Oneself write down? Eventually the battle of Yan

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Fight begin

Woman of original spirit of sex of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease already replied divine wisdom falls from the day in 7 people upper part, 7 people also are gone to different way is diffuse

Because the woman just recaptured a body, the harmonic sex of the body and soul still needs to nod time to restore original synchronism

"Block me, kill "

See 7 people are diffuse, this fiend dash forward rise to put sound to cry greatly toward headroom, she knows 7 people are to plan to prevent her to destroy a heavenly body to cause all universes to produce big burst, use each other the universe between expands barge against reachs all universes to disappear thoroughly

Although this 7 people are not to prevent what she goes out to be here now by chance however, she also can be killed, because she is already mad

By oneself once agnate force mad

Both sides of wolf be charmed raises both hands and stretch the palm, the knowing that after solving the memory that locks up original spirit to give along with all the others gradually he is clear about at the moment this fiend woman is how by oneself agnate force on the blind alley is brought about mad drop

Because this thing brings about her,also become a group of things with common features the key that destroy. After transmitting energy wolf god from original spirit, this gens survives, only remnant the fiend girl before

Right, she also once was an original spirit

Wolf god support solves the memory after the lock, also include how to use the force memory of original spirit among them, the procedure that the deferent door that open arouses innocently before this is mixed is similar

Fiend discovers the movement of wolf god is familiar with not only then eventually, still be the pose in the memory that oneself are about to forget

"Elder sister... "

Have the moment that kisses affective word to be given out from inside woman mouth, unreal of woman both sides converts a two tiger hole, still a large number of seawater are contended for embrace and go out, the grand fall that contains sea salt is formed in headroom

See bug hole is opened, wolf god sends a word

"Thank you to be able to make one part of the history, taitanni date "

Fiend feels incorrect interest, operate immediately not complete still assist mixed body wants to escape by the azimuth of bug hole converging attack, because she sees a gigantic boat put into high gear sails toward her come, gushing the seawater that makes fall also because of inertial not by ever big

Blare, the woman is bumped into by gigantic boat, also moved because of her azimuth, after be being bumped into, she was not entered by inertial belt another bug hole, hole of these two bug is to be linked together same a world

Also bump because of this, a hole appears on this beautiful gigantic hull, mouth of a cave is very small, repair very easily

After been bump, because the boat is inertial wear instantly into another bug hole, return the world that belongs to it, enter bug hole completely to transmit blare when buttock, the small hole that number remains because of bumping female period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am bumps Taitanni again iceberg, the hole greatens, water is overflowed into hull, brought about history record occurrence heavy boat event

It is this only, heavy boat time is a lot of faster, what compare historical record because of the hole is even big

Before nobody knows to strike an iceberg, this boat still passed through twice bug hole, still bump on fiend body, besides the captain that witnesses this paragraph of history happening all the time, also because sink after the boat accidentally the captain falls into time to flow, wait for him to had answered a god to discover he appears in Icelandic on, had gone 80 years, still be discovered by the person of that time

He explained to reject to build a boat to be rescued after his identity to those people, he feels he should be mixed Taitanni date lives or die along wit[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]国际炮楼h all the others

It is he still thinks only Taitanni time of date heavy boat, still be in yesterday

Know this thing still have just outside the female passenger of beguilement, after also falling into time to flowed to be taken 78 years some Icelandic go up

Return here, the story continues. God of the wolf after the woman is bumped into shuts bug hole immediately, the body strong hardness that he just thinks to the test issues this fiend, shutting mouth of a cave is to fear to be escaped toward that universe by her

Although he knows fiend is,won't escape of thereto, because of her target, it is here. Shutting mouth of a cave also is to be afraid that she can not take care to be gone in by inertial belt

Emperor of this opportunity fierce, the person that the god is punished and Gemini star 4 people are compositive an element, the even place that looks for to be far from fiend according to the plan of wolf god, emerge beside rabbi data around aperture, the fictitious clavier that data changes appears on the hand

He changes a belt of a person that quicken knapsack to let a god punish to go up with data, did can fly off the person that the eject cabin of aerosphere lets a god punish is multiplied inside, ready hind the meaning after blasting off to spread out fictitious screen after that toward headroom shows machine military spirit to walk into the aperture on the side of him to undertake the model is mixed scanning building duplicate with encode

Type demon foreword uses rabbi same data is evocative two machine armour, armour of two great opportunity has flavor of a Wang Zhe quite, like field of shake of on battlefield one person the king of battle general

"Monkey, grow an arm, mixed at 4 o'clock directional guardianship requested you at 8 o'clock "

Receive a command to nod along with all the others, the monkey uses data to change growing rod, and long arm is changed with data give a tremendous weight, after two machine touch a fist each other, go toward two direction, enter tripartite of guardianship mode sweep

Type demon foreword closes data group, explode on the body a carry secretly is aureate the stormy ablution of lightning, and blaze and metallic component

