The 29th chap长沙喝茶的高质量妹子ter: Afraid

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An Ge had not seen Fu Jichen several days continuously, although know he replies a public house every night, but had not seen him all the time, otherwise is him those who come back is too late, an Ge had slept, otherwise rises early in the morning namely, fu Jichen had gone. Although Fu Jichen has breath of post a letter to inform his he everything is well, dan Ange always feels mind is restless, seem to want to produce what thing. These days she saw press, do not know oneself can give what help again however on, leisurely and easy annals have honeymoon again, she does not know she is returned really can from a bit message asks over there who.

the phone is noisy when An Ge is terribly defeated: "Its treasure, are you not bad? Company how? Company how??

Fu Jichen transmits to show tired out voice slightly in the phone: "I am very good, not afraid, I am not beside you for company you, if your person wants what to eat, want what to b南京君临国际炮楼uy to tell me, I let a driver send you. I let a driver send you..

An Ge hears Fu Jichen's voice, glad have again afterwards some choke with sobs: "Its treasure, do not worry about me, I do not have a thing. What is there can be I done? What is南京喝茶资源群 there can be I done??

Fu Jichen's brows is knitted gently, he is spent and main protective girl, he does not want to hear she cries, audibility her sound, knowing her is there is filar chuckle to oneself again in because of him concern sad heart, the exhaustion of much recently ases if vanish completely: "Do we eat a meal together midday? "Do we eat a meal together midday??

"Good, " An Ge wants to did not want to agree, "I wait for you near your company, in that way you need not stay too much time. In that way you need not stay too much time..

"Hum, oneself notice safety, " do not be at ease like some like exhort again: "Arrived to call to me. "Arrived to call to me..

Lunch time, an Ge looks at the Fu Jichen that sits opposite, although still be as always handsome, can be caving orbit, greatly black rim of the eye, still have the exhaustion of unpleasant attack by surprise in expression, dou Zhao is showing Fu Jichen to pass badly these days, whole person looks gaunt many.

"This is the dining-room that my friend recommends me, hear taste is good still, wanting which days to take you to come over to taste. " saying to place dish to An Ge at the same time at the same time, "Are you tasted happy event do not like? "Are you tasted happy event do not like??

An Gejiang keeps back of the heart acerb, fill in at random in past mouth: "Very delicious. "Very delicious..

Lie of Fu Jichen corners of the mouth opens greatly smile: "That eats more a bit, we often come over after. We often come over after..

A meal has so that An Ge feeds not to know ingredient, it is Fu Jichen ate a lot of. An Ge looks up look at the Fu Jichen that drinks water: "Its treasure, had you done not have delicious meal these days? thin a lot of. thin a lot of..

Fu Jichen hears character to laugh: "Eat on time, you are at ease. Just be free to have a meal together with you inaccessibly today, I am glad, feel what to eat sweet. Feel what to eat sweet..

The next day, the off南京喝茶交流群FDice that Shen Yu is conceiving Jin in land is reporting work of these a few days.

"Is today the a fewth day? " Liu Huaijin starts to talk suddenly.

Shen Yu also has temporarily some feel do not wear brains, follow beside Liu Huaijin nevertheless long, natural thinking also follows an ordinary person different, think the mouth answers: "Today the 6th day, I want to installed a young lady to also should come quickly. " should say oneself Boss does not know today is the a fewth day, beat dead he he does not believe.

The thrill through on face of land bosom Jin a Bao Nu: "Look what he protects her really is very good, but the where on the world has windtight wall. " saying to open a drawer, throw away collapse the photograph gives Shen Yu: "Be handled now immediately. "Be handled now immediately..

After giving president office, shen Yu looks at the photograph in the hand, it is the scene that An Ge and Fu Jichen had a meal that day completely, pull the depart of hand, hug, be reluctant to part. Boss of no wonder oneself just has some of life, was to see these pictures so, shen Yu shakes his head helplessly, took skill machine to dial a number to agree prepare to leave a company after time. Come up against Wen Ling to show fitly downstairs in the company, "Article young lady. "Article young lady..

"Shenyang assistant is this to plan to go out? " Wen Ling dew looks at nearby Shen Yu.

Shen Yu nods, "Yes, thing having a place needs to go out to be handled. Thing having a place needs to go out to be handled..

"Oh, that chats again later, I went up first. " say南京喝茶交流群BG to move toward elevator directly.

Shen Yu looks at Wen Ling to show far back, do not know the boss plans how to treat An Ge and the concern that Wen Ling shows. Two women, and do not say An Ge, light is the emotion that Wen Ling shows pair of employers, so 南京哪里spa性价比高old, shen Yu is clear.



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