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[db:标签TAG]here already was apparent dietary restriction no longer in modern society, and the communication between country and country increases increasingly, also can sample in home the cate of a lot of abroad, Birthday departmentNamely among them one kind gets food of compatriots gay foreign country. Birthday department is considered as current most health and most one of nourishing food, this kind of food reduces weight to also have very pretty good effect to the female, invite below see detailed explanation, know birthday correctly to manage, can enjoy already delicate have profit to the body again, it is the good news of effort friend reducing weight.

The beauty reducing weight that birthday manages

Birthday manages this is planted colorful, delicate food place contains quantity of heat low, adipose low, the likelihood is current one of the most healthy, food that provide nourishment most. It is very delicate, the fish that what prime cause depends on eating is newest delicacy is raw.

Above all, birthday manages " stuffing " , be by tall nutrition low oil, low adipose seafood and vegetable do. Compensatory a variety of mineral, Support oneselfElement while, reduce caloric to absorb.

Next, it is the part of plain cooked rice that birthday manages, it just is the mystery place that birthday department reduces weight. Rice is people in daily life, even if the staple food that cannot leave in the process that reduce weight. Its nutrition is very rich, be like amylaceous, protein, vitamin, mineral etc, it is the main source of human body heat energy. Ripe rice puts freezer in, in 2 ℃ ~ the condition of 4 ℃ falls after saving period of time, among them starch can become special go against human body to absorb. Its principle is such, starch is below 80 ℃ of 60 ℃ ~ , in aqueous solution dissolve bilges, dissension, fashion even and mushy solution, produce gelatinization effect, form gelatinization starch. Gelatinization starch is easy by enzymatic digest, be absorbed by human body place then. Place the starch after gelatinization in 2 ℃ ~ the meeting when 4 ℃ becomes opaque, produce precipitation phenomenon even, it is amylaceous ageing namely. After the starch that took ageing, caloric absorb上海水磨 上海水磨s meeting huge to reduce, feel with comfortable gorge to maw ministry, but among them protein does not have a loss almost after passing these courses, among them vitamin a group of things with common features group still also can be absorbed. That is to say, manage like birthday such plain cooked rice that passes Leng Fang buy for some time is to release caloric rarely, but needs nutrition did not decrease however.

Department taking life 3 big question

1, does department taking life have certain order?

Somebody thinks, department taking life must from " birthday department ginger " begin, next same kind ground samples. Correct department taking life is ordinal, drink a few green tea first generally speaking or be face Chi soup, thorn body is later, birthday department, roll content, warship, hand scroll, can come finally a few sweetmeats.

But this already was to make old statement. Present viewpoint is: Do not have established order absolutely, you should choose what you want to eat to go only. Have birthday department, taste should by weak and heavy: Birthday department has after eating raw slices of fish meat first, what can savour raw slices of fish meat better so is delicate. Japanese is exquisite " cold article take the advantage of cold eat, heat is tasted take the advantage of heat to eat " . Do not nod a lot of raw slices of fish meat at a heat, raw slices of fish meat has been exposed below normal temperature long, mouthfeel can change.

2, does department taking life have rule?

You must eat birthday to manage with finger. Tell from sanitation and elegant angle, should advocate with the chopstick. Birthday department is the most correct having a way is the edible that use a hand, because such ability master the integrated sex between acetic meal and material, before won't returning end to enter the mouth or when touching soy, come loose. Just will be in when make cover the raw slices of fish meat of that one side wipes acetic meal on right amount mustard, do not have any flavorring normally, because this needs to touch mouth of the reentry after taking a few soy when edible, and as far as possible oneImpedimentGo down. Those who want special attention is, touch the side that takes soy to want to use raw slices of fish meat to touch, must not be touched with acetic rice group, lest rice group is inspiratory many so上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室y and become too salty or inattentive.

3, when to use mustard?

Most person has raw slices of fish meat or birthday department, always put one strip mustard into soy dish first, mix with soy after divide evenly, take birthday to manage again or give birth to a fish to dip in mustard sauce eats. Actually, the meeting after mustard and soy mix forms a kind of new flavour, make the raw ingredient that deadbeat cannot enjoy raw slices of fish meat adequately. Often arrive having a way is: Put little mustard in raw slices of fish meat with the chopstick first above, clip removes s东莞夜网 东莞夜网lices of fish meat, will touch little soy at the same time additionally, the attention does not let mustard and soy lump. A program ends, put raw slices of fish meat into the mouth, at this moment you can enjoy a variety of different taste such as mustard, raw slices of fish meat and soy between the tongue, the course is masticatory, still but after these 3 kinds of flavour mix savor the 4th, the 5th, the 6th kind of flavour.

Traditional life department is tie-in

1, drink green tea

Drinking green tea is Japanese tradition, department tak广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛ing life matchs green tea to be able to gain better zephyr cate experience, also nevertheless must green tea photograph is not accompanied.

2, tea matching ginger上海水磨 上海水磨

OK and cleared mouth enrages Jiang Pian, have the effect of antiseptic disinfection, a few former juice that Jiang Pian can taste birthday of the dishful below savor to manage eat after every eat a kind of birthday to manage the Gan Tian with raw ingredient and savor raw fish and fresh.

3, match vinegar

Want to have delicate birthday department, that but certain little not " jealous " , do not look down upon acetic action, vinegar can make the smell of rice nicer, what can let birthday department maintain it is fresh degree, and return can promote a fish unripe little taste. Kiss body check according to me, the jealousy that each birthday manages brand shop is used is endless and same, more birthday manages inn tries to be unique to make unique birthday department vinegar, offer optimal flavour and mouthfeel for the guest.

4, put mustard

Mustard not only OK and antiseptic disinfection, and the exciting feeling when still can increasing edible, if somebody not quite the fish with greater convention gives birth to flavour, mustard still can rise to cover the action of this kind of odour. Of course, this respect also does not have rigid regulation, along with you glad to mix convenient.



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