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The distance sees several days Bai Jingyun already was last time, an Ge removes bed preparation to go to a hospital seeing Bai Jingyun early today, still do not have there's still time to go out, the mobile phone rang.

"What do you say? " the nearly that install a song fails to grasp stop opportunity, "I go to a hospital immediately. "I go to a hospital immediately..

When An Ge hurries to a hospital, stand already in Bai Jingyun's ward full person, an Ge is crowded do not go in, can lie between a crowd to stand outside the door aloof only. Lying between a crowd to install a song to see Liu Huaijin buries the head on hand of white static cloud closely, although cannot see land conceives Jin about, install a song nevertheless or understand him through his asp shoulder at the moment should have how sad.

Week leisurely sees An Ge later, she exits ward stealthily to move toward An Ge: "What white aunt goes is very unruffled, thank you to install a song, I know you want to issue what kind of determination to just can come back. I know you want to issue what kind of determination to just can come back..

An Ge bursts into tears already, week leisurely pulls An Ge gently into the bosom: "I know you are very sad, restrain one's grief. Restrain one's grief..

Had not known how long, leave slowly till the crowd, liu Huaijin never has alternated from beginning to end movement, an Ge slowly approach Liu Huaijin, she does not know how to should comfort him, can bow only embrace Liu Huaijin gently into the bosom.

Be aware of the person bypllt一品楼江苏efore is An Ge, liu Huaijin sound of ability easy cry out, these sob listen to what cub ases if in ear in An Ge to utter sad calls, make An Ge more aching, can't help holding Liu Huaijin in arms closely.

An Ge wants to compare his to understand Liu Huaijin more without the person at the moment pai上海419桑拿会所论坛n, this is a kind what cannot say with person character is sad, she pats gently land Huai Jin's back: "Want to cry, I am met all the time for company your. I am met all the time for company your..

Those who conceive the person in to have the twinkling of an eye is inflexible, stretch his hand to hold An Ge in arms closely however after that, that force ases if hold last hope in arms.

An Ge accompanies a Liu Huaijin to handle Bai Jingyun's a funeral affair together, these days Liu Huaijin starts to talk basically rarely conversation, this kind of feeling lets that one installed a song to remember what just knew Liu Huaijin in one's childhood, he also is to resemble not be fond of mouth and his to say more so. Nevertheless An Ge knows very well, at the moment Liu Huaijin is flimsier, more is oneself company of need.

Be apart from Bai Jingyun to die to already had half moon, liu Huaijin still very dejected. When An Ge drives Liu Huaijin to villa, servant hastens run to installs a song: "Install a young lady, after from last night you leave, land gentleman returns have not to take food to now, no matter how we persuade, land gentleman never has been moved from beginning to end. Land gentleman never has been moved from beginning to end..

An Ge saw the room of an upstairs Liu Huaijin, look again to servant: "Plum aunt, bother you to help me make a lunch afresh, I go up first Jin seeing a bosom. I go up first Jin seeing a bosom..

Install song light jog to leave to did not close close door, see Liu Huaijin still faces a window to sit in bedside.

"Hand how 江宁大学城足疗攻略so cool? Did not sleep in the evening? " An Ge covers Liu Huaijin's both hands, of care ask.

Liu Huaijin breaks anxious pupil black heavy without a bit life former days, after the care that hears An Ge, he just carries slowly eye sees Xiang Ange, after a long time, some hold An Ge in arms excitedly: "I think y南京梧桐龙凤论坛ou went, do not leave me again? Do not leave me again??

What the heart does not have cause is frowsty painful, it is for Liu Huaijin not only, more because of his involuntary word, an Ge is like thousands of words wants to tell Liu Huaijin, but change only after all short: "Good. "Good..

An Ge looked at Liu Huaijin's aglow orbit to bestrew hematic silk, the ache in the heart more very, she stretchs her hand hold firmly in the bosom that Liu Huaijin's waist buries the head deeply into him, ringent sound is a little asp: "Huai Jin, promise me, do not torment oneself again? Do not torment oneself again??

Liu Huaijin also is holding An Ge in the arms closely, as if to want one let go only she can disappear disappear.

Experience Liu Huaijin's hug, an Ge has some of feel sad, it is what lets the Liu Huaijin of all along proud conceit become such after all be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. Conceive Jin to land however at the moment painful An Ge feels again however with experience, him before long also is so aching to extremely, I wish her Huai Jin can a few firmer.

Spent a long time, an Ge earns Liu Huaijin's bosom, she stretchs her hand to touch Liu Huaijin's eye, nose, mouth gently, pull Liu Huaijin's hand closely finally: "My meeting for company you, all the time for company. All the t魔都新茶论坛ime for company..

Liu Huaijin sees An Ge grows long eyelash to vibrating gently, eye ground also has some of flood red, he knows An Ge wants to much stronger ability can face all these. If let go,can make An Ge happy, so he can let go, but he had tried, but each other still did not free oneself. Since An Ge chooses to appear before oneself again, so this, no matter ending how oneself do not let go absolutely.



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