Ice and fire (below)

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Still remember that day

Accompany you to had taken a market

Pulling me

I still remember the temperature of the hand

You say, want me

It is good that simple pleasure is brought up

Do not beg, flourishing

Healthy ability is the most important

When the people is worried, a sing opera arias slowly drift, pass into what make in everybody ear to stop to be immersed in just was assaulted look toward same way along with all the others in villatic trouble

See two girls as it happens removes only float stand to go up at the stage, they had not been familiar with that singing most, one is before that at the world girl with the mysterious fair mask that opens oneself at long last on ball

Except is encouraged to risking courage to open a mask by Xiao Mo, reckon this girl is regarded as up to now Babylon blood arteries and veins is sufferred cold-shoulder, because she flows,dripping only firedrake blood arteries and veins, because feeling runs quickly,once broke through demon can cruel go bring about a village to catch fire

Although be little only,be put out very quickly also, but the hearsay is more than the truth, this not satisfactory to the girl villager since thenceforth people regard her as an eccentric person that need guards against, what rearward all the time keeps is abuse with supercilious look

Though the girl grows,fare badly, also thanks to she insists to come down to grow well, just can encounter Xiao Mo this outside person

Also because like music, be discovered by Xiao Mo, become one with gradually, the mask was being taken to play the ball in the village and royalty ball below Xiao Mo's encouragement

Because of singing pleasant everybody wants to be seen fragrant colour below the circumstance, she is invited and another famous God is combined

Another woman is that famous God, two people though the other side on the agreement does not agree with pick off mask,also do not have method for many times with the stage

But the world loves mischievous production coincidence, the girl practices singing some by this God dash against, she listens by sound only giving a girl is his closest partner mask arrack

She also very know how to behave in a delicate situation does not have debunk, also did not cold-shoulder her, even more friendly to her instead, truly understanding also make evolutional of this friendly to female singer feeling even more grumous

Because the one's previous experience of this God also is an eccentric person that says in people mouth, she is Ren of a place of strategic importance is female, sound can puzzle of the mankind because of reason, be born to be being taken almost add magic to be linked together, her in sound can illusive composition take out

Because of the reason of necklace, sound and laic as good as, but she what be fond of sings more serious instead exercise, hear happiness to let common people only

And she also was accomplished

Eventually girl of not long ago is resolved the real features that discloses oneself on ball, she was affected by Xiao Mo's action

"Everybody, the thing that just produces has been appeased, the most important is unmanned casualties, you do not have a thing, it is to had better not pass really "

Girl mouth pacifies the people, because real features be related is disclosed on ball, the villager people the mysterious mask arrack that discovers that has wonderful singing is them actually all the time the Long Maizhi of bully and oppress female

Do not say Babylon feeling to rise first, important is the girl does not have because of their bully and oppress hate more they, this also makes a favourite by sb in power that the girl becomes the village between one night, everybody showed smiling face to her, also correct immediately to her manner

Although the girl knows majority is royalty confers the status that grant,just make the villager people produce change

Xiao Mo speaks really proportional girl to did not accept that identity, but the villager people also did not change state of mind, true smiling face receives a girl to come home, also can be girl first time is admitted by whole village person then

She cried in the edge in the support of the villager that day Bian Xiao, the injury in her heart is completely good

"We can a hair now nondestructive, it is a miracle, we get requicken, repair the place of attaint, becoming this is ignore the storm that if comes to, the unpleasantness that goes up to be caused momently, all... "

"... along with wind abreaction "

Of Ren of a place of strategic importance female speak this word along with all the others with everybody, back-to-back move cheers one blast, imposing manner instant is rising, will just unpleasantness is swept and empty

Through the wing of harships

Can compare only before strong

Ability has flown

Far high mountain

Admire more beautiful scenery

Listen, delicate sound

Unruffled in have hard fully

Even if tear

Spill over ceaselessly

The laugh that also wants adamancy is worn, wipe

See an opportunity just, girl sing opera arias one paragraph, arrive at sound of this music after the dot to ring immediately, melody is rising and falling, relaxed and happy, clear have fully encourage note

A tear rises to drench below the sky drenched my eye

What land upper part appears is tenacious life

Our dream returns unfulfilment not to abandon in this

Until turn brawny tree into us heave a sigh again

Future needs him enclasp in our control

Change the memory that takes years slowly hard

Not brokenhearted do not care about us to advance together

Drop off till overcast black clouds

Rainbow, it is before

This song is the song that Xiao Mo once had sung in school evening party, what the girl sings is to encourage not only, still He Xiaomo gets along sadly bud love

Although she knows, beyond he does not fail to hear in the spot, nevertheless she has been recorded stealthily below, plan to wait for him to come back to be answered to him put

And far here, before Tartarean door, xiao Mo and blackart teenager were hit early, end of dawn of at one's convenience uses Long Jing to add held entity phlogistic sword how to be atttacked, the nondestructive of a hair glacial sickle that blocks next attack

Perhaps say, hook with the speed with sightless naked eye the place of fast rehabilitate damaged

The teenager lasts silent as the grave, man is without to kindle love in the eye, this goods or Azrael trainee have such eyes, if become Azrael also can answer again did not come

"I no matter your what reason, you forgot small lukewarm still wait for you to go back in the village "

Hear is small lukewarm this name, teenager brows was knitted

"Small lukewarm those who wait is you, I am already careless "

Xiao Mo is aware this topic is not right, transfer immediately

"Your not let sb down the feeling that they give for you? In the world can regard you as truly friend or the person of family look upon, how many does we should like to ask have? How many does we should like to ask have??

