also came nearly 100 people, he often husband'ses father is an enlightened person, hear this news happy straight Da tear, dozen a few people are in heart glad. 4 people are bringing brother of bridge copper hill respective wife child, still have a few kin, comrade-in-arms, the couple with Founder, Pang vice-governor couple sits in the hall together on the west side, open large old small hole to paying close attention to bridal spot. Yang Yang's father and nephew of elder brother elder brother's wife arrived, the husband's family outside her also came person. Have the family that becomes 6 sibling again, one's family of family of bell old lady, xi Yatu's Huang Zheng, having again is delegate of each district branch. Make everybody feel accident is a few unfamiliar guests most, they come from different place, have common feature however, come from each district namely ' school of Yu Chengye hope ' teacher and student delegate.

As blast blast tambourine sound, a few wear luxuriant the festively singing and dancing of male and female of old horse dress enters the hall. What male youth wears is reseda tradition aba, black trousers, what the girl wears also is green gown tie-in pink spends skirt, on robe a few more marked beautiful flowers and plants is careless. Emcee of that old horse also is bright and beautiful of all over the body Yi Hua is taken, saying the Chinese of rawness, elated ground is introducing today's bridal program.

After a long time, dress place China the Yu Yupeng that take and 3 madams are slowgoing walk into the hall, what wear at pluvial friend is lacteal yellow silk dress of nation of qualitative old horse, the hat of the move is worn on the head, grow the garment and genu, thespian like Chinese tradition medium small unripe. 3 brides dress dresses up is to resemble more extremely the black clothes in play, thick makeup weak, besmeared aureate eyelash creams on eyelash, lifelike looking around during, eyelash the pupil as Hei Liang is glisten.

Come out in sound box blast a rising and falling sweat and agreeable is magical music, be like is Indian song, resemble Xinjiang folk song again. In Qu Sheng, that imam comes to bridegroom bride before, telling about one full length understand not *** language, it is language of a few blessings probably, word of marriage of read out card marriage certificate, ask bridegroom bride parts read out oath, emcee declare ceremony is become. The tradition that presses a Chinese again then undertook knocking at Bai Dali, it is to both sides parents respects tea later, 7 old people are sitting side by side, a bright smile is permeated with on their face, prove with respect to enough special to this wedding has much satisfaction.

Newly-married is convivial began, did not press the buffet form of old horse, still be to resemble home placing each euqally big round-table. Everybody eats and drink to be admired at the same time at the same time marriage the act that celebrates company arrangement, bridegroom bride returned a room to change clothes respectively, it is next propose a toast to all guest.

Yu Yupeng changed the Chinese style formal attire with light body, come to the hall with Gong Xinglong, greet sb to everybody. Qin Wanling changed body gules Xiaotang to install, the mother-in-law accompanies her to be chosen together personally, with the temperamental and perfect confluence with her gentle and quiet and refined oneself. Liang Xiaoyun was to wear a suit red to get a cheongsam high, what originally with respect to exquisite the figure that send is highlighted more elegance and talent is absolutely beautiful.

Yang Yang did not appear tardy, liu Yun let Mo Xiaolan, Xu Xiaohui looking for a hour, strange is Huang Wen and Evie also disappeared.



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