"The 4th, the 5th, the 6th kind of mixture department is lubricious, weigh model Yi pasture "

Element around move type demon foreword, he hesitated one still starts to talk

"The 7th department is lubricious, brilliance is worldly, the miracle returns "

Immediately his the whole body twinkles dazzling brightness, and the monkey of the others azimuth and long arm, although wolf god has enjoined him,until the last moment strong person is locked up male when do not use color of the 7th department and color of the 8th department, want to do one's best only in heart of foreword of demon of this up-to-date style the operation that protects good rabbi

Rabbi understand tacitly, know two fasten lubricious meeting finally foreword of your type demon is immersed in break down condition, he not by take out main, accelerate duplicate and code, spirit of this opportunity military has scanned end

For from the back duplicate occurrence accident is repaired easily, machine fierce emperor must continue to stay in aperture, emerge by the aperture that is a center by rabbi a data, a cent, two cent, back南京珠江镇spa会所AH wall is circled into data honeycomb style, every honeycomb inside make a circle, there is data to emerge in the circle, each people borrows emerge gradually by data

This is digital corps, because get absorption move back and forth, so that struggles, can give only they are supporting

"Dare I, low-down biology, you... "

This at the same time, was bumped into heavily biff, woman fury is climbed litre, strip appears in the hand transparent long feet, look be like without sharp edge blunt implement, actually this is 2 dimension rule, flank does not look completely to give object ply

Another view is, this rule, than all and foregone with sealed knife even sharp, can dissection belongings body, cannot exercise restraint almost, also cannot destroy, because of the formation of this rule, be " space "


Alleged bound of one beautiful generation, the world represents dimensional word, one is nodded, also can represent a space

This is fiend the weapon that murder a group of things with common features used that day, one feet world

Fury fills woman heart, a large number of seawater that she did not detect to just was revealed from bug hole are under her be just as have the without foundation group like life, lay an opportune moment by next shoot, surround her from far and near, but did not atttack her

"Qi, little game "

When discovery lower part seawater is just as body of a semicircle to plan to emerge t上海419桑拿会所论坛o her, the woman rises toward headroom immediately, the synchronous rate that is that body only still does not have the circumstance of complete absorb to fall, she still is surrounded by seawater

She was not risen by adj/LIT wide in water polo, however hollow, do this do what after all child? Does the plan seal her with water wall? This can be the water wall that can rush out minute minutes

Woman of below one second discovers incorrect interest eventually, water wall began to freeze

"Blamed, my only weak point is uncovered, elder sister you this is blamed, crooked I so for your consider, you return in the end is the coarse biology that chooses numerous lowliness to despise "

The elder sister in her mouth, live namely energy transmits to wolf god inside her body that already gone " original spirit "

Woman edge scolds an edge to go to the surface brandish that did not freeze " space " bump, the plan bumps go out, the wall outside doing not have those who think of a ball is frozen already

As by seal that, she was restrained by ice again

Different is, in those days she only remnant soul, this, she has a body, can give out a source

By seal a few years, good do away with not easily go out again, she can not consider ability activity a few minutes are risen by seal again, give out smooth heat, use ice cube to melt the vapour that go out and air mix, hold the Azrael that controls this ice ball outside inside discovery peculiar, cry bad, the Hu Xian of track rove appears to use a method along with all the others right now

"Continue an ice hockey consolidate, the plan that this and dawn end say somewhat deviation, can volatilize freely by us only "

At the same time the Azrael of consolidate ice layer indissolubles ask

"She plans to drop ice hockey bomb, force also cans be imagined, my consolidate can protracted, of this blast still is meeting blast, do this have consolidate sense "

Right now Hu Xian is hanging ** to smile chronically, his back, 9 tails did not suffer pilot to be shown

"Since she plans to use vapour bomb to drop ice hockey bomb,come out next, then we check next fighting to call ability to her. , firework, should look together? Should look together??

What this answer does Azrael so that be stupefied is complete feel do not wear brains, he knows only, oneself at the same time consolidate puts a layer on the ice, hu Xian increases the heat energy inside at the same time, final sphere does not bear aeriform addition brings up the vapour bomb that is without gunpowder allowance

"Put "

One word goes out, azrael and fox celestial being hasten hide far while, ice hockey blast left

"Firework, really good-looking "

Hu Xian still does not forget to speak, do not suffer control to extend the tail that come for oneself again at the same time people headache

"So much tail, true bad control, fool "

The aerosol that waits for explosion drops off, this a little tattered dress on fiend body more garment unlined upper garment is not whole, held off significant position constrainedly

This highlighted double peak line has, good a pair beautiful beautiful scenery line, not quite not small just good

Just, see full anguish is hanged on her face, this bomb is even bigger than her calculative might, the body that gives her directly causes tremendous nerve ache, her right now, move repeatedly one situation is bad

