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Er is elegant awake, see the Su Yu that bends over to sleep soundly in him adjacency, oneself know he came last night, just do not want to awake, the hand that he holds gave him to set one's mind at, let oneself unexpectedly one night good Mian.

Goose feather heavy snow fell outside the window, last snow that this will be this year.

"You woke. " Su Yu looks at the Er outside looking attentively at a window elegant ask.

"Favour. "Favour..

"Er is elegant, I am sorry, did not protect you good. Did not protect you good..

"Do not involve your issue. " Er elegant light tone says, although rise because of him, but be not his original idea.

"I can have handled this issue, won't recurrent such thing. " who be do this has been guessed, I had been the Su Yu 3 years ago no longer, you do one however I can let you pay price.

"Su Yu, if your family does not bless us, we won't be happy. " perhaps this is mixed he is improper really.

"Er is elegant, since the mother after dying, I had done not have family, promise me, no matter what produce, do not want to abandon. " perhaps this should end however, these year come him consolidate step by step, should be to finish when.

Er is elegant in leaning in Su Yuhuai, did not reply, can you hold to really?

Ring broke hush, su Yu looks at shown number, go to the side of the window to receive electrify sentence.

"Childe, that woman comes the home in. That woman comes the home in..

Su Yu hears Wu Shu's word, expression becomes icy. "I come back immediately. "I come back immediately..

Er is elegant the change that notices Su Yu, be what to job give?

"I have bit of thing, behind schedule sees you again. Behind schedule sees you again..

"Need not scruple I, I am in this is very good. I am in this is very good..

"Er is elegant, I am sorry, I must do some things. " the time that oneself accompany her is not much really, she will be angry.

"I am clear. " those who look at Su Yu scruple, he is much Lv, oneself are not an argumentative person.

Er elegant station is before the window, the form that looks at Su Yu disappears in wave in snow, oneself still fell in love with him after all.

Su Zhai

Su Yu looks at Liu Jingxuan, her have the impertinence to do sth comes to this, "Do you think Liu Jingxuan again what to do? "Do yo南京个人spa联系方式FDGu think Liu Jingxuan again what to do??

Liu Jingxuan looks at quiet Su Yu, without violent rage, look come 3 this years progress is not little. "Su Yu, what can I do? What can I do??

"Liu Jingxuan, you no longer the United States is being waited for well, still dare come back actually. " Su Yu looks at Liu Jingxuan, the thrill through in the eye a rancor. "Since such, then do not think farewell goes. The南京爱约派吧En do not think farewell goes..

"Su Yu, were you enraging me to hurt that girl! But this is the command of your father. " the Su Yu that Liu Jingxuan looks at complexion malformation, say then. "Your father says an orphan does not have a qualification to stand before you, if she does not leave, may die. " the sound of enchanting, taking however provoke.

Su Yu is walked into, lower his head to look at Liu Jingxuan. "Then I can kill you first. "Then I can kill you first..

Be full of callosity and decisive mood to let Liu Jingxuan not by heart Jing, those who look at Su Yu knife to cut kind of countenance is callous, look walk into cannot cope with the Su Yu before he should do 3 years again, but even if he present how, had not fought oneself likewise. "Su Yu, otherwise should try. Looking is whose predecease. Looking is whose predecease..

Su Yu restored calm, meaning of this woman hereat is exasperate oneself. "You did not kill me 3 years ago, you won't again opportunity. You won't again opportunity..

3 years ago his luck unexpectedly so good, do not have that traffic accident that designs in oneself dead, oneself also lost best chance, present Su Yu becomes so sagacious unexpectedly. "Su Yu, you do not have evidence. Your father won't believe. Your father won't believe..

"Do you think I want to kill you to rely on him even? "Do you think I want to kill you to rely on him even??

Hear Su Yu's word, liu Jingxuan feels Jing of a heart, what meaning is he? he wants and revive fall out of look forward to. "Su Yu, you do not cross your father. You do not cross your father..

"That has a try. " " catch her. " still cannot kill her now, if killed her,a surname home won't look on indifferently, still do not have moment now, but oneself also cannot let her,leave.

"You think you stay issue me? " Liu Jingxuan looks at the person all round, oneself come how can this prepare.

Sound of a few tussle is transmitted, head Zou removes Su Yumei, this woman is true still not foolish.

A surname hopes to taking away a flock of people to come in, look at the two people that deadlocked is sending. "This is really lively still. "This is really lively still..

"A surname hopes, you dare rush about Su Jiaye. " Wu Shu looks at a surname to hope respecting, his have the impertinence to do sth takes a person to rush into.

A surname hopes to look at Su Yu, the smile on the face disappears, feel a be agitated, the command of mother of if it were not for, oneself still do not think of this comes really.

"You still are the dog of this woman really. " Su Yu looks at a surname to hope Leng Sheng says.

A surname hopes to hear Su Yu's word, without reaction, before coming, know he won't give himself fine face. "I took away this woman. "I took away this woman..

"A surname hopes, you are affirmatory. " Su Yu says flintily, mood is bringing an a nip in the air.

A surname hopes to do not have conversation to inspecting with Su Yu, the person of two sides is hit very quickly together, the security personnel in Su Fu each is flat, the person that a surname hopes to bring is Lian Jiazi, alth南京夜网419ough they have talent, but with night these desperado of travel are compared,rise or difference is far, more what is more,the rather that double a surname hopes to take comer is them. "Su Yu, you have was defeated. " a surname hopes to provoke say.

"Who is defeated by to win final ability to know. " Su Yu looks at what a surname hopes to smile a thin smile to say.

A surname hopes to look at such Su Yu, so positive tone, is he again layout what? the thing of dark night is concerned with him really. "We go. "We go..

"Su Yu, good-bye. " Liu Jingxuan says to follow a surname to hope to leave to Su Yu.

Su Yu looks at two people to leave, ' Liu Jingxuan, we interview very quickly. ' " send a hospital them. ' " send a hospital them..

Come out very quickly from another door a flock of people, help the person that a moment ago got hurt go out.

"Childe, a surname hoped to should be aware of. " Wu Shu looks at Su Yu to say disturbedly.

"Be moment, should end however. " Su Yu says lightly, if a surname hopes to had not been aware of nowadays, then he is fought with me by what.

"Childe, you decide such doing really, he is your father after all. He is your father after all..

"Wu Shu, su Jiayu visits the home who is your boss. Su Jiayu visits南京哪个水疗会所好AK the home who is your boss..

Wu Shu hears Su Yu's word, look at him surprisingly, oneself are the childe's person, the childe is surnamed revive, oneself should be the person of Home Su, but Gu Jiacai is his advocate, in those days the confidential that oneself are the elderly gentleman that visit the home, consider an elderly gentleman to die later, marry revive the young lady of look forward to takes over Gu Jiashi Gujia is already feeble, a lot of old people that ever followed in the elderly gentleman follow a young lady to come to Home Su, later by the young lady slowly demobilize, and oneself are not at ease the young lady does not agree to leave, from now on Ceng Cheng and temporarily consider a family name to bury, and Su is more and more prosperous however, after the young lady is dead, oneself also are become family is considered exclusively beside the childe.

"Childe, my boss has a young son only. " the young lady is already dead, the childe is the madam's child, the body is genteel become the blood that considers a family name, only he just is himself this partisan person.


"Come with me. "Come with me..

Wu Shu follows Su Yu to walk into a study, su Yu opens safe, hand a file him.

Wu Shu looks at the file in the hand, was full of in the eye astonish, how is this likely?



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