03 birthday are met

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Although be an alleged and simple group group only, still be so luxuriant it seems that breathtaking. Watch this scene: Whole garden by pink lacy decorated one time with the flower, blue carpet, the fine eat point on table of white floret, dinner and tableware, connecting those present honored guests is a beautiful scenery line. Day ah ~~~

"Good, the saliva that sees you should come out " hear leaf (Xie Yi is static) so mockingly oneself, bei Bei (Hukebei) the eye that packs up oneself immediately.

"What, just looking have friend, do not have again how, you just make a fuss of " Bei Bei has those who nod mump to say.

"Good, do not follow your mere empty talk, we still find Hui Yuan to see those who what wants to help " sedate leaf knows to be in this moment is not when teasing, or good general interest is good.

"Hey hey is ~ Hui Yuan in that? We go " the eye that still is Bei Bei is sharp found Xiao Huiyuan in the crowd. Two individual trot arrive beside Xiao Huiyuan.

" ~ , this is us ' Hui Yuan ' ? Be too beautiful really! Look today is to do not have a person to see my cough up, sad ~~ " Hukebei has those who nod lose to see his dress up.

"Ah, our Bei Bei also is afraid that nobody manages, ah. " the appearance that Hui Yuan looks at Beibeinake to love amusing, amuse intentionally amuse her.

"You see you two today so beautiful, the portion cough up that how can have me " Bei Bei does not have self-confidence a bit,

"Ah, see our Xiaobei shellfish, also meet such ah, you led prince today ah, what to still worry about? What to still worry about??

"That is, I just do not care about a family not to look, I am to have advocate, so I am to follow you to be pulled sportively, I just was not afraid of " think of that individual, bei Bei has been mental hundredfold, how can go to those who do not have thinking those some.

"It is good to do not have, it is good to do not have " Xiao Huiyuan still is afraid that a such fun can make Beibeisheng angry really, see she is so self-confident, yuan also was at ease. Xiao Huiyuan secretly titter rises, original Bei Bei had the person in him heart early. . .

"Good, not was troubled by, the DEDI that I take you to see me, MAMI " Yuan pulls leaf and Bei Bei run in past crowd.

"Father, mom this is me in two friends with best school, she calls Xie Yi static, follow my department so, turn to finance to be fastened now, this calls Hukebei, we call her Bei Bei to follow my class, leaf, Bei Bei the DEDI mammy that this is me " Xiao Huiyuan introduced each person one by one, because she knows beside is the person that she feels the most important, what so she introduces is very formal.

"Uncle, auntie is good " leaf, Bei Bei bows mannerly to them say hello to

"Often be in the home, hear Yuan to mention you, thank you to be in the school so take care of her play in time haunt home again ah " the light head of these two sensible and lovely girl satisfaction before Xiao Huiyuan's parents looks at an eye. Two children piece very beautiful, and very polite.

"You see two girl piece good-looking ah " Fang Peiwen is looking two children up and down meticulously to follow Xiao Zhengxiong say.

"We go to dad ground, mammy first have a thing, you first busy " Xiao Huiyuan feels they are stared at to inspect feel embarrassed, think method helps solved for. Pulling leaf to go to eating place to go with Bei Bei.

"Excuse me of uncle, auntie, we went first " still be the redeemed a bit awkwardness aspect that leaf does not lose general interest

"Ah, the youngster is a youth, look our true old cough up! " the back face that they look at children brings a smile, tender eyes seems to be worn in think fondly of what.

"Xiao Huiyuan, your pa Mom is very kind really ah " Bei Bei eats repeatedly or want to say what to nod gift is nice.

"Their person is very good, very good also to me, my whats are they are accurate... " everything what desolate benefit Yuan is satisfied and saying them proudly to give her is good. Leaf saw her happiness with Bei Bei, it is her really happy.


"Oh right, xiao Huiyuan feels embarrassed, I promise you to say that friend of the belt last, he had a thing to come without method today, he lets me help him serve a blessing: Birthday joy! Birthday joy!!

"Those who do not have a thing, you help me also thank him. " Xiao Huiyuan hopes to they are in beside is the happiest thing.

"Where is the person that you take Bei Bei? " Xiao Huiyuan looks to know to eat a ceaseless Bei Bei only aside in an instant

"Him, he said to want to come, I search, saw him? Favour ~~ is ~~ oh he is in that, BACK BACK is in here, come over, come over " the Beibei's heated a specific example of a battle oneself tastes accost to come over " looking is him, he calls BACK, this leading role longlived person that is today Miss Xiao Huiyuan, this it is our best friend Xie Yi is static, we call her leaf. " Bei Bei has bit of great to read leave, nod defiant flavour again.

