The 8th chapter is searched is for the heart only how, 10 years

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Middleaged revive what to pull to be short of, did not come from the family member's company alone only, but even if corporeal condition is contented all, but the heart is empty however, alone, doleful all the time is absent those who eroding her is sensitive and flimsy, the Qin Chao that blaze is like after meet again lighted her long other passion, can be all in vain after all, life is made eventful, which have everything flexibly, but if a person abandoned continueing to the life, what still is worth to affirm finally.

Revive pull chose finally to let go, let go this human society, let go this is earthly, live in oneself Sukhavati, cannot see new thing, also won't remember former days running water, all day in live in instantly only, have oneself instantly only.

When her one pace ground is set foot on verdant the tendril Tuo hill that is about to drip, head of one pace bout sees the way when coming, when an one gain that the eye highly praises this to reside Gao Lin to fall is big, in the heart those all remain spend ear become the order of the day, cross an eye to become smoke, along with wind abreaction, those are happy, those are not happy, those are brave, of those sadness, those dashing ahead without thinking one's safety, it is cloud of a smoke after all.

Qin Chao is in heavy rain is torrential in come, can be him call did not use, his beg was not used, he just saw a guest attend as after all revive pull become a monk or nun ceremony, go up to slide through shiny penknife from the beginning when a a show hair when, su Wangan arrived unprecedented relaxed, feel to go only this is made is he do not let off oneself only for years, the person of the others is done well with bad, because themselves instantly need is such,be only probably, and oneself unluckily him kink amid, do not agree banish.

Qin Chao is in as before doorway beg, acknowledge a mistake, can be revive pull apathetic, just closing an eye, genuflect is in audience hall, hold the post of pretext to send next from slide by ear.

Qin Chao says he is wrong, the fault is in a lot of places, the actuation Mang Jin 10 years ago, the deceit after 10 years, 10 years 南京爱约派吧Ethe photograph between looks, of the child die, this a lot of fault, let other master all without exception uses a facial expression for it inside the hall, but the where on the world has,regret medicine eats, since was made, so sealed result is to must want what be assumed.

The ceremony ends, revive pull rise, salute to the master that is her tonsure next, salute to the avalokitesvara of main hall next, the master looks at the Qin Chao outside the door, be opposite next revive pull say: Human society you should put down all thing after this, it is to put down, and rather than escapes.

Hand put the palms together puts Su Wanshuang in chest government master worker to nod, next to go outside the door, just stepped a doorsill, qin Chao catchs up with the hand that will pulling her to say: It is good that you excuse me, we had begun afresh.

Revive pull: Under the circumstances, we should accept the choice that we make, I am originally in alone loneliness however as before the Gong Yanjing of yearning red rose beautiful, can look as a result, that does not suit me.

Qin Chao both hands is put in revive pull two shoulders, do not listen to the ground to shake: It is my fault, it is my fault, you give me the chance again.

Revive pull: You let off me to stop, I also let off you, we should be early 10 years ago end everything.

Qin Chao: This I know a fault really.

Su Wanhuan delay shakes his head, look to those tree in his back courtyard: You look, branch is dropped quickly, but still can grow a new part of a historical period again next year.

Spend when Su Wanzai when accepting Qin Chao, " such " , she was included inside the feel sad of how many. The terminus of love, often not be to encounter right person, is you only tired arrive not to think substitution.

Say, revive pull put away Qin 上海419桑拿会所论坛Chao's hand, both hands put the palms together goes to his buddhist room, one pace, go adagio ahead, each pace falls on Qin Chao's heart heavily euqally as hoisting jack stone.

Qin Chao both hands is impending, the heart that he feels himself is in that momently empty at the same place place, this is born to cannot fill probably complete, resemble a lot of before New Year in that way, oneself press oneself suit revive pull marry oneself, but she says insipidly: I won't marry with you, also can not want to pulling you, you search, find appropriate, after coming down surely, I leave. Await her in those days the more insipid, the determination that Qin Chao knows to she falls is bigger, the heart is empty, cannot find way, be lik南京现在哪里有好场子e blind the lion of the eye bumps in disorder in confused forest, said what word, did what thing not to know even him himself probably.

