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Midnight time, yu Yupeng is inclined on the pillow that leans in the head of a bed, the big wave that there is Yang Yang in the hand coils hair. Her bend over is in his wind, right hand forefinger draws circle on his abdomen...

"Friend, " Yang Yang light tone says, the body is the least bit without move however, "What pass today is too exciting, it is to fight, it is to identify dry Mom, still had a 2 elder brother when warden actually, really interesting. " finger still is drawn in what keep.

"Be, have some of soul-stirring simply. " Yu Yupeng says calmingly.

"Most of soul-stirring still is -- a moment ago -- " Yang Yang is saying to climb, what that pair of beautiful and moving big eyes are staring at Yu Yupeng is binocular, linear distance is not worth 10 centimeter between two people nose, deep and remote laugh like that say, "Had not you done the sort of thing hundreds of years? Hum? Hum??

Yu Yupeng is a smile first, emerge subsequently a little some is flirtatious, speak be like so that say: "Be likely really you owe hundreds of years ago? Be afraid that you keep be being chased after should, be forced how to many is take as far as possible. Breathe out ah ah ah... "

"You this rascal! Rascal! Rascal! " charming be angry wears Yang Yang, with small fist rhythm ground beats Yu Yupeng wind gently, sing with mosquito next the petty voice like says, "I like. "I like..

Waited for so very big a little while, yang Yang gets out of bed drank some of Wen Shui, twist a head to say to pluvial friend: "Friend, a little hungry. A little hungry..

"Hum, that, you sleep first meeting, I go buying a late food. " Yu Yupeng says to the dress is worn since the move.

"Not, I should follow you one case. " Yang Yang also takes the clothes, the edge wears an edge to say intimately, "Cherish each minutes when you are in. "Cherish each minutes when you are in..

"Sure, as long as you are glad good. " Yu Yupeng says.

Two hand shake handshandle slowly rambling in the street that stride a person of extraordinary powers. The night fair here is really lively still, although compare Guangzhou to innovate dimensions of road night fair small much, dan Fanhua degree is not inferior however. Two people are going satisfiedly, ramble like dot temple fair, see those who like is fastfood buy, sit two people eat together. Eat to continue to ramble, what to take a fancy to to still want to sit to be shared together again. A little while her dehisce he is fed, feed him piquantly to eat again a little while, be laughing and playing of from time to time is commented on, delicate language of light tone of from time to time. Later, he is holding a dock-glass tea with milk in both hands, inserting two straw that drew brief on the head, sometimes he is drunk feed her again sometimes, drink together sometimes, easy in warmth thering is no lack of is romantic, as if to want the endless lingering that compensation comes to hundreds of years really.

"... why is that one always in your your mouth,

Why my heart won't be dead,

Understand to love to lose, everything is incorrect,

Why do I like you unluckily again... "

Transient when a sound resembles things inn, two people are attracted by a singing of language of another name for Guangdong Province.

"Listen quickly, listen quickly, orphean? " Yang Yang asks, "What song is listening to this? "What song is listening to this??

"Guangdong language song. " wear at pluvial friend side auditive, "Seeming is what Hei Fulei, ji of hullabaloo is pretty Orphean. Ji of hullabaloo is pretty Orphean..

"Stupid, that makes sign of another name for Guangdong Province! I am name asking a song what to call. " Yang Yang is crooked head laughs.

"This is simple. " Yu Yupeng walked along a few paces closely to enter phonic resembling inn to ask, the Yang Yang of mouth of face about face each other says, "Like you unluckily. "Like you unluckily..

"Ah? " Yang Yang outfit listens not clear.

"Like you unluckily! " put mouth edge to cry aloud when the horn at pluvial friend right hand, the not little passerby that bring looks to them.

Yang Yang grinning runs into phonic resembling in inn, face about says: "Know, profession also does not need cry so loud? Chuckle chuckles... "

At pluvial friend this ability discovery is made fun of by her, but laugh besides what anounce awkwardness also cannot how.

