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I previously, the winter that always feels southern too chilly, cannot see the Bai Xue like goose feather already, also cannot see the snow mountain that can give out dazzling ray, can experience exclusively only meet with because be pounded drily and frosty air and skin are lost stretch uneasiness. Can change an idea to like to go up later in the winter, it is the winter because of this year probably, let me this gives birth to the most unforgettable memory.

This year in January, although do not have the charactizing a fine spring day March, without the luxuriantly green of 10 thousand wood June, without the delightful autumn scenery September, but it has nature the most implicative lithe and graceful beauty.

"Hey, fast open the door. " downstair An Chen is crying greatly to saying a system to the doorbell.

"You beg me. " use up nozzle to go up so say, hand or ground of too impatient to wait pressed open the door key.

Come up, an Chen puts at the back to ask me: "What did you guess me to be taken? "What did you guess me to be taken??

I look at his hand from the back that is done not have by the live encases by log color wrapping pape南京桑拿梧桐论坛r thing of complete keep out, what can the thing that considering this measure hard be.

It is good to thought a little while, also did not think up An Chen after all what to can take to me. "Do not guess piece, you say. You say..

"You are guessed again look. "You are guessed again look..

"What can this dimension be, the placard that won't be you? The placard that won't be you??

"You are guessed again. "You are guessed again..

"The forehead. " I thought back to to fall seriously again, abrupt seemed what to know, immediately say, "I knew! It is frame! It is frame!!

"I say those who get to you are guessed. " said to hand me this thing that is encased by log lubricious wrapping paper. "You are fast ravel. "You are fast ravel..

When me outside after this wrapping paper that does not break a style simply again ravels, inside the frame of that complete white was shown.

"This color is built quite with your house. "This color is built quite with your house..

I am on one's own little world, took the picture that still is hanged on easel, install it inside frame next.

"It you say where to be hanged is good that you say where to be hanged? " my salaam celestial bodies.

"Hang in the most conspicuous place. "Hang in the most conspicuous place..

I saw his say: "You this is suicidal behavior. "You this is suicidal behavior..

The model that brings celestial bodies to make a pair of careless and casual answers: "Then you rise its collect carefully. "Then you rise its collect carefully..

I patted his head gently to say: "I know where to hang. " go toward the study directly next.

An Chen is chasing after me to ask at the back: "Where should be you hanged? " I did not manage he.

Wait " one's own little world " when the photograph wall in, I put down the picture, want to hit two snag on the wall. After An Chen is chased after, see me what taking sinker, the hammer that has grabbed me at once says: "Fast put down, it is good that I come. It is good that I come..

"So you want to be hanged in this. " I see say Bian Yang had corners of the mouth by the side of him.

"How, satisfactory, this place. This place..

"You say. " he is answered.

After this, an Chen wants available metropolis to run toward my home only. In view of this be paragraph cannot the subterranean affection of exposure, our date place has my home only forever, but in that way, already enough. When be together, I can see a book see a movie together with An Chen, draw together. Occasionally I am working, an Chen can lie by to sing to me, perhaps look to work in me silently by. More moment, we can be in " one's own little world " sit see stars, salute matutinal advent together next. An Chen always says to me, waited for Le Yi to was brought up to be able to understand, we are OK of be perfectly justifiable together, can go out to make a sightseeing tour together. But actually I am paid no attention to, I pay no attention to others how to see us, I pay no attention to a such windy v/arc a person's status, what I care about is he is in not be beside me, he loves me, what I care about is us a paragraph of such feeling can complicity arrives he, can harm others.

The closest period of time, an Chen prepares the concert of next city in busy move, and my criterion is in hard finish his biography.

Crepuscular time, inscription admire and snow fine press the doorbell of my home noisy.

Take the door, xue Qing complains: "You are in recently busy what ah, the phone did not hit hey. The phone did not hit hey..