Can become love, hate, complain when be being put down, was destined to won't have a result. To Qin Chao, this is regretful, it is to regret, this is born to cannot fill complete, this is lifetime be short of regret, for the Qin Chao that but be opposite,engraves hereat, he goes up in the main return consciousness to be less than these, in him subconscious in feel to want oneself to ameliorate only as before, everything still can redeem.

But ameliorate, he thinks ameliorate with what Su Wanren is not identical, he does not know or do not understand Su Wansuo to say those about him bad, he feels probably oneself are rich, before won't resembling 10 years in that way a minute of Qiandoushe must not be spent to her, have money probably he can be taken at will revive pull travel, have money probably he can follow divorce of white luxuriant and beautiful give her the biggest increase, probably he is rich meeting preserve one's health, can wash those oneself earthly habits...

Then, he began his profitable dream again, began his profitable trip again, probably he thinks so namely originally, probably this ability is the issue that wants to do most most in his heart, nowadays just is to find to rely on just, but he does not know, schoolgirl, once this the most perceptual group lets go thoroughly, that is meant lose thoroughly.

White luxuriant and beautiful does not know Su Wanliu was produced, also feel oneself do not have a fault, white luxuriant and beautiful is already actually very good, do not have hand of the quake like shrew already, like also not was like the Fu that be the same as common shout abuse, contrary, in see revive when pulling, she is opposite the girl of this quiet quietly elegant hate did not rise, it is for oneself family only, in maintaining the fact was spoken below dignity. Can be old hind, be in when Qin Chao momentary recovery of consciousness just before death during when telling her everything, she just feels she is a murderer so, was to destroy more that beautiful and tender girl all one's life. When revive pull a requirement to see she is final at the same time when, her only useful and firm appearance and the truest identity will make his enough and strong measure a station to be in revive pull before, when Su Wanwei is laughing to say to I am sorry with her, although the heart is already clinking and compunctious but she also cannot show flimsy. Actually Qin Chao's lifetime is lucky, arrive dead to have for company of white luxuriant and beautiful he, but revive pulling is alone after all one person, the joyous sound that the cry that accompanying oneself and everybody are when coming to the world laughs language, what there are oneself only when can leaving is silent mix week of hush that meet with come see sb off.

Qin Chao does not have roughhouse of dialogue luxuriant and beautiful, return the home even unusual reaction also does not have a bit, just have a meal quietly, watch TV next, sleep next, original white luxuriant and beautiful has made clamorous preparation, but at the moment this one setting that exceeds forecast makes her heart medium be scared.

It is white luxuriant and beautiful does not know only actually, pay no attention to only ability won't be so clamorous, in saying a heart exactly already by its thing cram, immaculate and other.

The overlord that he is all-powerful on bazaar (loan is 10 years ago, favor of the mammon after 10 years)

Everybody has his fate, some of person is born is gold foil adds a body, somebody obtained this some南京性价比高的场子90分钟 in normal age everything, after somebody was being ground to make the same score edges and corners by years, also learned to abandon, but also somebody is in old age rise to power and position.

In those days Qin Chao always says he is very outstanding, always also say he can open racing bike in the future, or attend all sorts of brownstone parties, often say he himself has done poineering work a few times, this will be a few, do not fear failure, oneself follow someone else different, someone else failed to abandon, some people think how, just also can think however just, and oneself do not fear failure, had thought what kind of life just does not rely on to want, it is to carry out more.

The word speaks a mouth easily, can want to accomplish it is so not easy to had been done.