Yang Yang takes a tape, be Chen Baijiang " like you unluckily " special, ask price quickly, paid money to go outside. Phonic resembling receives money to return in sight by the side of inn boss the Yu Yupeng at the door the move laughs.

"Give you. " Yang Yang gives tape to Yu Yupeng, "Is the radio cassette player on your car good? "Is the radio cassette player on your car good??

"Give me? " Yu Yupeng stretchs his hand to be received, "Thank! "Thank!!

"Hum. " the face that Yang Yang is laughing at to see him, expression is very serious, "Fast a society, I should listen! I should listen!!

"Be? " Yu Yupeng shrank the hand quickly to go back again, "I won't say Cantonese. "I won't say Cantonese..

"I know, so -- you need diligent bit, breakfast the society is sung I listen. " aggravating mood says Yang Yang, the eye still is smilingly however.

"But, I am unmusical -- " Yu Yupeng moves close to her to say in a low voice, concern is made fun of by her again.

"Fast -- bit -- learn -- meeting -- ! I -- should -- listen -- ! " one word is saying Yang Yang one ypll一品楼江苏sentence voice is bigger and bigger also, the eye also opens a little bit big, easy laugh still is however on the face.

"Good! Good! Good! " Yu Yupeng succumbed.

"Hum, this ability is shrewd -- " the laugh with complacent head of Yang Yang raise, the hand that pulling Yu Yupeng goes to market opening direction.

The following day one big early, yu Yupeng and Yang Yang washed Su to be over to leave a floor, the plan has breakfast to the street. Zhong Yingjie sees sitting in old hall when walking along Guo Datang, incompact not slow smoking cigarette.

Yang Yang walks along a few paces closely to greeted sb in the past: "2 elder brother, you, how so early? How so early??

"Nature is to wait for you. " Zhong Yingjie stands up laughing to say, strong Yu Yupeng nods the smile treats as greet sb, "A Mom waits for you to drink tea in market opening, we go. " outside saying a word to go to, the face lets, 3 people went up together his car.

Be located in big the breakfast shop of the road is compared on the west general plain dish house is a lot of bigger, person flow is large also, deadbeat is dweller of Dongguan this locality for the most part, still have the guest of many come-and-go Shenzhen, ** , Fosan. This day much two come from city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, it is Yu Yupeng and Yang Yang.

2 people took floor of a vintage tea as Zhong Yingjie, upstairs and downstair full. Those who chat, of play chess, hear music, read a newspaper, still the child plays back and forth. The counterjumper of tea building is being pushed with go-cart high pile of steam box that have -- reeky various and fastfood, wear between person and table will be worn, wear with dialectal cry out ceaselessly.

A when they will to 2 buildings rely on a window big round-table in front of, so their family one's family came. See the bell old lady that pass and Zhong Yinghao besides 2 people, still have Zhong Yinghao's wife, taking two male one female 3 children; Zhong Yingjie's wife, taking one male one female two children, two agreement of big drop in a few children is 956 years old, additionally 3 are less than 10 years old. Zhong Yingjie gives ordinal made the introduction, everybody greets one blast. Sit firm hind Yu Yupeng fills in stealthily Yang Yang 1000 money, let her 5 children do deal out meet ceremony, the old lady keeps a straight face say them too regard sb as an outsider, yang Yang or good stuff give children.

After everybody takes a seat, zhong Yinghao let counterjumper go up all sorts of fastfood. Dumpling of claw of what evaporate chop, evaporate phoenix, shrimp, fork burns bag, a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top... eating to still keep increasing, 2 people still have bit of too many things to see really.

This breakfast is very big, at, the cate of type of another name for Guangdong Province that Yang Er's person never has had so much, did not wait taste already very full. Those who make their memory the deepest still is the sort of atmosphere, the true-blue interest that still has that family.

