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An Ge sits in the sitting room, called oneself several times to just react repeatedly till Lin Miaoyi, "Little song, you today how of one's mind is somewhat unhinged? What job to produce? " the look that Lin Miaoyi sees a daughter is anxious a bit.

"I do not have a thing, mom. You are much Lv " the An Ge that says a word still does not forget forward on Lin Miaoyi's face ' Bo ' one.

Lin Miaoyi sees An Ge restored vitality, also did not think more then: "Go quickly washing wash slept, will atten南京紫峰一号女的出台多少钱d class even tomorrow. Will attend class even tomorrow..

An Ge lies on the bed in the evening, also always sleep to be not wor交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛n again and again, the fawn of the pit of the stomach bumps in disorder all the time, also do not know Liu Huaijin is asleep? Hum, land conceives a person with so dim Jin, to what thing one pair does not go up the appearance of the heart, sleep how possibly to be not worn, should early breathe out breathe out to sleep greatly. Think of Liu Huaijin says he is his girlfriend, an Ge is excited be no good, but turn,the head thinks him to also did not say to like his, is this confess after all?

Where is Liu Huaijin it may not be a bad idea less than, think of oneself liked so old girl, can be covetted by others unexpectedly. This kind of feeling is like him collect carefully and protected long a baby, was discovered by others suddenly. Liu Huaijin knows those who install a song is good, although oneself do not admit this before others, can be he is selfish however what do not want to someone else discovers An Ge is good, especially the boy besides oneself.

The following day early in the morning, two people go to school together as before,

Liu Huaijin goes in An Ge left as before, separate the wagon flow of come and go for her, "Are you black eye socket how so heavy? Won't be excitement sleep to be not worn in the evening? Won't be excitement sleep to be not worn in the evening??

An Ge's face suddenly red, was caught by others like err thing the scene is same, she turns a Huai Jin watching land, see him still the about that Qing Dynasty of a pair of god enrages bright, very angry say does not have i南京桑拿第一体验网n the heart: "I just am not promoted act vigorously. " although such the word saying, but An Ge still spoke a heart in anxious: "I just fear you are fast the university entrance exam, won't this affect you? Won't this affect you??

Liu Huaijin was pulled beside An Ge's hand, see Xiang Ange: "Goofy, want you to be in only this paragraph of time well, do not skip to me today piece Zan, will do to me again tomorrow plum Zan, I with respect to Amitayus. I with respect to Amitayus..

By what Liu Huaijin pulls stop that momently, of the insecurity in the heart that install a song, but transmit land to conceive Jin low delay when side side and warm sound, the mood of the insecurity that install a song unexpectedly the calm like the miracle come down, "I am met well, I won't affect you, I also am on bad terms again Zan sits together public transportation came home, you are at ease. " want An Ge only actually again a bit soberer, that hand that she can discover to Liu Huaijin is pulling him has slightly wet meaning.

Half the day, liu Huaijin gently hum, corners of the mouth is hanging the smile that Tibet also does not hide, look my An Ge or that foolish foolish An Ge. The day that even if binds you beside is some earlier, but it may not be a bad idea lets my be nervous too, subsequently two people are pulling a hand to go to get on for school doorway to just let go all the way: "I do not want to hear the word that concerns you and that man student from others mouth again after today. "I do not want to hear the word that concerypll一品楼江苏ns you and that man student from others mouth again after today..

An Ge nods cleverly: "I can say to be clear about with him today. "I can say to be clear about with him today..

Liu Huaijin nods approvingly.

"Dare not believe really, you so love? " this message to week leisurely too cross interest to explode, up-to-date still cannot digest: "Does the word say Liu Huaijin also the person with so impatient unlike ah? with respect to this it is so called when rival in love appears, be about who strikes first prevails. Be about who strikes first prevails..

"Leisurely, I tell you only, you are my best friend. " the delay that install a song delay continues say: "Tell the truth, I think liking Liu Huaijin is my one the individual's thing only all the time, but I cannot think of him,respond to me unexpectedly, I still feel to now so truthless. I still feel to now so truthless..

"It is quite truthless, unlike land conceives the style of Jin, saying so is the person does not escape to pass an affection word. Alas, lian Liuhuai Jin is such nevertheless also, " week leisurely wants to speak originally An Ge two, can turn the glorious that the head sees flaring in eye of good friend eye, know An Ge is glad really: "Look the girl that is immersed in be passionately in love is such nevertheless also, nevertheless anyway, liu Huaijin an in that way person is willing to answer back and forth your feeling, that proves he is to like yo魔都新茶论坛u really. You think, arrive to like his schoolgirl scramble for sth greatly as a child, but he distains,respond to. Be opposite unluckily your thing, he forever so go up heart, so ah, both of you are met certainly happy. Both of you are met certainly happy..

"Meet of course happy, I never feel everything is so good, do you know? Drink plain boiled water repeatedly it is sweet that I feel, hey. Hey..

"Was gotten, are you to be in hit me the self-respect of this lone dog? " week leisurely eventually intolerable at the moment one face is idiotic woman, "Attended class, be disinclined to manage you. Be disinclined to manage you..



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