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" love [db:标签TAG]oes not let me wait too long " 9 lives Mu Yang / , this chapter in all 2410 words, update at: 2019-10-10 17:36

Xiao Huiyuan said to take his office.

"E~E~ you feel the daughter that this newcome old does not say to he is a boss has a problem. "Say of luxuriant and beautiful

"The performance that watchs the first day is good still, as to it is what circumstance after all everybody or careful place are good oh ~ " Luo Qing say

"I arrive not to feel I feel she is very amiable, should better get along, compare fund at least great good place, a great beauty raises a key point, "Saying everybody to surrender the look money minister.

"What are you saying again, did not hear a manager to say to do a business! Thed meeting is over! Thed meeting is over!!

What Qian You likes least of all very much is this side fellow of the office, do not have a thing with respect to chat. . . . . .

"Everybody is good! Is excuse me money minister in? " Yi Jun is asked about mannerly.

"I am ah, are you? " the old handsome young man before money ministry thinks have sth in mind.

"Wow, how can have so handsome person. . . . . "All person eyes in the office are straight

"I am the Yi Ze that will report today, ask authority later great give advice or comments. "Yize laughed at each person of the office to bow slightly.

Was over! Money ministry just is written down a moment ago newcome manager asks all people arrive neat when, he still says to arrive neat. How can think of oneself forgot this newlywed person that wants a report unluckily. . . . How doing to go in to say with the manager again now is not the reasonable job that says his those who do is bad, repeatedly new personality report does not know today. . . . . How to do? By every means dear below, money ministry brainwave easily, was opposite such. . . .

"How do you just come now, you were in that to handle official bussiness locally later. "Say to begin to point to the office in most a position of the corner, if be returned carelessly true won't someone looks over there sitting a person. "The meeting such as my can let dawn show the relevant plan proposal that makes our firm department and us to take you to look. Hope you as soon as possible come in the job that holds us "

"Grace is good, thank money ministry, I use the shortest time to be familiar with certainly. "Everything is more successful, yi Ze loosened eventually tone. He knows Xiao Huiyuan has come to a company, a moment ago received same department lift with her, but he sees time more abundant, take a company without pitch on colleague, he wants namely slowly the appetite that dropping Xiao Huiyuan, such stories ability is interesting.

"Favour, that works " then face about head laughs, these two days make him busy inside the corner rise, won't be discovered to have new face by the manager, cross me two days to say with the manager this is new personality was not no problem so again? . . . . . . . Ah

"Hello! I call Xiao Lou, I am the civil service of our branch, it later what thing calls me directly is good to have later what thing calls me directly. "Xiao Louyou is good before going up, greet sb with Yi Jun


"I call Qin Fei, everybody calls me luxuriant and beautiful, I am the Zhao Kai of data, I am the Luo Qing that the data collects, I am the Han Bin of client management. . . . "Everybody introduced him one by one, the atmosphere of the office has at a draught warmed up. . . .

A day inside, belle of handsome young man of early in the morning saw, do not have good intention affection how possibly. . . . . . Everybody begins the business in busy him hand, wear of course the place that two new personality also hide in oneself looks c[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶交流群BGonsult data. The hope is familiar with quickly ask the job to come. . . . .

The day that just entered the job everything becomes busy rise, although be to be in same go to work inside the company, also always see the figure that is less than those is familiar with it seems that. Although Hui Yuan still cannot be used to such life, everybody looks is to her countenance head on Yan Xiao, seem affectation, besides the 南京性价比高的场子90分钟job she also is not willing to step the door of an office, she just hopes some be familiar with the large volume is small business inside the南京喝茶的地方你懂 company some more quickly rise, of the father on can better side busy. Other to her not be so important, because in her the bottom of the heart still has to expect, the happy meeting that she knows to she wants is in what appear before long, his word is the belief that Yuan stands fast forever. . . Yuan stands in windowsill edge, the sky that looks at distance is worn in the illusion what, what dew of the calm on the face comes out is happy sunshine. . .