Ate premature tea to sit again a period of time, the old lady lets Zhong Yingjie take 2 people to go tiger's mouth-jaws of death, can wait to turn everywhere scenic spot field. The others person continues to drink tea again, it is adjacent below the circumstance that they no hurry just come home midday.

Zhong Yingjie is taking 2 people to be pressed down to tiger door first, saw memorial hall of the Opium War, Sha Jiao fort, power far fort, took many pictures with phoenix camera. Went visitting type of gardens of bright Qing Dynasty to build again group -- but field, returned old the city zone to treat old gate tower finally. All the way Yang Yang is pulling Yu Yupeng to place all sorts of Pose, zhong Yingjie is happy also proper answer cameraman, laugh all the time ah those who breathe out, film also is patted full several.

After returning a public house, the opinion that presses Yu Yupeng is a Guangzhou, the morning shift airline ticket that buys the next day hurrieds back city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. But Zhong Yingjie insists to want to leave them, say an old lady to having waitinging in the home, ask 2 people get a simple meal eats in the home anyhow. Yu Yupeng knows the old lady is very fond of Yang Yang, bad also too hold to, the past after laughing to promise to wash gargle has a meal, live to leave tomorrow morning late.

Arrive south the city on the west of the street not far Zhong Jiada curtilage when, the old lady is early wait urgent, look at in central room doorway directly. See they get off into the door, half step comes over to play Yang Yang's hand, ying Jie audition a bell says they think a Guangzhou intimate rebuke.

Enthusiasm is after taking a seat propose a toast, clip dish, good a hill eats the sea to drink, hall child the atmosphere in is very harmonious. Though the dish tonight is dish of this locality the daily life of a family, all sorts of seafood, cured meat, meat or fish is Lenten and filled up with one magnify desk. Hear of the craft that is two elder brother's wife, yang Yang two elder brother's wife but strong assist, still pour wine often for the old lady, cheers, happy old lady joyful.

Eat a meal everybody sits in hall to drink tea to chat, yang Yang is accompanied from beginning to end beside the old lady. Yu Yupeng knows the economic form of Guangdong to brothers of bell family name, especially the vanward Shenzhen of reforming and opening, just rise till the late night leave. Because leave of come to an agreement or understanding the following day, yang Yang ground of be reluctant to part to old lady farewell before setting out, a respectful form of address for an old person drops excitedly tear, really the daughter that very difficult give up just knew this. The family sends a gate or meaning to still was not used up, send a few meters of remote markets the mouth again. Yu Yupeng sees the old person weeps to have feeling greatly, understood to true love has arisen between them, state be free is taking Yang Yang to see them again and again.

Additional, yu Yupeng is furtive in give eldest brother Zhong Yinghao the payment for goods that delivered goods yesterday. Did not think of Zhong Yinghao is taken out from payment for goods thousands of fill in stealthily in the appearance bag that takes Yu Yupeng, two people return this responsibility just discover after Guangzhou.

Two people returned a hotel to had crossed midnight, although ran one day some are tired, still not be unavoidable passion, be embraced and Mian.

The following day, two people dare not go Home Laozhong again farewell before setting out, guangzhou is returned by motorcycle directly after returning a house. Be close to to the urban district at 11 o'clock, go first military region finds Fu Chun to returned autocycle, had greeted an ability leaves. Return that public house that has lived near well of king government office, let buy on sb's behalf to fly two pieces night downstage the airline ticket of city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, it is the bag deposit that holds the dress over there.

Market of food of well of king government office has armorial city food, if using Yang Yang, be " eat home town dish to be equivalent to an alien land encountering reason to know " . Look for seat to sit after deciding, yang Yang orders dishes first, take skill machine to call yellow Wen number again: "Hello, dear, i, yang Yang. Yang Yang..