"It is a bit black, cough ah ah " Xiao Huiyuan lowers his head to laughing to say, heard leaf is happy also rising is only cannot too beyond the mark.

"You oh ~~ " Bei Bei is a little angry like

In aside BACK also feels embarrassed a bit feel a head to laughing at say " I like to run outside very much as a child, th[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶外卖ey say my grandma everybody is in charge of me, what just bask in is so black, was brought up to also do not have what change, so everybody just gives a name to me cry ' BACK ' say simple apt " BACK is in say these when also feel very naturally very self-confident

"What who calls you to come with what you joke is so late? Black good, healthy " leaf is busy meditate.

"Very glad to can know you today a few great beauties, speak of early to just have ear good fortune in shellfish audition shellfish every the good luck of seeing sth rare, saw at long last today, birthday joy! " the beautiful longlived person before BACK looks at an eye, it seems that the line of vision that the eye does not miss him avert.

"Thank you to be able to attend, very glad also to know you " Xiao Huiyuan extends watch friendlily to show express one's thanks to.

"What does BACK still see? good do we go having a thing? " Bei Bei looks at the look that BACK sees the belle is dumbfounded to have bit of jealous.

"The excuse me with good hum, we went to those who eat seeking a site first " BACK calls in the line of sight, be pulled to begin to be pulled by Bei Bei.

"Look, look had a man to forget a friend? Do not cross Xiao Huiyuan, you see them feel or very those who match oh black " the looks at them form that leaf envies.

"Yes ah, see them can be together very much more, it want to do what to do is much better to want to do what to do, if he is in... . " Yuan looked at them what to think of it seems that.

" good did not think, we go the accost there they " he what leaf is afraid that Xiao Huiyuan thinks of to ought not to think, be afraid that she begins sadness again, pointing to nearby those familiar classmates say.

"Hum, go! " two people go to the middle of the crowd together, xiao Huiyuan's look had not stopped to search a familia上海419桑拿会所论坛r form all the time.

PARTY is orderly undertaking as time, beatific sound and joyous laugh also pass without cease momently, god also is blessed in Yuan, weather of a day is exceedingly appropriate, and Xiao Huiyuan's heart lets time already however elapse icy rise, the drawing near that the person of the party follows the setting sun slowly dropped off. Xiao Huiyuan sent parents, kin the friend, 4 people sit in deserted sitting room, leaf and shellfish shellfish knew to disappointment is full of in her heart very afflictive also, do not know how to comfort her right now however, in house especially other and quiet, this is daylong, she resembles taking the maintenance like the mask to wear smile, everybody does not know her heart is very painful.

"You send BACK Bei Bei first come home, I help leaf call a car to send her to go back " the body that Xiao Huiyuan is dragging exhaustion stands up.

"Still be they go back first I accompany you, you such we are not at ease " leaf worries about Xiao Huiyuan very much right now condition.

"Be, let leaf accompany you, otherwise we are not at ease " Bei Bei also is in aside urgent

"Do not交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛 have a thing, you need not worry, I am a bit tired, a person takes a rest well with respect to thing of it doesn't matter "

Ren Ran of desolate benefit Yuan is holding to a person quiet, quiet, leaf and shellfish shellfish do not have method, her true perhaps need gives him a bit time. "Good, then we still go back first, hello rest well, did not think more, it whats since went today,do not have later is good to whats since went today,do not have later expect. " Xiao Huiyuan knows leaf is to alluding his not to want again foolish awaited foolishly, gently nod, signal they she is clear. Sent them Xiao Huiyuan a person returns a room, she eventually again firm also did not rise, whole person does cry bitterly like the megalith of collapse, although had promised him to no matter encounter what thing,want adamancy,do not want easily weep, but, but how can you be the promise that he violated himself first? What does he take to call his to defending his agreement again? This is she feels for the first time painful, resembling in the heart is be caught to rip by countless benefit catching, painful had called phonate without effort to her, such feeling lets her do not want to continue again really such subsist. Handsome, such how you are OK is opposite I, we, are we of come to an agreement or understanding? I had waited 5 years, firm 5 years, how you are OK so irresponsible. did you forget the word that you say? Come back, where are you after all, the solution that I just want you to tell me one awaits 5 years just " Xiao Huiyuan cries crying, but do not have any sound to respond to her...




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