My this ability realizes he did not give Xue Qing actively to call for ages, completely she is hit. I looked for an excuse to oneself rapidly. "Write a memoir in busy move. " my say.

"I also feel you are abnormal recently, did not make an appointment with us to have a meal. " on the sofa that one buttock takes inscription admire in me.

"Be about cut stalked of grain. Be a bit busier. Be a bit busier..

"So we are to should go out to eat, still be oneself are boiled. You are chosen. " I shift a topic rapidly.

"Oneself are boiled, the thing outside should take dirt, do not know to want what to eat. " inscription admire says.

"Then you sit first, I go cooking. " the baby-sitter that feels I am two their old man really occasionally, the difference is me be be most willing to.

"There is new course in your freezer inaccessibly 南京场子全部关闭2020very much hey! " I am only a bit not advertent, xue Qing turned over my freezer.

"Day, how was beer done not have, much still so much milk, is this your freezer really! " Xue Qing is breaking up to crying greatly at the same time at the same time.

"You are to should take course of preserve one's health nearly most. " An Chen is saying to stand up from sofa, forward freezer is in.

"Click of the tongue of click of the tongue, have the flesh, have vegetable, have milk, have a fruit, have fruit juice, have noodle, have Zhi person piece, still have so a bag of big Qing Dynasty fills cool! " An Chen raises a head to ask me, "Is this your freezer really? "Is this your freezer really??

"You two very irritated hey, I begin to change way of life now be no good all right. " I turned over a supercilious look twice toward them.

"Do you work want suddenly to change way of life? " Xue Qing asks.

"Be, what do you suffer to stimulate? " inscription admire also examines minutely accordingly.

"The stimulation that suffers you. " I am forked waist resembles landlord husband's mother same say, "If you think the word that have dinner, had better not chirp by again. " say to walk into a kitchen, return take advantage of an opportunity to give backstairs pull. Actually I just am afraid of them two ask all the time so, what does may true finally meeting ask. I still do not want to let them know. I want to yield this paragraph of love only, smooth calm is static, be not disturbed by alien place.

"Anyway in your freezer so much eat, hunger is not dead. " I hear a petty sound to be squeezed from a crack between a door and its frame come in.

After a hour, I pull open backstairs, carried 3 dishes of course from inside in succession.

"Do eventually decide, will quickly have a meal. " the Xue Qing that I am playing a mobile phone to lying on sofa to hearing a song says.

"Ah, can have a meal eventually, painstaking you. I will instal南京哪里spa性价比高l a meal. " Xue Qing climbed from sofa.

"Where is inscription admire? " I am searching everywhere, did not see him.

Xue Qing may install a meal in the kitchen, did not hear the word that I say.

I go by toward the toilet, bathroom door did not shut, inside also nobody. Go toward the room, still be same nobody. I am forced to go toward the study again, just walked into a study, see there is illumination boast to be on ladder above the wall. Should be above, I to " one's own little world " entry point is crying: "Inscription admire! Have a meal! " but above did not transmit any responses.

Impossible, besides " one's own little world " beyond, I had looked for other place. To affirm inscription admire is above, I mounted ladder.

"Inscription admire? " just mounted me to cry.

"I am in this. " the sound of inscription admire was passed.

I look toward audio origin place, I see inscription admire stands before photograph wall, look at above that picture that hang.

I do not know what he was aware of, but that just is drawn just, I comfort myself to arrive.

"Fast go down to have a meal. Can have a meal. " the appearance say that I try hard what to put on to be done not have.

"You, what what should say is there? " inscription admire uses grave mood say.

"What should I say? " I pretend to be aplomb to ask, I have premonition, inscription admire is aware of what to give.

"To this picture. "To this picture..

"This picture is An Chen when coming over to understand biographical plan that day, because too dull with respect to the side I draw it. You also know, I like him to sing very much from before, after so he is drawn, I rise its back up should make commemoration day. " I hesitate in speech ground say.