In 10 years when he and Su Wanfen leave, he married, be content with the current situation, also be failure reachs sad point probably, cannot rise, so smooth and steady also heat up the warmer end of kang at wife child, wanting to want to have much better life, also had not wanted to had wanted much freer life, just also get finally " be hit to be pressed so that abandon by the life once the dream with those and highbrow instantly, the life that also abandoned had thought through loan " end.

This, also be he thinks money can change him really probably, can turn oneself into Su Wansuo to expect in that way, ke Rezhen is to was done so, he with revive the heart that pull ran in the opposite direction, plus, if was destined to fail, was destined to part company, so importuning also is futile, also probably the dream with his old sleep deeply again Shu Xing, and revive the departure that pull is his ego exiled only a reason.

He bought place land for building in Beijing with old saving, this thinking is to gain a penny, just can meet Beijing ** gives orders to pull down illegimate group lease the land, he earned at a draught many.

Bought house of a commodity in Beijing next, the 2nd year pass on gives one Beijing this locality large family, turn over wealthy large family.

Later, he picks up the regret of the bequeath before he is old afresh eventually rise, ten years ago, he ran a nominal company, he thinks loan can come down, rent a few cars with respect to preparation next, hire a few people, drive a freight company next, pull like goods like pulling, can borrow money to did not come down, su Wanye went, parents also dissuades a son to be attributed to reality to the utmost, set his mind at to work, pressure followings sb's heels and come with all possible means, final the arrangement that he accepted parents, with the girl date.

Capable nowadays, pull this copy money again the company that help leaves rose, not be to want to rely on it to make money really probably, it is for him proof more at the outset idea is inerrable, dream at the outset putting down is temporarily hard and fast only.

The lot that is a person probably came, this little money of Qin Chao is pulled help company performance pretty good still, also can have net income one year hundred thousands of.

Ground of add of his land add opened Kendeji, Mcdonald's store.


He is done not have special, but sortie of real however ground numerous domain, try hard for years and gallop, he came true eventually oneself at the outset dream, saying exactly is Yuan Chao anticipates too.

These in year, he has a habit, whenever on the weekend, go in cloister, but see revive the number that draw is very few however, with respect to this not much time, su Wanye just is sweeping the fallen leaves outside audience hall quietly, allow to be in by him by verbal, parents often says him: Do not want to expect again, set his mind at to get along. Qin Chao feels to subdue, be old probably, that more flimsy heart thinks the place that hopes in oneself stays. But revive pull did not see him, he is afraid of revive pull the success that cannot see him, enjoin a master to must say his these effort in year and achievement, can do not have echo as before, he feels occasionally revive pull not was here, but can be in again faint a figure that sees her.

He has wanted to buy this cloister, but the person became old, the heart is flimsy, via having those turn from side to side, he is afraid of, be afraid that Su Wanyou resembled going in that way before New Year more, also disappeared again from now on.

He does not know, if do not want to leave, even if do not have reason to also can look for reason to stay, if be put down thoroughly, ability can be paid no attention to, do not be afraid of meet offend lingering.

Come 10 this years, his money is in enter Zhang ceaselessly, also realized what he says in that way life, he goes finally as before hut hall searchs revive pull, meeting frequency as before little, he says to meet quietly outside her door word, say his effort, say his pain, say his change, still can let other young master worker help his persuade occasionally revive pull, revive draw very few answer, just quietly recite scriptures of sit in meditation cleans cloister, recieve pilgrim quietly people.

He came true eventually he in those days dream, but he is consciousness is less than after all at the outset revive pull because she bored,leaving is Xiaoli of a bit small as the head of a fly is on his body and quarrel endlessly, it is him distress cannot find follow one's inclinations influence more.

He realized the future that him one's early years imagines eventually, but the heart is excessive completely however think self-confidently such revive pull can come back, but he does not know however, his all these is another woman rearward supporting him silently, let him do not have trouble back at home.

He forgot Bai Fei poors, forget white luxuriant and beautiful neatly in the heart, also can have never thought meeting and she divorces, it is he thinks without time probably, also be the result after he is cogitative probably, considering the parents of old, considering adolescent child.

