Fiftieth 3 chapte南京新茶的联系方式SDrs: Be close to the truth

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Christmas as scheduled and to, an Ge looks at the decorates meticulously christmas tree in shopwindow and santa Claus, the T-shirt that lowered his head to see him eye be being worn again and knickers are a 南京新茶工作室little comical, australian christmas always falls in so sharp contrast spend.

"Merry Christmas, have a meal together tonight, my Mom did the course that your love takes one table. " lying between a phone, an G南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路e can feel good humor of Fu Jichen.

"Merry christmas, " An Ge also is blessing Fu Jichen this in the phone: "Then I take bottle red wine to go, congratulatory christmas comes, also celebrate you to take off sheet eventually. Also celebrate you to take off sheet eventually..

Fu Jichen hears those who install a song to speak, corners of the mouth hangs on one smile, light, be mingled with wears agonized: "See that night. "See that night..

An Ge still does not have there's still time to press the doorbell of its treasure home noisy, hear inside transmit a string to string together laugh, experience such atmosphere, an Ge is god-given also feel a joy.

"Uncle, auntie, christmas joy. " forgetting is the friend that accepting his from the parents that when begins Fu Jichen is Fu Jichen this fact, also forgetting is from when to begin oneself to also blend in this family.

"Little song, you come, sit quickly, its treasure came back immediately. " accost of ground of enthusiasm of foliaceous musical instrument installs a song, "Was opposite, you had not seen little song, this is the girlfriend Ariel of its treasure, ariel this is An Ge. Ariel this is An Ge..

After mutual understanding, an Ge discovers this schoolgirl disposition is very good, the person is beautiful also, suit Fu Jichen very much. Oneself friend can find satisfactory girlfriend, an Ge is hit replace Fu Jichen from the heart glad.

After everybody eats a meal together, the family is sitting gladly to talk about the parent, this moment always brings the hour that the song likes most, the feeling that the sort of long-unseen family photograph gets together the heart of total can warm An Ge.

Got space, an Ge goes toward closet, through the study, an Ge hears Fu Jichen's sound to be passed, it seems may be to be in call. An Ge also is done not have too care about, firm preparation steps a pace, hear Fu Jichen to be in the phone him respecting. The An Ge of a curious coincidence stopped footstep, very long l南京spa哪里好玩ater, the after-thought that install a song rises to heave a sigh deeply via living, if oneself did not overhear Fu Jichen's phone, so whether does present life meet some different.

Fu Jichen hanged a phone to mouth南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 sigh gently, what he thinks these or do not tell An Ge is good, at least present An Ge is joy. Fu Jichen pulls open the door of the study to see ground of the lose one's mind that install a song look at his, click in Fu Jichen heart, look want to hide the truth from do not hide the truth from, should come can come after all.

"Without what to think what say with me? " An Ge looks at stands straight Fu Jichen, the mouth is asked about.

"Were you heard? " although be to ask sentence, but instinctive An Ge had heard Fu Jichen.

"Hum, one part just, those who remain you are hit do not plan to tell me. " An Ge looks at Fu Jichen continuously continuously, it is invocatory completely in the eye.

"Come in, " Fu Jichen side opens a body, let An Ge enter a study, "You want what to know. "You want what to know..

An Ge closes a key point, breathe out greatly at a heat, "The thing of static cloud of your spoken parts in an opera, still have traffic accident, do not want to let me know, what thing be after all? What thing be after all??

The meeting after Fu Jichen dare not imagine An Ge knows the fact is what appearance, what but he is,know her is stubborn, if oneself do not say, she won't stop, go back possibly even directly seek the truth. Let her with its one person is faced alone, be inferior to taking the advantage of this moment to tell her, at least this him moment is beside her.

"Don't you want to say? " An Ge looks at the move that tighten close lightly labial Liu Huaijin, she knows南京spa哪里好玩 he is very contradictory, but he thinks only,know the fact just.



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