Dong Dong Dong the door that this is the office is knocked suddenly noisy,

"Enter please "

"You are in manager these days the busy issue that arranges company document data, our branch came a new personality, I think you are to should take bit of time, see, because pass before long company big activity engineers, need you to follow his negotiation. " on the table that Li Bi book took card of data of a human affairs to be put in Yuan. "The manager has time to ask you to look "

"Be put well over, have what I can see time, thank you Li Bi book, these days you also were kept very busy, had waited for paragraph of moment everything is successful, I discharge a few days of your holidays. I discharge a few days of your holidays..

"Need not ah, manager this is me should do ah, want a company only became good it is we do employee to do glad business. Want a company only became good it is we do employee to do glad business..

"Good you go out first, have what thing I call you again "

"Favour, yes manager, I went out first "

Although Yi has taken a company a few days, but be close to Xiao Huiyuan without the opportunity, such going down is not method, must looks for an opportunity to let her mark start what, such he can continue again his plan. . . . . .

"Ah! Hello, you look at Yi old handsome young man on foot nod, you see you see my what coffee does a single person, how do you say this does? How do you say this does??

"Alas ah the belle feels embarrassed, I how so not careful, do this blamed coffee to you on this moving body? Really blamed, really blamed "

The appearance of the one face apologize of outstanding expression.


"Otherwise such, to express my regret, I ask everybody to have a meal tonight. I ask everybody to have a meal tonight..

"True ah " the excitement of luxuriant and beautiful that a moment ago returned one face angry posture rises

"Hear not, somebody has a meal please today cough up "

"Ah breathing out is ah listening to have a share oh ~~ "

In the office immediately lively rise

Outside how, so lively? Hui Yuangang wants to stand up look outside produce what thing, the hand came up against the data of that human affairs that Li Bi book obtains to get stuck insensibly. Yi Ze? Yi Ze? This name appears to be familiar with very much, and very kind, do not know why to a kind of ineffable impulse thinks inquire for sees a such person.

"Li Bi book, come in please. Come in please..

"How manager? What thing is there? " the uneasiness that Li Bi book saw she never sees from the face of Yuan and dear: "That assistant director that you go to coming to before two days cries, I look for him to have a thing. I look for him to have a thing..

"Yes manager. "Yes manager..

Dong Dong " enter please "

"Manager, hello, do you call me? Do you call me??

"Be you? You are not elevator in that. . . . "Hui Yuan is many this Yi Ze, shock having a place is true resemble him. . . .

"Be you? Breathe out ah really artful, actually that day also come to me report for duty, but got on a building to cannot find a department, wrapped up circuit to just be found. True that day feel embarrasseding " the touchs oneself head that Yi Ze feels embarrassed. .

"Such ah, early know that day if ask you more you can follow us one case directly, lest runs so much place, be opposite do you surname Yi? "Look at Yi Ze's feel sorry appearance, yuan feels a kind sense ineffably.

"Yes ah, how? "Yi lustre reason makes calm reply

"It doesn't matter is you follow my good friend only piece resemble a bit, just he also surnames Yi to ask so. "Hui Yuan discovers he is a bit abruptness suddenly. Had answered a god to come immediately.

"That returns true inquire for to see you next time that friend cough up. . . . . What do we still perhaps have to concern oh ~~ is breathed out, feel embarrassed to open a fun with you. Was opposite I ask Yi manager today the person of the office has a meal, you also together, anyway you will these days also be done not have well had gotten along with everybody, do not know you have time, it is incidentally last the apology that I step on your that foot to express me ah "

"Favour, good, after coming off work today anyway, also can do without what thing. "Hui Yuan does not know what why can't help to invite with respect to what promised him. When she sees piece of face again careful and many hind the heart stops quickly to beat. But she must tell herself again, impossible, impossible. . . . .

"Do not have a thing you go out first "

"Favour, thank manager then I go out to work first. Thank manager then I go out to work first..



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