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The commonly used arm in empty world is decomposed after code is brushed, the arm begins to decompose actually!

Just time limit arrived, one goggle had returned real world, within an inch of can be caught used the person that decomposes code, sighed to plan to get up after eating complementary capabilities, continue again

As usual uses a hand to prop up his, the body goes to left ground suddenly to go up, what did the hand that while the instant in complete overbalance consciousness captures bedside with another hand, tries to explore that to do not have consciousness only produce

Was turn for this hand this. On the mouth although be so say but still make the best of time to get up eat complement

Star of the Gemini on table looks at him what eating madly, what rise of two people face shows open-eyed Jing is not the hand that he cannoypll一品楼江苏t change only then, be in however Jing another his not commonly used hand, be used so that freely so actually


That what, you... hand...

Rabbi makes visit cautiously, after all...

Ah, the code that be decomposed is brushed a little have such power, whole hand instant was decomposed, still affected the arm in reality, what feeling was done not have now

Have a meal to reply at the same time at the same time, still from time to time toward the contest in the mouth food is brought about speak of a word to come not very is clear

Ah not... I am to want to ask...

It seems rabbi did not get wanted answer

Another your hand...

Ah this hand? How?

Hearing, raise the right hand to ask, very skilled still clip a chopstick with finger, if do not know he is left-hander, be regarded as really easily still by person fault right cast aside child

Hey You this hand is right, spend adroitly rise with the unboiled water that get wind

In aside type demon foreword also asks eventually, what just ask is a bit direct, but understand more easily compared with what rabbi asks

Ah this ah, it is a long story I am satiate 南京品茶信息网GDI go looking for your master to help me a reset of left hand data that is decomposed, it is quite difficult that a hand fights

Speak the topic like person of a paragraph of flicker, gemini star is being chased after of course do not put. The bad habit that this is the person that seek knowledge...

Ah since such, that with respect to to make a long story short!

One... character is used up hard!

Although be rejected to reply secondhand again, but the determination of the person that seek knowledge...

Tha魔都新茶论坛t does that best

Time had not enough time quickly, astral language person every other paragraph time can change coordinate, after all the code on his body, informal a force that wants to be less than of purpose, also be this kind of reason is forced so that lie between paragraph of time to change a coordinate

Wretched development!

Do not have the mood to be mixed again Gemini star deal with, joke like lose give...

Play insensibly remove those who receive Long Shi...

Desire eye of poor a thousand li, more... alas! Alas do not go...



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