"Dear, how? " at that time Huang Wen just came off work, having a meal with a few colleagues, the car that plans to ate a meal to change the dress to open Yang Yang answers the city zone, the telephone call that receives Yang Yang does not forget to speak one time first, "Is the friend elder brother that follows you cheesy enough not? bit of joy does not know the meaning that time passes? bit of joy does not know the meaning that time passes??

"Do not be troubled by -- us in the evening the plane 8 o'clock, reckon the left and right sides can arrive 10:30 city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. " Yang Yang is pondering, the eye looks sidelong at the南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 Yu Yupeng that tea drinks on the desk, "Hey, be in the airport today? When to come off work? Can want to receive me in the evening -- "

"Hum, think beautifully! " Huang Wen wants to did not want to interrupt Yang Yang, "If your person is not a problem, the smelly man as to you -- elder sister prep before sees. The smelly man as to you -- elder sister prep before sees..

"Slave girl to death! Again do I rip bullshit is your mouth letter believed? " Yang Yang pretends to be angry, then mood changes, "Alas, still say to take a gift to give you, look OK be thrown in Guangzhou, so as to save is put aside cover an area of even in the bag. " abjection expression has become between conversation, the Yu Yupeng that looks at aside wants to laugh. Yang Yang does not have wait for Huang Wen to react side crosses a face to cry to the window: "Clerk! Clerk! Send you a thing! " stand by mobile phone mike however mouth, yellow Wen of for fear that is inaudible.

"Not, fasten ah dear! " the sound that Lai Huangwen transmits in mobile phone earphone, "Am I received be still no good? Is not worthwhile a burst of concern of smelly man sister? It is the fellow of a heavy lubricious light friend really! But I had come off work, is this staying to work in the airport afternoon? Is this staying to work in the airport afternoon??

"I ability no matter. " Yang Yang great laugh rises, abruptly see really a clerk is in stand by, say hastily: "Two bowls of rice. " the clerk did not cast aside her very angrily, face about went, because on the table one dish also is done not have.

Yang Yang says disapprovingly to the Huang Wen in the phone: "Dear, did not say, my dish came, have a meal! Your have nothing to do angles in the airport triumphant child go. " saying is to grow string together " chuckle " laugh. Hanged a mobile phone, she casts aside the Yu Yupeng that smiling on the eye, can南京现在哪里有好场子not help floating in the heart case sweet meaning. The satchel handle chance that takes adjoining chair to go up is put in the bag, move close to again some talk about the thing before she and Huang Wen with him.

Dish came up very quickly, two people edge eats an edge to chat. Every dish comes up, she should tell him this dish how to became famous in home town, have what literary quotation. Not self-conscious respecting of her home town " be indifferent cereal " , good one praises. What valley answers annulus 9 times, green hills and clear waters-picturesque scenery, quiet and beautiful happy person; Have Gu Shu, have Shi Qun, spring still has everywhere beautiful flowers and grass, be " glen hears twitter, cong Jian looks butterfly fly " good place, can let water of person lovemaking Yu Shan, forget irritated worry. Say to still ask Yu Yupeng dare be cast together with her below all, to " be indifferent cereal " live in seclusion. He makes known his position without the front, it is good to place dish to her just cast aside a little while come out: "It is really avoid the good place of the world, waited for me to be tired of this world to say again. Waited for me to be tired of this world to say again..

Take meal time early still, two hand shake handshandle strolls to going outside bazaar of well of king government office. Yang Yang sees passerby adopts the child, remember her son small treasure abruptly, feel oneself are the mom of a failure, can'ted help feeling dejected rise. Can be the child about her, still have that home that does not belong to her to cannot be cast off easily again, and a short person that has hated 100 thousand times in her heart, never had carried half words to Yu Yupeng, after wanting to know like him, dare not meet more how.

Think consider is worn she halted, face about looks at Yu Yupeng's eye to say gravely: "Friend -- , go, accompany me to buy a clothes. Accompany me to buy a clothes..