"Came again "

During talking in whispers in a low voice, before aerosol drops off completely fiend is aware almost complete fruit reveals the keep out thing that goes up personally, very reluctantly keep out content along with all the others tear off, generate " space " oneself wrap up rises, design and not cracked clothings agrees completely

"Or this design is good-looking, the activity is convenient also "

Telling, be born " space " blow the rest smoke completely medicinal powder, it is so in aerosol, the digital corps of rabbi has been generated end, there is the Guang Jian that machine fierce emperor just has on the hand

Attentive look, this where is what number corps, have half and machine fierce emperor an appearance, this is obviously, the machine Wu Jun that digital corps comprises is round

Look duplicate had ended, be in the place that concealments then, because type demon foreword uses color of the 7th department to bring about provisionality to break down, although still can talk

"Rabbi, should protect me well oh "

Although was engraved at this moment, type demon foreword still does not forget to joke with rabbi, rabbi also be accustomed to sth responded to him, back-to-back evocative establish the case on the ground, take out from inside be full of exceed olfactory of science and technology bend, still let monkey and long arm be by the side of the left and right sides on call and appropriative bodyguard

By them, duplicate corps is in the machine fierce mind that still has a wave data is honeycomb inside generate and fly toward fiend direction, if fiend broke through them, can locate digital corps makes a place, to moment they are met deep-set crisis

Nevertheless they are not very afraid, at the beginning wolf god knows common method cannot subdue fiend, plan to let them stall a few minutes, go taking a kind of element that can hurt fiend before oneself

The duplicate system that produces as a result of batch has noumenon to not be away on official business in ability wrong, what must stand in the strabismus of machine fierce emperor inside aperture to see this two people is interactive, the corners of the mouth in armor is slight shake

"True acid... why two people are a boy... "

Holding those who do not have a response in the arms to spit groove, the noise inside machine armour removes sound ray of woman of a mechanization

"Machine fierce emperor, notice your one's words, your thinking is too critical "

This makes see juice of that two small fire male on clip male but the machine fierce look that says groove came strong

"Well? Love Li tower, you can go up line ah "

That woman sound ray that is full of mechanical feeling shows a helpless sense however

"The signal that end brains operates ability to track you day and nig南京200——400的场子汇总ht hooks up you, did not think of your thought is unaltered still... "

Hum? Machine fierce emperor feels something wrong interest

"... dirty "

The forehead, really those who come is not moment, be heard in this bad hour bad speech brings up bad misunderstanding

"Love Li tower, do you know what is beautiful misunderstanding. In my heart, feel you just are the most good-looking all the time... "

"Be scampish! "Be scampish!!

Sound ray of according to woman remembers the thing of what awkwardness seemingly, the hand of machine fierce emperor actually to fan of machine fierce emperor spank

Before Gemini star and armour of two great opportunity, machine fierce emperor just makes a face to oneself next in the solilo-quize, they are inaudible woman sound ray

Emperor of this opportunity fierce dare not say what for fear that again praise say to take a beating

Remember first time finds that tower love Li in an instant by icebound body when, tower love Li also is operating machine armour tongue-lashs him is the rogue hit him next, the history always is striking resemblance

The misunderstanding of really much beauty exists on the world, hum, very beautiful...

"Be scampish! "Be scampish!!

In Gemini star eye, machine fierce emperor gave him spank again, only organic Wudi knows reason, and machine fierce emperor also dare not think back to again that momently picture...

On the sky of far, fiend skill brandish " one feet world " , cut machine fierce group one by one at the same time break up. The arms person that is thrown did not drop be born, however data of complete melt into disappears

"My activity is enough, disappear, bored dust "

Woman general two " one feet world " forth Fang Pingju, rule instant is lengthened, after that both hands one brandish, many machine fierce are round by skip over data of melt into of one divides into two

Preparing to handle the rest corps and machine Wu Difu to make system, the woman feels active of upper part of the top of head is close to in high speed, rancor toward that azimuth on two rule

But disappointed is, the object that two rule a bit was not close to that high speed gives dissection or slow down its speed, woman scan widely looks, that is, hide in the person that the god on the universe is punished all the time

"Be remain is agnate, find you at long last "

This is to escape fitly cross fiend the agnate person of murder a group of things with common features, be in tiredly all the time other universe drift along is surviving

"What? This weapon "

The woman remembers at long last, the knife on hand of the person that the god is punished can make of the woman " space " invalid change, that is copy black gold, a group of things with common features in make the hypostatic weapon that come out

"Over the day, for the universe. Since do not have a day, then I replace the universe, replace everythings on earth, penalty, not, I should establish the injustice below for you, expeditionary you "

That what, it is to be written in after all before battle is at that time only write thickly on scrip, throw away again later forget backup, flat etc was free to answer recall to come slowly. Was opposite Oh, still added many nowadays elements, hey hey ~



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