What didn't inscription admire say again, just go to the place that is far from me, drew out cigarette case from the pocket, smoked root cigarette, ignited it with lighter. Shine when smoke body when the glow that if show,circuit is like concealed, aerosol is mixed with respect to Cong Mingqin's nose in mouth slowly medicinal powder piece.

I know, his whats knew. Inscription admire knows I am fed up with smoke flavour, won't smoke in my home. If what forces,get him must instantly lights cigarette, because,that is certainly of anxious cannot exercise restraint.

"So, you knew. " what I know I am concealed without what is necessary.

"I just am guessed. " inscription admire edge is smoking smoke edge say.

"What to guess? " Xue Qing's sound is transmitted suddenly from backside, we two turned round.

"Inscription admire! You are smoking unexpectedly, this is Home Ning Xin hey! " Xue Qing is to look at inscription admire first, saw me again next.

"What job to produce? "What job to produce??

Inscription admire is absorbed in smoking aside, silent does not make sound.

"What job to just prod南京梧桐夜雨网FDGuce? Are you conversation? " Xue Qing sees we do not talk, raised volume to say anxiously.

"I do not know how to should say with you. "I do not know how to should say with you..

"What does not know how to say, what says is. " catch say again next, "You this appearance, I fear really. I fear really..

I am wanting how to should start to talk to say this thing with Xue Qing, inscription admire started to talk first: "She was together with An Chen. "She was together with An Chen..

Air at a draught static came down. It is good to was lain between a little while, xue Qing just started to talk afresh: "When thing? "When thing??

"Before two weeks. "Before two weeks..

"You hid the truth from us unexpectedly so long! Why to say this thing with me. " Xue Qing's mood, some are angry.

"I do not know how to start to talk with you. " I feel to there are a lot of things to hand in in the heart tangle together, very complex.

"What do this have, I hope you looked for a companion to hope very long, I know because the other side is An Chen,you are for certain, so ability dare not say. But you are my friend, you are my best friend, as long as you are happy, want you to like only, the decision that you make I can support. " if I listen to Wan Xueqing to say, orbit can'ts help wet.

"But you are hit know in the bottom of the heart, this is not a right choice at all, this route goes at all be illogical. " say of ground of inscription admire gravity.

"Go be illogical did not go, is place waited for it is not good to be in? " Xue Qing is refuted.

"They do not have a result at all so. Meet only to finally internecine. " inscription admire refute come back.

"How do you know, want them only two love each other sincerely, have a result, important? Important??

Inscription admire goes say to her before Xue Qing: "You do not understand at all, they just got lost temporarily just, they can regret. " saw me continue next say, "You see Zhu Ningxin, her heart resembles is paper same, by water one wet with respect to be in harmony, be run by wind whiff. You feel she can bear how old pressure. You feel she can bear how old pressure..

"More what is more,the rather that, his child ability is how old. You can force he makes the thing that ought not to do so. " this word, resemble an arrow, straight ** heart.

I am overcome they quarrelled beside my ear so again, I am covering with two hands ear is choking with sobs say: "Went, went, did not make a noise, you did not make a noise. " I am covering auditive, back to them.上海419桑拿会所论坛 I do not want to listened to them to say again, I do not want what to thing forces me to shake that huge rock that pressing.

I do not know I cover so ear covered how long, also do not know they still made a noise later how long. I know only, rehear sees audio time, inscription admire says: "We go having a meal. " he played my hand gently from ear, he no longer because of getting angry be flushed, also no longer sinister in appearance because of brawl, he ases if to change again he what answered that tender humour.

"Go, ning Xin, we have a meal. " Xue Qing also is laughing to say by.

This is like one side by broken mirror, in slowly recover from an illness, be in slowly an appearance that a moment ago those are made get broken up, return one by one whole go back.

It is we are clear about only, although was stuck,go back, crack also cannot have been eliminated, because there is some of thing on this world, did not recover from an illness from A to Z 2 words are usable.



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