"Etc! " Yu Yupeng halt, the decision says the condition first good reentry goes, lest is controlled a little while, "Complacently, we first come to an agreement or understanding, cannot let me close Jing Yin today, still have -- the fund that must use me! Still have -- the fund that must use me!!

The serious interest that she sees know him the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches came up, want to laughing at dodge to laugh not to come out again, be forced to nod agree. The hand that playing with him originally is changed however 10 point to buckle, emphatic handholds, resemble fearing by break up of stream of people.

Two people arrive first childen's garments area, admitted to carry more than 10 really, let Yu Yupeng helping staff officer which some more good-looking, he however what truly ponders is complete buy next carrying to be in a hand. Another hand still extends past button her hand continues to ramble, did not ask at all who to sell.

Then they go upstairs, walk into high-quality goods daughter to pack an area. She asks him suddenly: "Your home that many tall? Weight how many? Weight how many??

He does not know she wants what to say, install did not hear, continue to pulling her to go forth.

"Friend, " Yang Yang sees Yu Yupeng does not have utter a word, walked along a few paces to say then again, "Fasten oversensitive, my means you are so far be away on official business, should always buy a thing to the family? Should always buy a thing to the family??

"Can be me -- "

"What can you be? " he just hesitated to be interrupted by Yang Yang again, "I know your old man won't be chosen, I am in. I am in..

At this moment Yu Yupeng wants to open a little unexpectedly before the head of this woman, look inside it is what structure after all, how thinking means.

"Say! " Yang Yang is shaking Yu Yupeng's hand urges, "She after all much taller? Fat thin still? 3 how much to surround? 3 how much to surround??

"This, I do not know really. " he never still has considered this issue really, the edge extends a hand to be compared up and down by the side of thinking delimit, "Probably so tall? Arrive almost here. Fat thin, more than 100 jins? " take a specification to also fail to explain than delimiting repeatedly white.

"Alas, have you really. " sweep of Yang Yang immediately all around, pointing to the clerk in bazaar, "How to compare with her? That? See that again... "

Compare through right, still find a height really fat thin with Qin Wanling about the same, let him standing to be not moved, herself asked measures in the past. Chose a few dresses to walk over a little while not quite, say self-confidently: "Look how appearance? Pretty good? Pretty good??

Like seeing the clothes that two hands take Yang Yang at pluvial friend, some are interrogative. She did not wait ask to move close to him to say: "Did not understand? This is her, this is me -- " what to remember again suddenly like, the dress a head gives his hand in, uncannily says: "Hand in money to wait for me in this! " immediately to on the side go.

Yu Yupeng improved to pay cash to gathering stage personally only, return a moment ago the position sits by the chair is classy.

It is good to passed, yang Yang came back, there is a bag in the hand.

Just wa南京spa哪里好玩nted to ask, yang Yang is grabbing say: "Do not ask, knew to moment. We go, took airline ticket to also should go up in the past the airport. Took airline ticket to also should go up in the past the airport..

Then, carry full bag at pluvial friend two tactics, yang Yang is pulling his arm to walk out of bazaar.

The plane leaves track, cross cloud layer, flying in 889 meters headroom. Yu Yupeng looks from small window, distance star is so distant still, far estimate hard, although look very bright, although shake his heart is a bit in disorder.

Time the past of one second, at pluvial friend stiff lean on the back of the 南京桑拿梧桐论坛chair, two looking at ahead, the mood is complex indescribable. Yang Yang's head is crooked go up in his shoulder, pulling his arm, the eye looks at seat of in front of to carry the magazine of the upend in bag on the back. Two people did not talk, journey eye of a few days is looked at be about to end, they are about to play the part of a former role, dare not have intimate action however at the moment, dare not show a day even. But heart of Lidouming be like with lens, need not how long, flying opportunity arrives city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces!

Pretty good, this is the CZ3363 airliner that Guangzhou leaves for city of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. No matter you have how big loath, cannot change its way, accepting reality is only correct alternative.



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