Fiftie魔都新茶论坛th 4 chapters: Come to light

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Some look at Fu Jichen pathetically An Ge, why so kind-hearted girl should let her bear so much is painful, look at An Ge more and more the expression of angst, fu Jichen has the mouth of some of depression: "You listen to me to say, little song, no matter what you hear, you are not actuation, also do not harm oneself, can you promise me? Can you promise me??

An Ge is staring at Fu Jichen to nod: "I promise you. "I promise you..

Fu Jichen poured a cup of hot water to let An Ge hold in both hands in control, "In those days traffic accident is not accident, the marriage of Bai Jingyun and Liu Li already exist in name only, you should know, originally two people decide to divorce, but midway is white,that man that Jingyun is loving encounters traffic accident leave however, so Bai Jingyun must examine this paragraph of marriage afresh. This moment, her discovery comes from personal husband formerly namely Liu Li's first love is all the time beside oneself, and two people were together early. " Fu Jichen sees An Ge, in discover An Ge and imagining without oneself hysterical, catch say: "So her not reconciled to, she also does not agree to divorce. She also does not agree to divorce..

An Ge looks up look at Fu Jichen, expression is light: "So she hates my mother. " not be doubt, affirm however.

"Should yes, but she more the father that hates Liu Huaijin, browbeat because of him she, if do not divorce, so the mother that he can tell a son her is a what kind of person. " the Liu Huaijin that this moment Fu Jichen just discovers to the most lamentable before is he distains to be considered all along unexpectedly, "Bai Jingyun can not care with what, but she has to care about herself however the appearance in son memory, because Liu Huaijin is her all the time,bring think the capital that be proud. Because Liu Huaijin is her all the time,bring think the capital that be proud..

"My mom has told me, white aunt does not want to divorce, she can leave Liu Li. " An Ge is holding hot water in both hands, but the heart does not feel tepid fr南京新茶的联系方式SDom beginning to end.

Fu Jichen sits on the sofa opposite An Ge, "Bai Jingyun found your mother, let her leave your father, your mother agreed, but Liu Li does not agree, want to divorce with Bai Jingyun anyhow. To conserve oneself marriage, also be in to safeguard oneself the figure in son memory, bai Jingyun also has entreated Liu Li, but land leaves,is your mother only in the heart. But land leaves,is your mother only in the heart..

An Ge laugh, laugh tear came out, so oneself交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛 revere, respected so old elder, it is this pair of about unexpectedly, "Where is that traffic accident? Be just accidentally? Be just accidentally??

Fu Jichen knows An Ge has guessed finish fruit, just not be willing to believe, but the fact is placed in at the moment, "Bai Jingyun e南京建邺区会所推荐mploys a person to produce traffic accident, so · · · "

"Your bullshit, " if An Ge interrupts Fu Jichen excitedly, hot water slop will be scattered in An Ge's control, an Ge throws away water cup, before going up, tight grip stays in Fu Jichen's collarband: "Your bullshit, why should you cheat me, why? Why??

Hear the activity that the study transmits, xie Qin and Ariel push a door rapidly: "Its treasure, little song you is this how? Little song you is this how??

Fu Jichen looks to also do not have the Xie Qin of edge of guard the entrance and Ariel, just staring at An Ge closely: "I cheat you, actually in your heart very clear, it is you are not willing to believe only. " Fu Jichen handholds gently An Ge's hand, rise to cherish the An Ge invade that bursts into tears already.

Bring the expression with so ace南京君临国际炮楼dia song, xie Qin also is to see for the first time, she knows An Ge was to encounter what thing certainly, xie Qin is a little helpless had pulled Ariel, shut the door silently to leave next.

Fu Jichen is patting An Ge's back gently: "If you are willing, I can accompany you to be faced together. I can accompany you to be faced together..

Ange understands him again also cannot Fu Jichen be involved in among them, but she present is badly in need of a bosom, make her again selfish so, good. She stayed for ages in Fu Jichen bosom, come back gradually till effort: "Be who phones you so? "Be who phones you so??

empty bosom lets Fu Jichen have flashy lose: "Week young lady, young lady of week leisurely week is hit. Young lady of week leisurely week is hit..

An Ge looks at some desire the Fu Jichen that character stops again, she knows he still has a word to say to oneself.

"Miss Zhou says · · · " Fu Jichen carries soon an An Ge, just sit slowly afresh on sofa: "Cancer of white static cloud has a relapse, the likelihood does not have how many day. The person wants always before die to beg a feel at ease and justified, so she puts forward infer with Liu Huaijin you are last, was rejected by Liu Huaijin. She requests Miss Zhou to send word to you again, but Miss Zhou also does not think you are embarrassed, did not tell you so. But bag bag turns you still knew, so yourself makes a decision. So yourself makes a decision..

Do oneself make a decision? If can南京200——400的场子汇总 she auxes would rather all one's life also do not know the fact, but how want to do now? Why culprit unexpectedly can of feel at ease and justified free so long, it is to want to heaven can be entered to get his to excuse so after dying.



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