This the teenager is done not have immediately reply, however the two people flick refuse to budge, extend skill to stretch blackart blast just answer

"Be memory? Wait for hell of my make one's bow to become Azrael assistant, remember this kind of thing, the meeting is automatic from them brain is abreaction, as if to never had had kind "

Although be so say, emerge in teenager head actually friends the bearing of classmates, and small lukewarm

That mask arrack, it is small lukewarm oneself, it is he discovers small Wen Xiai is worn only Xiao Mo, stem from courtesy, he does not want to disturb, small Wen You only then come not to know a boy eventually the feeling to her

The person that oneself like, do not h[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶外卖ave an opportunity to get, because parents affects virus to make funeral dead body, life is extinct only remnant body, this a series of blow makes him the heart begins weakness, take the advantage of empty and just be invited to become oneself successor into take advantage of an opportunity by Azrael

The reason of Azrael is, oneself were tired of this job, add the world so big, I think...

Fill can end, the teenager also does not want to continue cost continues, xiao Mo's charm has not restored to be able to be mixed by physical strength and phlogistic sword only his draw, add the Xiao Mo on experience more than him, procrastinate again go down, can be defeated in his hand

"0 · put column on the ice "

That, blackart of a few large five-pointed star appears on dawn end head blast, blast in flush one puts a wall on the ice, xiao Mo still thinks is attack start aside, after the wall that wait for ice towers aloft to go up, certain ice broken bits is broken by shake, glacial wall made meshy wall

"Although I had not entered hell, but the ice cube in call hell, not be tickler "

The teenager explains gently, face about is gone to Tartarean door there go, xiao Mo wants to circle the past to be surrounded into to encircle by wall of the rest ice however from the side, with pres南京场子全部关闭2020ent bouncing ability, he jumps to go nevertheless, phlogistic sword also cannot cause harm to its, be worthy of really is the ice cube in hell

The helplessly door that looks at a teenager to will step into hell, he remembers he is right the female acceptance of Ren of a placeypllt一品楼江苏 of strategic importance crosses regular meeting to bring back him, in the heart one urgent, ask for a favor cries greatly

"Stop, delaifusi... "

This cries never mind, see Xiao Mo make defence gesture immediately only, still plan to change personally, who lets him drop in this world was bitten by werewolf for a short while, so the plan spreads out werewolf configuration to cope with him, risk one's life one wrestle

Again is, he prepares the pose of defence, because,be...

"Want to change personally? "Want to change personally??

The teenager passes a law blast circle behind Xiao Mo, raise hook high to be broken off downward chop, still changing the dawn end both hands in body road grasps handle upgrade case to block, but next his heads by nab firm of the firm on meshy ice wall bumps

, not dizzy, continue to bump the 2nd times, not dizzy, the 3rd the 4th, because Xiao Mo changes it is in body road when the body is the weakest, had appeared lose resistance the look with divine a little confused wisdom

It is that only grasp phlogistic sword closely still in the hand

"Forbid to call me again this name "

Every say the boy a word of the head firm firm Xiao Mo be bungled, showing is to be fed up with very to this name. This Xiao Mo lost consciousness then eventually, in the hand phlogistic sword also take advantage of an opportunity drops

"It is indomitable spirit really "

Contempt loses recognizant Xiao Mo on the ground, the consciousness that the teenager did not think of him unexpectedly so can strong, expended many strong ability to do him dizzy

Cut gently with sickle, meshy ice wall is produced immediately a passageway, hinderous person does not have method to prevent his eventually, he is slowgoing walk toward Tartarean door, the head also does not answer those who use back and this warmth is worldly leave

"Xiao Mo, your mission was finished, come back "

Noise of a woman rises, teenager immediately face about child stunned looks

He is inaudible the woman's sound, but his induction arrives mighty magic power, and very dinkum, dot of emerge in large numbers is in oneself back, he thinks Xiao Mo answers blood for an instant

Just, his a bad shot. In him at the moment, he Xiao Mo or narcosis are now only is being lapped by column of one tremendous light, the body is worn by past sky absorb

The teenager can look at the happening of all these helplessly only, be sucked till Xiao Mo after day glazing column disappears, he just has answered a god

"Xiao Mo, what are you after all? What are you after all??

An irresponsive quizs, teenager of before you can say Jack Robinson has answered a body to step toward Tartarean door, his footstep is more sturdy

Village here, small lukewarm although stop to sing,be in help repair village, her memory is imperceptible passivity is deleted and change. It is her not only, what still have Ren of a place of strategic importance is female, and the friend of the school, the villager that crosses Xiao Mo with the contact people, and the Delaifusi that enters Tartar南京性价比高的场子90分钟ean door to become Azrael assistant

They recall the part that counteracts Xiao Mo to concern, almost same time disappears entirely

In the evening, small lukewarm return him home南京新茶外卖, overworked feel the body is drawn out one day as expected empty, nevertheless this is for the village, should rest well today so restore charm to will continue tomorrow

Rise those who plan to get on the body is tired wash, drop accidentally prop of a recording, she not by broadcast rise

"Well? Is this the song that just encourages everybody to sing? I come down my song collection, be to should work? Be to should work??

Holding doubt in the arms, small lukewarm walk into a bathroom, in the room after she leaves, an ancestral Long Jing is reflexing the light of the outside



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