The 3rd c南京水磨信息网hapter: The advantage of being in a favored position

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Time if Bai Ju is too unoccupied place, before you can say Jack Robinson installed a song to promote a middle school.

"An Ge, eat a meal to accompany me to watch basket ball game midday? Eat a meal to accompany me to watch basket ball game midday??

Grasp begin to write or paint to learning the An Ge of formulary think hard to number, hear leisurely of good friend week suddenly to bring excited sound slightly. An Ge carries soon to this is playing the banner that watchs ball game every time is the flower that goes seeing a handsome young man actually crazy. "Simple minded is explained, are you to see a ball or see Shu Zhi? " An Ge jokingly ask to week leisurely, shuzhi and Liu Huaijin rose junior high together, also just be in same a class.

"I am to watch ball game of course, see Shu Zhi incidentally. " week leisurely answers malcontently, know my think of a way obviously, still must ask, the respecting with enigmatic immediately: " you do not want to see Liu Huaijin. " you do not want to see Liu Huaijin..

An Ge does not have expect week leisurely so direct speak out, a doubtful blush appeared for an instant on the face.

After week leisurely sees the good friend is bashful, continue to speak say: "I know some people accompany me to see a ball every time also is to have ulterior motives, it is not good that nevertheless you say continuously, I won't laugh at you again, who calls me two it is men of the same line. Hahaha, liu Huaijin is so outstanding, those who grow is fair and clear handsome, a lot of schoolgirls like the school him, it is very normal also that so you like him. Said again, you still are lain between twice so nearly, it is OK to perhaps be returned the advantage of being in a favored position. It is OK to perhaps be returned the advantage of being in a favored position..

Week leisurely says, the blush on the face that install a song is more apparent, push bench to stand up abruptly, brandish wears both hands to attack toward week leisurely. Week leisurely is met early with respect to expect An Ge apparently come this one action, laughing to run out.

An Ge and week leisurely arrive field when, basket ball game had begun, two people looked for a position that stands by a corner to sit down. An Ge is looking at sweating on field Liu Huaijin, fill follows in the heart like honey sweet, this kind of him mood that says not clear path is unidentified also does not know is from what when begin, perhaps be from 3 years before that afternoon, perhaps be earlier when.


"I say Liu Huaijin, you are small you played a ball game in light of the tail. " the clearance that Shu Zhi takes the advantage of the field in the move to rest and Liu Huaijin talk.

"Hm, I saw. " Liu Huaijin twists a mineral water cap at the same time at the same time Yun Danfeng's light respecting.

"Really female big 18 change, hey, as a child I feel An Ge is quite beautiful. Growing now is more beautiful, · of · of · of · of tine of bright eye bright "

Shu Zhi still wants to continue what to evaluate, liu Huaijin fine long hair interrupts impolitely: "Ah, did not see you still have literary talent quite, how to also see with respect to this 交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛level your Chinese has reached case. How to also see with respect to this level your Chinese has reached case..

"I say Liu Huaijin you are not, I with respect to boast boast we insta南京君临国际炮楼ll a song how, i. . . . . . ..

Shu Zhi again the word has not said, was caught by Liu Huaijin key: "Do you install a song? You still dare say really. You still dare say really..

" , your home An Ge went, look to give a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument you. Go, play a ball game. Play a ball game..

Classes are over on the way home, as usual walks along Liu Huaijin in An Ge's left hand side. "Today forest is the aunt away on official business came back? "Today forest is the aunt away on official business came back??

"Hum, mom says to wait for her busy be over this paragraph, call all of us to go out to eat a meal together. Call all of us to go out to eat a meal together..

Liu Huaijin is heard beside of flexible language of girl Wu Nong saying ' us ' when, corners of the mouth not via going up slightly raise. "You see me play a b南京200——400的场子汇总all game today? "You see me play a ball game today??

"Hum, week leisurely lets me accompany her to go. Do you see us? Do you see us??

Brows of land bosom Jin pressedded gently " saw, does week leisurely call you to go do you go? Doesn't yourself have idea? Doesn't yourself have idea??

An Ge does not know Liu Huaijin how, just return well, say fall out with respect to fall out. "Without, myself also wants to go. Myself also wants to go..

"Why do you want to look then? "Why do you want to look then??

"Because you also are there,play a ball game. " An Ge of 12 years old does not know this word is equivalent to professioning secondhand.

"Hahahaha, then you are being written down, when doing not have me to play a ball game later, wh whoever calls you, you forbid to go. " Liu Huaijin announces overbearingly, to An Gegang's strong answer, the clinking benefit from in the heart.

"Hum, knew. " An Ge nods agree.

Liu Huaijin sees so tender and cl南京会所外卖工作室价格ever An Ge, the mood got award than ball game even glad.

The An Ge that returns the home discovers a person in the sitting room also is done not have, there is some of lose slightly in the heart, wanting to go to Lin Miaoyi room glancing, the phone on tea table rang. "Little song, I am mom. Mom is very sorry, of come to an agreement or understanding come back today, but the company lets me handle a few issues temporarily, the talent after the likelihood wants can come back. The talent after the likelihood wants can come back..

The go toing that An Ge can experience in Lin Miaoyi speech but remorse with apology: "Mom, I do not have a thing. You should notice safety outside, had taken care of oneself. Had taken care of oneself..

"Little song, thank you to be able to make allowances for mom. I give you white nurse make a telephone call, bother her to take care of you two days again. Bother her to take care of you two days again..

"Need not call, mom. I had gone directly in the evening. I had gone directly in the evening..

"Little song, mom knows you are not willing to always bother white aunt. I. . . . . " the sound in mike is silent a few seconds, "Had taken care of oneself, mom is occupied still, go first busy, little song good-bye. Little song good-bye..

"Mom good-bye. " listening to the toot that transmits in the phone, an Ge is surrounded by the sort of alone feeling again. She puts down stethoscope, logy is staring at a certain place.



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