Su Wanxiang believes him is to had liked his really, but she also knows, all these be not a patch on his money is serious.

Nowadays, this must be broken, whether to have in his heart trifling and downfallen.

Two years this can be later, he also did not cross hut hall again. Su Wanye did not hear the voice that he chirps outside buddhist room again, the habit is a terrible thing, now and then change lets him become incommensurate, can think carefully come down, is this of him place hope, such heart quiet went back, revive pull think Qin Chao abandons eventually, abandoned the love that he says, revive in the heart that pull besides original incommensurate, also different of it doesn't matter, she misses after this the remainder of one's life two people probably or else met, and oneself also will be body and mind is put down thoroughly consistently eventually.

The person will be right when fall ill the person beside and issue are very sensitive, can cherish doubly, it seems that this moment ability experiences care, just can see backside those are paid and try hard.

The Qin Chao that be ill abed sees white luxuriant and beautiful waits upon before the window every day oneself, attentive, temperament is good, think just now, oneself had done not have the intention and her a lot of years to had said a word it seems that, she is like other people to ambulate beside her euqally in these a few years, via having oneself attention, often can be in namely rock.

White luxuriant and beautiful will to Qin Chao send lunch, soup of chop of lotus lotus root, when taking the advantage of Qin Chao to eat, she opens a window, washed his dress go off with, clean ward next, qin Chao puts down the chopstick in the hand, recumbent pillow, looking attentively at this silently to be his, expended the woman of a few years of days for the family, just remembering his also was to owe her probably a lot of.

Qin Chao: Not busy, what bagatelle nevers mind, sit.

Face about of white luxuriant and beautiful looks at him, laughed: Hum.

Qin Chao: These year, I did not blame you.

Bai Fei poors: I know, but I hope you blame me however.

Qin Chao: Be a hard job to you.

Bai Fei poors: I am very good, pass very smooth and steadily at least, be short of regret exclusively is we also cannot be found again in those days in that way Xiang Jingru guest.

Qin Chao looks at the eye of white luxuriant and beautiful: She once said ' predecessor always ameliorates him, and currently hold the post ofwill enjoy fruit ' .

Bai Fei poors: Be such.

Qin Chao: Yes, that paragraph of day is I was ground to make the same score thorn to must be installed by years nevertheless firm come down, without stimulation, without the surprise, the lake water with all consistent tranquil bark. She is not to believe me after all, but myself of a lot of things is awaited in those days also consciousness is less than, it is subliminal only so go doing. Become the past when everything nowadays, when me can static next hearts will ponder over associate with, just discover those years I am bad to her really, those conjugal love after meet again, it is transitory after all, the child was done not have, she also went thoroughly, and I also should go.

Bai Fei poors: Nevered mention it.

Qin Chao was immersed in memory, those age old job told Bai Fei phenanthrene, be aged heart has not borne probably, pressing need pours out, also be probably to the wife honest heart, between the lines is hiding distress, regretful, regretful, apologize, still have probably definitely absolutely.

White luxuriant and beautiful left ward, driving on the way home, remember the man says those, what those is late is honest and I am sorry, those do not have the associate with that she participates in, can't help lachrymal wet the one or two pieces making up 南京品茶信息网GDthe front of a Chinese jacket. She thinks, went a few years, what to still beg, oneself enjoyed others to use the gain that brings respectively, oneself did executioner, also did behead to break the Li Jian of other love reason, probably this is them is fated, also be oneself is fated.

In sadness of business of family of the Qin Dynasty during, su Wanyi is old the life that lives calm, song classics pray to Buddha, but she does not know, right now close already Qin Chao of 50 years old, drinking all the year round, stay up late, the ego of inner pressure is manacled in be the human body of have one foot in the grave already, the Yu Jie in the heart is couldn't get release, plus the body be destroyed, he already cannot health walked.



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