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Liu Huaijin touchs An Ge on the door, immediately immerses oneself in the lip of the An Ge on kiss of firm firm ground. Flashy An Ge forgot to struggle, subsequently response comes the bosom that emphatic wants to flounce off Liu Huaijin, the both hands firmly that a hand struggles An Ge desperately presses Liu Huaijin overhead, another closefisted hugs closely her waist, of body death touching An Ge. Wen Run's tongue levers An Ge's mandibular joint forcibly, twining caress to wear her the tip of the tongue, this woman is the person of his yearn day and night before, and this lip is taking the Qing Dynasty that belongs to her alone sweet, so familiar, so popular feeling of evil spirit be puzzled. An Ge cannot move can bear only land the mouth that Huai Jin has some of out of control, he experiences An Ge to send soft body gradually, the force that the palm accuses her also becomes accordingly no longer so strong, but still not comply not the kiss of forgive is worn her, sucking the softness in her oral cavity.

Passed not to know how long, till Liu Huaijin the leans the head in An Ge shoulder with some of flabby breath goes up, the kiss of this blazing lingering just calculates an end. Two people are being relied on each other, everybody did not talk, mobile phone ring of Liu Huaijin is transmitted in little space. The re南京场子全部关闭2020ason that because be in nearly,veries close, install a song to hear the 南京桑拿第一体验网voice that Wen Ling comes out to show in the phone clearly: "Huai Jin, where do you go to? Meal bureau was about to end. " Liu Huaijin is lop eye eye, staring at An Ge faintly: "I am in closet, come back immediately. Come back immediately..


Take the advantage of land the clearance that Huai Jin calls up, an Ge earned Liu Huaijin's clamp down on, "I went back first. " say face about goes opening the door. Liu Huaijin grows an arm to be extended, have the back to his An Ge afresh into the bosom, ringent sound still strong the tenderness that taking filar silk to be aware of hard however: "Forbid to take sleeping pill again, hum? Hum??

Some deadlocked of the instinct that install a song live, but the heart conceived the leakage of a word with so simple Jin to jump because of land however a few pat, orbit is a little small also aglow: "Either, I do not have · · · "

Liu Huaijin low eye is staring An Ge, she this pair a little embarrassed the about that touchs a little again however does not know how to long his to pass adieu. Miss so these year, she does not have a change as before, think of here in Liu Huaijin heart even more soft.

An Ge does not know Liu Huaijin in the heart 100 turn 南京哪个水疗会所好AK1000 times, feel two people ought not to stay here only too long, "Go, literary elder sister be less than you this are anxious. Literary elder sister be less than you this are anxious..

Liu Huaijin still unlocks her movement without any plans, instead countenance is a little cheerful, arrive directly with respect to Lian Xiaorong in the eye. He lowers his head gently caress wears An Ge's earlobe: "Your jealous? " differ An Ge replies to contain her earlobe gently somewhat, shallow bite grind.


An Ge begins instinctively to struggle, stretch one's hand want to open the door lock before, liu Huaijin not only do not prevent, return indulge to install a song to pull open lie between a door. An Ge also does not want to continue to stay here momently, she wants to leave here quickly only, be far from this individual quickly, she thinks to want to open the door only, bosom Jin considers land again savage, look at the person of the come and go in closet, he also dare not is opposite her how. She admits present Liu Huaijin let her fear, he changed, on one second he is OK to your warmth affectionately, below one second he OK and chill callosity. If say to just see in toilet doorway land conceives Jin,she still does not have so much apprehension, but through just that one kiss, she dare not make sure what Liu Huaijin won't do to her next. Not bad at the moment closet does not have a person, just when she wants to step to lie between when, liu Huaijin of ear Bian Chuanlai is depressed sound of cold cold earthquake sounds: "I do not mind you want before the person before closet of those pass in and out. "I do not mind you want before the person before closet of those pass in and out..

If An Ge hears Liu Huaijin, the instant lived with respect to deadlocked, had turned first not dare this before looking at have sth in mind man of believe, she dare not believe this kind of word is met unexpectedly is she once adored the man in marrow speak out in the mouth, but reality lets her,must believe. Perhaps some things went really, it is she still does not agree to believe only just. An Ge is silent very long, until hear closet doorway to transmit footstep, she just is retreated close the door. Resumed scope of operation of this narrow congested again, a hush in the space, the footstep outside particularly clear, adjoining somebody is in call, an Ge is at a loss nervously. Liu Huaijin sees the woman with the pale complexion before have sth in mind, he is not not aching, but he does not wish so unlock her, he does not know to be in alone with her the next time is when, so he auxes would rather painful, aux would rather she hates him, he also if Ganzhi dangers.

He stretchs his hand tick off the chin that removes her, slowly the body kissed Fu to go up, embracing her single-handed, skill uneasiness divides move in her body upper reaches. The whole body that An Ge fears is inflexible, especially next door return somebody, she cannot indulge Liu Huaijin is so right oneself. Liu Huaijin felt An Ge's repulsion, destroyed his reason finally angrily, crime gas is completely in double eye, fling caution to the winds become aggravated gnaw the lip that bites her, hand also the explore end the skirt down her go in. An Ge is sticking the door originally, had done not have leeway at the moment, she knows Liu Huaijin at the moment what is the movement representing, she exhausts systemic effort struggles, depress sound: "Land gentleman, beg you, let off me. Let off me..

The land that the meaning random affection that is teased by An Ge originally confuses conceives Jin, hear the name in the mouth that install a song unexpectedly, catch passional double eye instant to become cold cold, thin lip ticks off the radian that gives a satirize, ringent word does not have temperature frozenly: "No wonder my father auxes would rather die for love also wants to be together with your mother, you are worthy of is two mother and daughter, the source material that draws a person be exactly the same. The source material that draws a person be exactly the same..

If this cadaverous complexion conceives Jin because of land, An Ge becomes more ghastly, his what meaning? Be to say oneself just are in accost he? An Ge carries eye hopes to land Huai Jin, she tries hard want to see from his face in those days a shadow, can be a Huai Jin having land that see the expression of raw firm severe. Liu Huaijin crosses the An Ge that terrified stays in, light Chi Yisheng, immediately opened what door lock head also does not answer to go.

An Ge is heard wash one's hands a Jing cry that transmits a woman student, the likelihood is to see Liu Huaijin from female lavatory in come out to surprised, she is natural do not want to think too much. The body does not get pilot slowly glide, crouch on the ground finally, both hands holds bent knee in arms, a disorder in the head.



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